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4 Best Wireless Doorbell Cameras: 2023 Buyer's Guide

best wireless doorbell cameras
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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Looking for a smart and easy way to keep an eye on your front door? Look no further than a wireless video doorbell!

These smart devices allow you to see and talk to visitors from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Plus, they are a proven method to deter burglaries and give you added peace of mind at home. Wireless video doorbells have a number of advantages over traditional wired doorbells. They can be installed anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to place them anywhere, even outside your apartment. And with no cables or wires to worry about, installation is a breeze.

This guide will reveal what I consider to be the best wireless video doorbells —updated for 2023! These devices have been hand-selected based on my own experience in the security industry. I’ve also set a list of minimum standards that each doorbell must meet in order to be included in this list (those are listed below).

However, if you want the quick and dirty answer.

Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell Dual Camera
  • No Monthly fees; all features are free
  • 2K high-resolution camera
  • Two power options
  • 6-month battery life; internal rechargeable battery
  • 16GB local encrypted storage
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

The best overall wireless doorbell camera is the Eufy Dual Camera Video Doorbell. This wireless doorbell has no subscription fees, records in 2k resolution, has a 160-degree wide-angle lens, excellent night vision, two power options (hardwired or battery-powered), and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also has a ton of smart motion features and comes with an external HomeBase with 16GB of encrypted local storage.

While the Eufy Dual Camera is the best overall wireless doorbell camera, it's also one of the most expensive. Fret not, there are some other excellent options in different price brackets or for those looking for other features.

What are the Best Wireless Doorbells Cameras?

Here are the best wireless video doorbells to use this year!

Minimum Standards

I’ve spent hours upon hours researching and reviewing dozens of wireless doorbell cameras, and to provide only the best, there had to be some standards to make this list.

  • HD Video Quality: Must have high-resolution video cameras of 1080p or higher
  • Night Vision: Must have night viewing functionality to patrol your doorway at night
  • Mobile Application: Must have functional mobile device apps that work with iOS and Andriod
  • Two-Way Communication: Must be able to communicate with visitors through the app
  • Motion Detector Alerts: Must provide push notifications to your mobile device when motion is detected
  • Live Doorbell Footage: Must be able to live stream your doorway
  • Video Playback: Must be able to record and playback video footage

1. Eufy Dual Camera Video Doorbell

Overall Best Wireless Doorbell Camera

Eufy wireless doorbell camera with dual lens

Main Features

Claiming the top spot for the best wireless video doorbell is the Eufy Security Dual Camera. This thing is a porch pirate's worst nightmare!

The Eufy Dual requires no monthly fee, is packed with unique features, and (as the name suggests) has two cameras—one front-facing to watch visitors and another on the bottom of the device to keep an eye on packages.

This doorbell camera has two power options; it can be run wirelessly using an included internal battery or can be hardwired into your doorbell wires for continuous power. Eufy claims a six-month battery life, but that will completely depend upon usage. That being said, the device is easy enough to charge; simply remove it from the mount and charge it using the included USB cable.

Next to the Google Nest, the Eufy Dual has one of the fastest detection, recording, and app notification speeds compared to others on this list. It’s snappy and responsive!

The Eufy Dual has a ton of smart features including:

  • Package Detection: The bottom camera will alert you when packages are delivered, and the mobile app provides a video recording and timestamp of the delivery
  • Delivery Guard: Will play a custom audio message like “Stay away from my package you creep” if someone attempts to tamper with your package.
  • Package Reminders: This will alert you if you forget to bring in a package. No more leaving packages out overnight!
  • Facial Recognition: Take a photo of a family member or friend in the mobile app, and if that individual approaches your door, it will alert you. You can also set up customized responses that will automatically be voiced to your visitor. Perfect for telling your mother-in-law to hit the road.
  • Motion Detection Zones: These allow you to select what areas of the camera can detect motion.
  • Quick Responses: Pre-record voiced messages to quickly communicate with your visitors at the push of a button.

The best part is, none of these features are locked behind a paywall (which isn't the case for most other brands).

Eufy also has the most impressive mobile app of all the doorbells on this list and lets you customize nearly every aspect of your device.

Video, Audio, & Playback Quality

The Eufy Dual runs a 2k (2560 x 1920) HD resolution lens on its front-facing camera which provides an impressive and crisp daytime image. It also has a 160-degree field of view, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and fantastic infrared night vision—so there is no mistaking who is at your door—day or night!

The two-way communication and audio are loud and crisp. However, the one unfortunate drawback of this model is it only records the audio at the doorbell.

Data Storage, Subscription, and Chime

The Eufy Dual is one of the few video doorbells that require no monthly cloud service fees and stores video locally. If you like the idea of subscription-free doorbells, check out my guide covering the best video doorbells without a subscription in 2023.

It includes an external device called the HomeBase that sits inside your house and connects to your WiFi. The HomeBase has 16GB of internal storage (non-expandable) and also acts as a plugin doorbell chime.

You’ll really want this external chime if you don’t plan on integrating it with something like Alexa. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on your phone notifications to alert you when someone rings your doorbell.

Eufy devices integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but don't currently support Apple Homekit.

Overall the Eufy Dual currently reigns as king of the video doorbells and while it is on the pricey side, no monthly fees will likely save you money in the long run.

What I Like / Dislike about the Eufy Dual Video Doorbell

Reasons to Buy:

  • No Monthly fees; all features are free
  • 2K high-resolution camera
  • Two power options
  • 6-month battery life; internal rechargeable battery
  • 16GB local encrypted storage
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Expensive
  • Memory can't be expanded; stuck at only 16GB
  • No dual-band Wi-Fi support; 2.4GHz only
  • No Apple Homekit support


2. Arlo Essentials Wire-Free Doorbell Camera

Runner Up Best Wireless Doorbell Camera

arlo essential wire free video doorbell

Main Features

Another excellent choice is the Arlo Essentials Wire-Free Video Doorbell.

This device has a removable battery pack, so you can quickly change the battery without having to bring the doorbell inside. You can also buy a spare Arlo rechargeable battery so there is no downtime. Like most wireless doorbells, it can also also be hardwired to doorbell wires for continuous power.

One of the standout features is the "Arlo Foresight" preroll feature, which records a few seconds before an event so that you don't miss anything. However, you do need their subscription plan for this feature.

The Arlo has some other great features including:

  • Smart Notifications: The Arlo can tell the difference between people, packages, vehicles, and animals and allows you to select what you would like to receive notifications for. However, it still records everything regardless.
  • Package Detection: Alerts you when a package has been delivered. But requires an additional Arlo camera pointing down at your doorway to work.
  • Activity Zones: This feature allows you to monitor a specific area in your device's field of view. Ideal for instructing your device to ignore busy streets and sidewalks.
  • Emergency Response: With the Arlo app, you have 24/7 access to help that will send the appropriate help. You can also have it quickly call a friend in the app.
  • Quick Reply Messages: Don’t have time to talk with a visitor? With the click of a button, you can queue a prerecorded response.
  • On Comand Siren: Deter any lowly visitors from your doorstep. With the push of a button on the mobile app, a siren will sound which sounds like a car alarm (but not as loud).
  • Messages/Voicemails: If you don’t answer the doorbell within 20 seconds, you can have the device ask your visitor to leave a message.

The above features require a subscription (covered below).

The integration with the mobile app is amazing. Rather than simple event notifications, the Arlo will ring your phone like someone is calling you when the doorbell is pressed—making it harder to miss visitors.

It's worth noting that the detection, recording, and notification speed is slower than some other similar doorbell cameras on the market.

Video, Audio, & Playback Quality

The Arlo doorbell camera has a max video resolution of 1536x1536 and supports HDR. But one of the best parts of the Arolo is its 1:1 aspect ratio and 180-degree diagonal field of view—giving it excellent coverage in all directions.  It also has 12x digital zoom which is quite impressive.

The night vision is powered by high-powered infrared LEDs and has an IR Cut filter, so you’ll get relatively crisp video footage at night.

In terms of audio and two-way talk quality, the Arlo is crisp and loud. It also records both sides of the conversation, which is a rare find in a doorbell camera.

Data Storage, Subscription, and Chime

To use most of the advanced features (such as package detection and smart notifications), you’ll need an Arlo Secure subscription. This service is $4.99 (for one device) and also lets you record footage and store it in the cloud for 30 days.

Without a subscription, you will only have access to live video streaming, motion alerts, and two-way audio. There is also no way to record and access footage without a subscription. You do get 3 free months of Arlo Secure in the box when you order an Arlo device, so you’ll get a chance to try it out for free before you commit.

The Arlo doesn't come with an electronic chime, but you can buy the Arlo Chime 2 separately. The device also integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple Siri.

What I Like / Dislike about the Arlo Wire-Free Video Doorbell

Reasons to Buy:

  • Has preroll functionality
  • Excellent mobile app
  • 6+ month battery life; removable rechargeable battery
  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and others

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Most features require a subscription
  • No dual-band Wi-Fi support; 2.4GHz only


3. Wyze 1440p Wireless Pro Doorbell Camera

Best Budget Wireless Video Doorbell

wyze wireless video doorbell pro

Main Features

The Wyze Wireless Video Doorbell Pro is hands down the best device you can get for under $100. Where it may lack in quality, it makes up in rich features, most of which aren't locked behind a paywall.

The doorbell offers two power options, either wirelessly via battery or wired. However, the rechargeable battery is not removable, so users will need to unmount the device from its mounting plate for charging.

The detection, recording, and notification speed of the Wyze doorbell is also noteworthy and performs surprisingly well for the price. The live view can take a few seconds to load, but this is a common issue among most doorbells.

The Wyze has a couple of smart features including:

  • Smart Alerts*: Can distinguish between people, pets, vehicles, and packages, and the notification will tell you which it is.
  • Quick Responses: It has several quick responses. There is currently no way to record your own response.

The featured marked (*) require a Cam Plus subscription (more on that below).

The Wyze mobile app is easy to use, incredibly responsive and provides useful information such as the battery life of your device. Connecting your device to the Wyze app takes about a minute. The device can also connect to either 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi bands.

It's also perfect for renters and comes with an adhesive strip for screw-free mounting.

Video, Audio, & Playback Quality

Something I really like about the Wyze is its 1:1 aspect ratio and 1440x1440 resolution. It gives you a wide view in all directions and I wish more video doorbells did this. It also has a 150-degree field of view.

However, one caveat is the footage does use a fisheye, which makes it look like you're looking out of a peephole. Also, its PIR night vision is pretty unspectacular.

The audio quality also isn't great, but it's clear and loud enough to have a conversation without any issues.

However, one of the standout features of this doorbell is the way playback works in the app. The live view is accompanied by blocks that can be easily scrubbed through, eliminating the need to constantly switch between clips.

Data Storage, Subscription, and Chime

Without the subscription, there’s a 5-minute cooldown between recordings and a 12-second limit on video. You also don’t get smart alerts.

With a Cam Plus subscription ($2 monthly or $15 annually) you get full-length footage, the cooldown is removed, and you get access to smart detection and notifications. You’ll also get a 14-day free trial in the box, so you can test your options.

A nice final touch is the included plug-in chime that has 20 unique sounds—including a barking dog alarm. The chime is loud and has 8 levels of sound adjustment. The chime also acts as a Wi-Fi extender, which is an awesome inclusion. At this point, there really is no excuse for more premium brands (like Ring) to not include a plug-in chime.

The Wyze also has integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

What I Like / Dislike about the Wyze Pro Wireless Video Doorbell

Reasons to Buy:

  • Budget-friendly; but featured-packed.
  • Wide field of view and 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Live motion alerts and free cloud storage without a subscription
  • Excellent mobile app and integration between other Wyze security products
  • Includes a plug-in chime that doubles as a Wi-Fi extender
  • Cheap monthly subscription ($2 monthly or $15 annually)

Reasons to Avoid:

  • No “activity zone” feature to block out areas
  • No local storage
  • Requires subscription for smart alerts
  • Without a subscription, you only get 12-second clips with a 5-minute cooldown


4. Google Nest Wireless Doorbell Camera

Overall Something

google nest doorbell wireless doorbell camera

Main Features

The Google Nest Wireless Doorbell Camera is among the most refined and clean functioning video doorbells on the market. It has lightning-fast notifications, great video quality, and various smart detection features that aren't locked behind a subscription.

The wire-free version of the Google Nest doorbell has two power options. It can be set up using its internal battery or it can be wired to existing doorbell wires. The battery is non-removable so you’ll need to remove the doorbell and charge it via USB. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge.

The Nest has fast motion detection and mobile notifications are quick and snappy. While event detection and mobile notifications are very fast, however, it does have one sticky drawback—the notification cooldown is nearly 5 minutes. This means that once you’re notified of an event, you won’t get another notification for nearly another 5 minutes. Five minutes is a long time and there is currently no way to change that in settings (yet).

The Nest has several smart features including:

  • Smart Alerts: The device can tell the difference between a person, package, animal, and vehicles
  • Familiar Face Alerts*: Train your device to recognize familiar faces over time, so your device can notify exactly who is at your door. Perfect for avoiding the in-laws!
  • Package Tracking*: Will monitor and alert you if a package is delivered.
  • Activity Zones*: Draw out specific zones for motion detection to ignore, such as busy streets.
  • Quite Time: You can mute notifications for short periods of time (30 minutes up to 3 hours).
  • Quick Responses: Has three quick responses to choose from. Currently, no way to create your own.

The featured marked (*) require a Nest Aware subscription (more on that below).

The Nest no longer has a dedicated Nest App and instead uses the Google Assistant App. It also supports dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

Video, Audio, & Playback Quality

The wireless Google Nest doorbell has a 1280x960 HD resolution with a vertical 3:4 aspect ratio—giving it more vertical coverage. It also has a 145-degree diagonal field of view which is strangely lower than older Nest models.

The Nest has grade-A great night vision with a usable range of about 10 feet. The playback quality is also great.

Overall, the audio on the Nest doorbell is nothing to write home about, but it is crisp and loud enough that both participants will get their message across with ease.

Data Storage, Subscription, and Chime

Out of the box, and without a subscription, you get event footage from the past three hours. However, the sticky point here is if that event happens at 3 am and you wake up at 7 am, you’ll miss the window to watch the event.

With a Nest Aware Subscription, you can store up to 30 days of footage on the cloud or 60 days of footage and 10 days of 24/7 footage with Nest Aware Plus, but it's worth noting that the 24/7 continuous footage doesn't work with the battery-powered model, even if you hardwire it.

  • Nest Aware subscription - $6/month or $60/year.
  • Nest Aware Plus - $12/month or $120/year

The battery-powered Nest can use smart hubs and Google Nest Smart Speakers as a chime, as well as send notifications to your phone. To use your home's chime, you'll need to connect the doorbell to your doorbell wires.

Overall, if you're looking for a video doorbell that’s not totally dependent on a monthly subscription fee to use, the Google Nest Wireless Doorbell is a great choice!

What I Like / Dislike about the Google Nest Wireless Doorbell Camera

Reasons to Buy:

  • 2K high-resolution camera
  • Two power options
  • 6-month battery life; internal rechargeable battery
  • 16GB local encrypted storage
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Memory can't be expanded; stuck at only 16GB
  • No dual-band wifi support; 2.4GHz only


Things to Consider when Buying a Wireless Doorbell

When choosing a battery-powered wireless doorbell, there are a few features and characteristics that you should consider before buying.

Battery Life and Battery Maintenance

If you plan on running your video doorbell on batteries consider how much effort you're willing to put forth to maintain the device.

Devices with removable batteries are generally easier to maintain than those with non-removable batteries. A removable battery can be easily replaced when it runs low, whereas a non-removable battery may require the entire device to be replaced when the battery dies.

If you're going with a battery-powered video doorbell, it is best to pick one that sends alerts or notifications when the battery is low, this way you can replace the batteries before they die and the doorbell stops working.

Additionally, you can opt for a device that has a solar panel which helps to extend the battery life, by harnessing energy from the sun, this can prove to be a more energy-efficient and cost-effective option in the long run.

Video Quality

Video quality between models can vary and specific video characteristics can affect what wireless video doorbell is best for you. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind.


The sharpness and clarity of the image are determined by the camera's resolution. The higher the resolution, the sharper the image. The majority of doorbell cameras will feature a resolution of 1080p or greater, with some models reaching as high as 2k.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the proportion of the width to the height of the video.

Common aspect ratios are:

  • 4:3 provides a better horizontal view
  • 3:4 provides a better vertical view
  • 1:1 provides the fullest coverage

Generally, a more balanced aspect ratio (such as 1:1, 4:3, 3:4) will show more of your doorway. However, if you have a narrow doorway, you might consider a more vertical aspect ratio like 3:4.

Field of View

The field of view refers to the angle of the camera lens. A wider field of view allows you to see more of your surroundings.

Most doorbell cameras have a field of view of around 160 degrees, however, some have a 180-degree field of view (such as the Arlo).

Night Vision

The majority of burglaries occur during the day, but this does not mean that things do not go bump in the night. A camera with good night vision is essential for protecting your house.

There are several techniques for cameras to provide night vision, but infrared usually produces the best results.

Audio and Two-Way Communication

One of the main functions of a doorbell camera is the ability to converse with someone on your doorstep, regardless of where you are at the time.

The ideal device has audio that is both loud and clear. It should also have a mobile app that is both functional and responsive, informs you when motion is detected, and allows you effortlessly communicate with whoever is outside your door.

Motion Detection and Smart Features

Every year new technology makes it possible to filter out false positives and other motion that is not caused by humans (such as branches blowing in the wind, or a bag rolling down the street).

If you want to minimize false alarms and excessive notifications, you may consider getting a device that offers advanced detection features like Smart Detection, Smart Notifications, and Activity Zones. These features can help distinguish human movement from other non-human movements, which can help reduce the number of false alarms.

Most doorbells on the market in 2023 have these features built in. However, some brands lock these features behind a monthly subscription.

Subscription Cost and Features

When it comes to storing video footage from a wireless video doorbell, most devices offer the option of cloud storage through a monthly subscription. Typically, these subscriptions range from $2 to $12 per month, depending on the device and the level of service you choose.

Most doorbells also restrict some functionality until you get a subscription. For example, you can’t use the activity zones on Google Nest without a $6.00 Nest Aware subscription.

On the other hand, some doorbell cameras don’t require a subscription and offer a local storage option, such as the Eufy Dual.

When storing footage locally, it's important to consider the location of the storage. Ideally, you want the footage to be stored separately from the doorbell, and in a secure location, such as inside your home, so that it can’t be tampered with if someone steals the doorbell camera. This way the footage is more likely to be protected and can be accessed easily in case of an emergency.

It's worth considering your needs, budget, and preference when it comes to cloud storage or local storage options before making your purchase.

Wi-Fi and Smart Home Integrations

When it comes to Wi-FI connectivity, it’s critical to check the compatibility of the video doorbell with your Wi-Fi network. While some doorbell cameras are compatible with dual-band networks (2.4GHz and 5GHz), most are designed to work with only 2.4GHz—which has further range.

You should also consider compatibility with any existing smart home devices. If you have something like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Home Assistant, you may want to choose a doorbell camera that can integrate with that service. Choosing one smart system allows you to control the doorbell camera and receive alerts using your devices.

Wireless vs. Wired Video Doorbells

There are three main drawbacks of using wireless video doorbells over hard-wired devices.

Reduced Functionality

Because wireless video doorbells run on batteries, they are optimized to preserve as much power as possible. These power-saving optimizations affect the performance of some features.

For example, Ring doorbell cameras use two different motion detection systems depending on if the device is battery-powered or hardwired. In the case of battery-powered Doorbells, the device will run a passive infrared sensor (which requires far less power).

Hardwired devices don’t need to reduce the functionality and instead use the camera for motion detection. In Ring doorbells, motion detections tend to work slightly better when hardwired.

Battery Maintenance

Occasionally you’ll have to charge the battery. Some derives have removable batteries, while others require you to remove the doorbell from the mount and bring it inside to charge(in which case the doorbell is temporarily inoperable).

Require Additional Chime

Most wireless doorbell cameras can’t hook up to your existing doorbell to use your home’s chime which is run wireless. However, there are hacks around this using smart home adapters and some doorbells (such as the Ring Pro and Pro 2) have wireless integration to tap into your house chime.

Final Thoughts

Wireless doorbell cameras are a great addition to any home and significantly improve the security of your front door. They offer the convenience of being able to see and talk to visitors from anywhere you have Wi-Fi and can act as a deterrent for burglaries.

After careful consideration and research, the Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell Dual Camera is my top choice for the best overall wireless doorbell camera. While on the pricey side, its dual cameras, rich features, and no recurring monthly subscription fees make it a top choice for home security and convenience.

The Eufy camera is a one-time investment that provides access to all of its features, unlike some other doorbell cameras that require a monthly subscription. This makes it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

I hope this guide helped you choose a video Wi-Fi doorbell that best suits the needs of your home. Investing in one of these devices is a smart decision and you will undoubtedly appreciate the reassurance that comes with being aware of who is at your doorstep.

Thanks for reading!

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