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Criminals don't pick locks, there are much easier and quicker methods to get in a home.

3 Reasons Why Most Criminals Don’t Pick Locks

One of the greatest misconceptions that plagues the name of lock picking and locksport is that the craft itself is born from malicious roots.

That lock picking is a skill based upon criminal intent and anyone wishing to learn of it beyond the scope of locksmithing must have some mischievous underlying purpose.

But if we for a moment take a step back and look at the data regarding lock picking and home burglary, along with some logical reasoning to explain it, we will see that lock picking isn’t the monster that society believes it to be.

As we are about to see, most criminals don’t pick locks.

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Is Lock Picking Illegal

Is Lock Picking Illegal? The Honest Truth

Is lock picking illegal? There is no greater question, nor deterrent, for those wishing to learn lock picking than the fear of breaking the law in the process. And rightfully so. The very nature of lock picking is to subtly bypass locks. So questioning its legality is totally understandable. So let’s tackle the legality of lock picks head on and answer this question once and for all for those wishing to take the plunge and begin the amazing craft of lock picking! Are Lock Picks Legal? In short, I’m happy to inform you that in 94% of the United States

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7 Mistakes Beginner Lock Pickers Make

7 Mistakes Keeping You From Getting Better at Lock Picking

Sadly, making mistakes is the primary method we mortals use to learn. We learn to walk by falling hundreds of times. We learn to talk by babbling a thousand wrong babbles. Mistakes are the necessary evil that grant us progress — in whatever area we seek. BUT, they don’t always have to be our mistakes that we learn from! I’ve made what seems like a million mistakes on my own lock picking journey — luckily I have lived to tell the tale. Here is my collection of the 7 most common mistakes that I often see many pickers make that

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Types Of Locks

Types of Locks – The Complete Guide

When it comes to advancing your physical security, it can sometimes be a daunting task as at first glance there appears to be an infinite number of different types of locks. And even more disheartening, trying to determine the degree of security these different locks offer. But in truth, all locks are very simple creatures in theory and shouldn’t be feared. The purpose of this guide is to aid you in two ways: to help determine what types of locks could best suit your needs and to enlighten you of what security considerations to be aware of for each lock

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New vs Old Practice Locks

New vs Used Locks: A Picker’s Guide to Practice Locks

Choosing your next practice lock to conquer can sometimes be more of a challenge than picking the damn thing itself. So many options, brands, and sometimes even colors to choose from. But a factor that is often overlooked is that of buying new or used? Is there a difference and if there is, should we even care? Do new locks have anything more to offer us pickers than the blissful smell of fresh brass and lubricant? Or could those awesome old locks that litter 100’s of pages of Ebay be a goldmine in disguise? Let’s explore the characteristics of each

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How to Pick a Lock – The Absolute Beginners Guide

How to Pick a Lock – A Step By Step Guide To Slaying Locks

It is often thought that learning how to pick a lock requires some Zen-like focus. That you must sit quietly in some candle lit room for hours upon hours to find any success at the craft of lock picking. But it is in fact quite the opposite. The basic concepts and techniques of lock picking can be learned and applied easily within an hour.
This guide is for the absolute beginner and comprehensively covers all the essentials required to successfully pick basic locks.

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