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Art of Lock Picking - Learn The Craft of Lock Picking!

Art of Lock Picking


When learning to pick locks, there is nothing more important than selecting the correct difficulty of lock.

If you pick one that is too easy – which can happen even as a beginner – you likely won’t learn much. However, if you get one that is too hard, you might be in for some pain.

It is the typical Goldilocks story; you need to find the lock that is just right!

While challenging yourself is crucial to getting better, picking locks that you don’t yet have the developed senses and skill to pick is only going to frustrate and perhaps even deter you from continuing to pick locks at all.

Patience has its limits, and its limits are like beating your head against a wall… one way or another you are eventually going to lose.

Lock picking is supposed to be fun, and the quickest way to get better is to make sure that it stays fun.

Having a little structure in what kinds of locks you should be picking — and at what stage — can make all the difference in the world.

This archive is dedicated to everything about locks to help you make more informed buying and picking decisions!

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