Art of Lock Picking - Learn The Craft of Lock Picking!

Art of Lock Picking


It is said that lock picking is 90% how you use your tensioning tools (turning tools for the purists) and 10% everything else. I tend to agree. With the exception of practice, tensioning is the single most important aspect of lock picking, yet it is the most overlooked and undervalued. Without the feedback tensioning provides we are but lost souls, forever probing the dark depths of the lock looking for any sign of life, yet finding none. As a beginner, developing your skill in lock picking is directly correlated to developing your sense of feel and identifying the feedback the lock gives you. To this end, it is important that when starting out you do everything in your power to maximize the feedback you are receiving. This will help you to identify what certain feedback means and, as a result, significantly increasing your lock picking skills. Mastering your tension control can make the most significant difference in your lock picking skills! To that end, this archive is dedicated to all of our guides, articles, techniques, tips, and tricks on everything about how to use your turning tools!
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