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The Best Wallet Lock Pick Cards for Everyday Carry

best lock pick cards
Last Updated on May 7, 2023
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The point of carrying a lock pick card is to aid you with emergency situations as they come. But you don't want your tools to fail you when you need them most.

So, that begs the question, what is the best wallet lock pick card?

The best lock pick card on the market for most users is the Grim Key Lock Picking and Escape Card. It combines the best selection of lock picking tools, the best build quality, provides the most feedback while picking, and is packed into a clean and sleek design.

That being said, depending on your needs, there are a couple of other cool options on the market today.

This guide aims to review and compare my experience using the best lock pick cards I can find. I'll be comparing the following:

  1. Best Overall: Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card
  2. Runner Up: Sparrow's Chaos Card
  3. Alternative EDC Lock Pick Sets
    1. Grim Key Dog Tag
    2. Grim Key Micro Tool

I also added few alternative EDC lock pick sets at the bottom that are not lock pick cards but are nonetheless pretty cool and useful.

Additionally, if you are brand new to lock picking and want to learn more about the types of tools below and how to use them, consider checking out my ultimate beginner's guide to lock picking!

The Best Lock Pick Cards

I bought each card below and put it to the test. I focused on quality, durability, selection of tools, ease of carrying, reusability, and extra features.

I'll also be putting them to the test by picking three different practice locks of different difficulties:

  1. Kwikset Mortise: Easy lock with a wide-open keyway and no security pins.
  2. Master Lock 140: Easy lock with spool pins and a slightly smaller keyway.
  3. ABUS 80TI/50: Harder lock with security pins and good tolerances.

With that, let's get to the cards!

Best Overall: Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card

grim lock pick card

The Grim Key Lock Picking and Escape Card is a 1mm stainless steel card that includes 11 different tools. The main focus of this card revolves around escape and evasion; however, its included lock picking tools work very well for basic lock picking.

It uses a unique "Tool Retention System," which is essentially an adhesive backplate that allows you to stick your tools back on the card after using them—which works very well!

The card is the exact dimensions of a credit card (3 3⁄8" × 2 1⁄8 ") and fits snug in any wallet. After reviewing this product, I bought a new one to use as my personal everyday carry wallet lock pick set!

The Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card is $19.95 USD and is available on the Grim Workshop website here.

Quality and Durability

Made in the U.S.A with American stainless steel, the Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card feels sturdy, is nicely polished, and has that high-quality "heaviness" that gives you confidence that the included tools are actually pretty tough.

They don't bend nor feel like they are going to break. They feel strong and give excellent feedback while picking.

Every part of the card is nicely polished, and the welds holding the tools onto the card snap off nicely without leaving a sharp edge.

Selection of Tools

The Grim Lock Pick and Escape Card offers a wide selection of lock picking tools, including:

  • 5 Lock Pick Profiles
  • 2 Different Sized Turning Tools
  • Handcuff Key
  • Shim

It also includes a mini saw and a file that work surprisingly well and could be used to cut rope, duct tape, or zip ties in an emergency.

However, beyond the handcuff key and the shim, this lock picking card is focused primarily on picking pin tumbler locks.

The Picking Test

Overall these lock picks performed very well.

The first thing I noticed while using them is that they have very short handles. While this can't be avoided in a card-sized lock pick set, it was a little odd and took a little getting used to.

The pick thickness is .030", which is slightly thicker than a standard lock pick. While this didn't cause any issues picking the easier locks, maneuvering the picks through the warding on the ABUS gave me a little trouble.

One last note about the picks is that some of the profiles are a little elongated—such as the Bogota and the City Rake. The hook also has an oddly sharp tip, making it a little easier to slip off of pins while picking.

However, these two critiques aside, the picks still work great and got the job done pretty easily.

Kwikset Mortise: Picked very quickly using all five tools.

Master Lock 140: Picked very quickly using all five tools.

ABUS 80TI/50: Picked with the hook rather quickly; however, struggle a little with the warding and pick thickness.

The turning tools work great in the bottom of the keyway, and because of their hefty thickness, they also fit snug in the top of the keyway. They were also sturdy enough to provide good feedback while picking.

The tool provides two different sized tensioning tools and I'm very happy that they decided to put the smaller turning tool on a rake and not the hook. Smart choice there by Grim.

Other Considerations

To round up a few other points about this lock pick card.

  • The handcuff key and shim work great; however, they are scary thin. While they didn't break through dozens of unlocks, I wouldn't trust my life on reusing these two tools.
  • The adhesive can also be double-sided, so if you don't want to carry it in your wallet, you can stick the card anywhere you like for quick access.

Runner Up: Sparrow's Chaos Card

Sparrow chaos card lock picks

The runner-up is the Sparrow's Chaos Card, and in terms of tool selection, it really gives the Grim card a run for its money.

The Chaos Card is a steel card that includes 7 detachable tools capable of picking 4 different types of locks. The main focus of this card revolves around versatility and requires knowledge of different types of locks to utilize it fully.

The card has a standard lock pick thickness of .025", and its dimensions are the same as a credit card (3 3⁄8" × 2 1⁄8 ").

The Chaos Card is $16 USD and can be found on Sparrow's website.

Quality and Durability

Considering the large number of Chinese wholesalers who also sell this card under other names, I assume that the Chaos Card is a rebranded Chinese import.

It has a much weaker feel to it and isn't nearly as polished as the Grim card.

However, where it lacks heftiness, it makes up for in useful tools that are definitely strong enough to get the job done.

Selection of Tools

The Sparrow Chaos Card offers a huge variety of lock picking tools for many different types of locks, including:

  • 2 Lock Pick Profiles
  • Turning Tool
  • Handcuff Key
  • 4 and 5 Pin Comb Picks
  • Jiggler Key
  • Wafter Pick

It also includes a "stabby thing" just in case you ever need to make a shank.

The Picking Test

Just like the Grim card, these picks also have very short handles that can be a little off-putting for any picker. However, I'd take these over nothing any day of the week.

The Chaos Card offers only two pick profiles—a short hook and a triple peak. The profiles are near perfect, and the tools are thin enough to fit in tighter keyways.

Additionally, the hook even has a flat tip to reduce pin slippage.

Kwikset Mortise: Picked very quickly using both tools.

Master Lock 140: Picked very quickly using both tools.

ABUS 80TI/50: Picked with the hook rather quickly with no problems.

The tension bar fits nicely in the bottom of all three keyways and left plenty of room to pick. However, it is fairly springy, which can dampen feedback from the lock.

I tested the 4 pin comb pick on a Master Lock 141D, and it worked just as well as any other comb pick.

As of now, I have not tested the wafer pick nor jiggler key. However, the profiles included are the most popular for picking those types of locks, so I think we can safely assume they work well.

Other Considerations

To round up a few other points about this lock pick card.

Alternative EDC Lock Pick Sets

Alright, so we've covered the best lock picking cards on the market, but what about other small-form or everyday carry lock pick sets?

Let's look at a few alternatives.

I really like the gear that Grim Workshop makes, so I decided to give a few more of their products a try—starting with their dog tags!

Grim Key Dog Tag

grim key dog tag

The Grim Key Dog Tag is a 1mm stainless steel dog tag that includes 3 small detachable tools. Each tool doubles as a turning tool and a lock pick.

This dog tag is about the size of two US quarters and comes with a rubber edge guard and wearable chain.

The quality of this little tag is just as great as their lock pick card above. They are made in the USA using surgical-grade stainless steel and are nicely polished.

However, trying to use these little picks is a real challenge as they don't give you much to hold onto. That being said, I was able to open some basic non-security pin locks, and while it could be next to impossible to use on harder locks, I would still take these over nothing.

Just like most Grim cards, it has an adhesive backplate that allows you to stick your tools back to the tag after using them.

The Grim Key Dog Tag is $8.50 USD and is available on the Grim Workshop website here.

Grim Key Micro Tool

grim key microtool

The Grim Key Micro Tool is a 1mm stainless steel zipper tag that includes 2 small detachable rakes and is the size of a large paperclip. Both tools also double as turning tools.

Like the previous Grim tools in this buyer's guide, they are made in the USA, and the quality and finish are superb.

However, like the dog tag above, the tools are very short and hard to use. But these aren't meant to replace a lock pick set, and I would rather be stuck with this than nothing.

Sadly it only provides rakes, so the lock picking tests were limited, but I was able to pick a Kwikset mortise and the Master Lock 140—both of which are fairly simple locks.

Just like most Grim cards, it has an adhesive backplate that allows you to stick your tools back to the tool after using them.

I would have loved to see a hook on this little guy, but overall for 5 dollars, it is a cool little tool.

The Grim Key Micro Tool is $5.89 USD and is available on the Grim Workshop website here.

Wrapping it Up

It's important to note that none of these tools are designed to replace a real lock pick set, and I wouldn't recommend using them to practice lock picking.

You'll learn a lot more and progress your skill much faster using a quality lock picking set. Be sure to check out my guide on the best beginner lock pick set here.

However, carrying a full lock pick set around every day can be a clunky pain in the butt, and that is where I think these credit card lock pick sets strike a nice balance.

Anyways, I hope you found this guide helpful, and if you would like to learn more about lock picking, consider checking out my lock picking Academy for more free guides and techniques.

Happy picking!

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