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Best Gym Locker Locks: 2023 Buyer's Guide

best gym locker locks
Last Updated on March 13, 2023
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Want to hear something scary? Gym lockers are one of the easiest targets for thieves. The sad reality is that most locker locks can be bypassed in seconds. Not minutes—seconds!

Anyone can watch you walk in, throw your stuff into a locker, and walk out. The moment that you begin a set or jump on a treadmill, they strike.

They pick, shim, or decode your lock, and POOF, your stuff is gone. It’s as near to the perfect crime as it gets.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In this guide, I’m going to cover many of the best gym locker padlocks available today—updated for 2023. I’ve hand-selected each of these products based on my own experience bypassing locks, and I’ll give you the true facts about these products (good or bad), so you’ll know what you can expect from them.

That being, if you just want the quick and dirty answer, the best gym locker lock is FortLocks Dial Padlock. This inexpensive padlock uses a 4-digit combination, is tough as a rock, and has protection against shimming and basic decoding. You can also set your own combination codes with 10,000 variations to choose from.

If the FortLocks padlock isn't right for you, fret not! I’ve got plenty more to choose from below!

Let’s get to it!

Things to Consider When Selecting a Gym Locker Lock

There are a few things you should consider when choosing the best gym lock for you.

  1. Type of Lock: What type of lock is most convenient for you? Padlocks can use a variety of locking mechanisms, such as combination locks, biometric locks, and keyed locks. Each type of lock has its own vulnerabilities and strengths.
  2. Strength and Durability: You want a lock that is strong enough to withstand a little brute force. Even in a gym locker, someone could smash your lock and run before anyone was the wiser. Always buy tough locks.
  3. Lock and Shackle Size: Another important consideration is the size of the lock and specifically the shackle. If you get a lock that is too large, it won’t fit the locker. Most lockers can accept a padlock with a 10 mm diameter or smaller.
  4. Duration of Use: What timeframes are you relying on the lock, and what locations? If the lock is only protecting your possessions while you’re at the gym, you’ll likely be fine with a less secure lock. However, if you plan on leaving expensive equipment in your locker at all times, I’d definitely opt for a high-quality padlock.
  5. Price: The cost of an item is always a consideration when making a purchase. Good gym locks will range between $10 and $50; some high-tech options can reach well past $100.

What Is the Gym Locker Lock?

Scary enough, there are many more bad and insecure padlocks on the market than good. Considering that most lockers can only fit a shackle diameter of 10 mm or less, that list gets even shorter.

As a result, only four padlocks made the list—but there is a nice variety to choose from.

Here are my top picks for the best locker locks to use this year!

Best Combination Padlock: MasterLock 1500iD
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Best Keyed Padlock: PACLOCK 100A
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1. FortLock Combination Lock

Best Overall Gym Locker Lock

fortlock combination gym lock

Secure, cheap, and beautifully designed, the FortLock Dial Padlock tops our list for the best overall gym locker lock.

They took no shortcuts in designing the FortLock, and it's one of the few rolling dial padlocks that I would personally trust for a gym or school locker.

Lock Features

The FortLock has a zinc alloy lock body, which makes it strong and durable, but also easy to melt (which isn't a concern in a gym). It has a hardened steel shackle with a 7 mm diameter and fits perfectly on most lockers.

This 4-digit combination lock has large and easy-to-ready dial wheels, which can be a vulnerability if you're not careful (more on this below).

The lock lets you change your combination with an easy change button on the bottom of the lock. Four dials also give you 10,000 possible combination codes—so you can easily choose a combination that you won’t forget.

It has a weatherproof casing, but I wouldn't secure anything important with it outside because it is still susceptible to bolt cutters and other destructive tactics.

Security Features

Most rolling-wheel combination locks are plagued with security vulnerabilities—such as shimming and decoding. However, FortLock did a fantastic job implementing protection against common bypasses.

These security features include:

  • Shim Protection: The bolt holding the shackle closed can’t be shimming and only retracts when the combination is entered.
  • Decoding Shielding: An internal shield that protects the rotating wheel from being decoded by a thin piece of metal.

For a combination gym lock, these are truly the most important security features to have.

Vulnerabilities and Potential Concerns

My main concern with this padlock is the large numbers printed on the dials. While this makes it easier to see for tired eyes, it also makes it easier for prying eyes to see.

Someone sitting nearby could watch you dial in your combination and have full access to your locker.

It can also be decoded by touch (like safe cracking), but this requires a lot of skill and time. Most thieves aren't going to spend the time learning to crack padlocks nor spend more than a few minutes trying to bypass your lock.

Overall, the FortLock is a fantastic and affordable little lock and safe to use for gym lockers and more!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Inexpensive sports locker lock
  • Protection against shimming and decoding
  • Built tough and durable
  • Easy to change the combination
  • Can be used outdoor/other applications

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Large numbers that prying eyes could read


2. Igloohome Smart Padlock

Best Smart Gym Lock

igloohome smart padlock


If you want the absolute most secure gym lock on the market, look no further than the Igloohome Smart Padlock. This thing is a beast, and if it wasn't for the higher price tag, it would have topped this list.

But if you’re willing to pay a little more, the Igloohome is one of the best padlocks you can get!

Lock Features

The lock body is tough, and the shackle is hardened stainless steel. No one breaks into this padlock in a locker room without drawing attention.

However, the shackle is 9mm, which is quite large and might not fit all lockers.

This smart padlock doesn't require Wifi and instead connects via Bluetooth.

Using the mobile app, you can create, remove, and share multiple Bluetooth access codes. This allows you to have multiple users at once or give someone access to your locker from anywhere on the planet. You can even create single-use access codes or codes that expire after a specific time or date.

The mobile app works on both iOS and Android and is a sinch to use.

It's powered by an included CR2 battery which powers the device for about a year. If the battery dies, it can be jumped using a 9-volt battery.

Security Features

The Igloohome is a very secure device. It can only be opened by a PIN or through the Bluetooth app. There is nothing to decode and no keyway to pick. It’s airtight.

Being a smart padlock, it also offers some unique features.

  • Decoy Code: You can enter up to 8 random digits before entering your access code to throw off anyone who might be watching.
  • Security Lock Out: If the wrong pin is entered five times, the device will lock out any further attempts. After which it can only be opened by the nine-digit master PIN, unlocking it with the app, or after waiting ten minutes (this time is changeable in the app).
  • Lock Alarm: Locks that are accidentally left unlocked are a prime target for thieves. This lock utilizes a lock alarm that will alert you if the lock isn't closed properly.
  • Shim Resistant Shackle: The shackle is held in place by a servo-controlled locking bar, which is unswimmable.

You can also view an access log on the app to see when the lock was last opened and by what access code. It will also display any failed codes, so you’ll know if someone is messing with your lock.

Vulnerabilities and Potential Concerns

For use in a gym, I don’t have any concerns whatsoever. The Igloohome is a solid padlock.

However, I wouldn't recommend this lock for outdoor use. It’s still very vulnerable to destructive attacks, not to mention it’s not weatherproof.

Funny enough, most of the negative reviews on this lock are from those that used it outside. If you need a good outdoor lock, check out this guide covering the best weatherproof padlocks.

Overall, I give this beast two thumbs up!

Reasons to Buy:

  • Shim-proof
  • Can create, remove, and share Bluetooth access codes from anywhere in the world
  • Unique features such as access logs, auto-lock, lock alarm
  • It can be jumped using a 9-Volt battery if the battery dies

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Pricier option
  • Uses disposable CR2 battery
  • Not weatherproof
  • 9mm shackle; could be too thick for some lockers



Best Keyed Gym Locker Lock

paclock 100a padlock

If you want an old-school keyed padlock, the PACLOCK 100A is a top-tier choice.

The folks behind the PACLOCK genuinely care about providing a good lock. I say that because they worked with some of the best lock pickers in the world to expose flaws in their product and make it better.

They succeeded.

Lock Features

This lock is built like a german tank, utilizing a steel core and a solid aluminum body.

The hardened shackle is 8mm thick, so it will fit most sports lockers nicely.

You can also find this lock in a variety of colors, including black, brown, gold, green, orange, and purple.

Security Features

The PACLOCK uses a standard pin tumbler locking mechanism with a generous six internal pins (the more pins, the better).

It also has security pins (spools and serrated), making it bump-proof and fairly pick-resistant.

The shackle is held shut with two ball bearings, making it shim-proof.

Vulnerabilities and Potential Concerns

In a locker room environment, I don’t see any true problems facing this lock.

It’s not pickproof (no lock is), but it will put up a good fight if anyone takes a crack at it. If being used on a gym locker, I doubt anyone would be able to pick it without drawing attention.

Like the other locks on this list, the greatest vulnerability is destructive force—specifically cutting the shackle.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Tough lock body
  • Six pin core
  • Anti-bump security pins
  • Shim-proof

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Can be picked


Best Biometric/Fingerprint Gym Locker Lock

I get asked a lot about biometric padlocks, and the truth is: I don’t recommend them.

They have a history of faulty behavior, such as accepting anyone’s fingerprint or suddenly not accepting any fingerprints at all.

Manufacturers also tend to throw really cheap and insecure backup locks on these for when they do stop working.

Fingerprint padlocks still need a few years of development before a solid product hits the market; At which I’ll be sure to add one to the list.

But if you’re adamant about trying a fingerprint padlock, the Prezlock is a solid one to try!

Worst Gym Lockers Locks

I want to discuss a few locks that many other “sites of influence” put on their list that you should truly stay far away from. Unless you need a padlock that just holds the locker closed, I would recommend avoiding these at all costs. Most of the recommended locks on this list are just as cheap but will offer significantly more protection.

  • Master Lock 141D: This makes the list of many other “security websites.” Don’t ever use this lock, or any cheap Master Lock, to protect anything you own. In fact, this particular lock is the one I recommend most to new lock pickers as their first practice lock. It’s that easy to bypass.
  • Master Lock Combination Lock: These are one of the most well-known combination locks in the world. That being said, Master Locks' Combination locks are plagued with huge security flaws— too many to list. For example, search YouTube for "pick Master Lock Combination."
  • Benji Fingerprint Lock: As far as fingerprint padlocks go, this one is pretty solid. However, it has one fatal flaw. On the bottom of the lock is a backup keyway for overriding the lock if the battery dies or the biometric mechanism fails. This keyway is very easy to pick—even for novice lock pickers. It’s not the worst lock you can get, but I wouldn't trust it for a long period of time (overnight).

Final Thoughts

So, what's the best gym locker lock? The answer to that question depends on your own needs and preferences.

The best gym locker locks are those that are strong and durable, with a size that fits your locker and a locking mechanism that is convenient for you.

With that in mind, any one of the locks above should do the trick!

If this guide didn't answer a question, or if you have any additional information that could be used to make this article more helpful or lock recommendations for me to lock into, don't hesitate to reach out

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