Art of Lock Picking - Learn The Craft of Lock Picking!

Art of Lock Picking


Is lock picking illegal? Do we as hobby lock pickers need to hide our lock picks deep within our dresser behind that weird grouping of socks we never wear? The truth is, lock picking can get you into some real trouble, even if you feel as if you are doing nothing wrong. Lock picking isn’t as black and white as simply picking your own locks and you’ll be fine — even though that is a solid first step on the correct path. By simply educating yourself on the basics of the lock picking related laws and ethical picking, you can truly save yourself from an unfortunate situation with the law. It’s far better the spend the 10 minutes going through this chapter than it is to spend a butt-ton of your hard earn dollars and time in court over something as silly as picking a lock. This archive is dedicated to all and any information on the legality of lock picking and ethical picking to help you stay safe while practicing this amazing craft!
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