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Art of lock picking

Our Goal

Here at Art of Lock Picking we have three goals that serve as principles to govern everything that we do.

It is our mission to create a source of knowledge that is not stagnate.

We want to create something that it is not written in stone – but instead, ever-changing content that evolves as we ourselves unearth what it means to teach and as we discover what you as developing pickers desire to learn. Our academy & courses will continue to grow, not only in topics covered, but also in depth.

It is our mission to take every individual with the slightest spark of interest in the craft of lock picking and fan it into a blazing flame.

Too many have abandoned their desire to learn lock picking due to the frustrations of finding basic knowledge. To that end, we have created the Art of Lock Picking Academy for basic knowledge and our Facebook Community for those to help one another on their journey!

It is our mission to provide value for you, not us.

We wish to provide you with the information that best helps you – whether it be about lock picking, locks, or lock picking tools. Here at Art of Lock Picking we exclusively offer products from Peterson Manufacturing because we believe them to best coincide with our mission. However, this will never stop us from encouraging and recommending tools from other great manufactures that would best suit your needs.

About the Author

Ryan Brown, Founder of Art of Lock Picking
Ryan Brown is the founder of Art of Lock Picking and has been picking locks for over a decade. His journey into the craft began one fateful day when he found himself locked of his home and had nothing but a few paperclips in his backpack.

After picking this first lock, his interest and love for lock picking found no limits. With a degree in Commercial Aviation and Philosophy, Ryan spends his days flight instructing while contemplating the meaning of a good beer.

He has an immense desire and enthusiasm to instruct about those things that he finds a passion for and longs to spread his love and knowledge of lock picking.

Join Ryan and learn the craft of lock picking!