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Art of Lock Picking - Learn The Craft of Lock Picking!

The art of Single Pin Picking


For every great journey, there is an unusual beginning. A moment of decision in which we walk the line between taking our first step forward or turning away and venturing in a different direction. It is often at this line that we contemplate the value of stepping forward — its worth, its inevitable struggles, and its likely outcome.

However, what often deters us most from taking that first step are the unknowns — the questions we have in which we can initially find neither a solid nor direct answer to. It is because of these uncertainties that we often miss out on some magnificent opportunities.

The art of lock picking is no exception. It is a craft that seemly everyone wishes to venture in, but at first glance are discouraged by the fog of mystery and vagueness surrounding it.

So let’s lift the veil and look at lock picking in its truest form — unhindered by bias and mystery — so that we may take our first confident step forward in this exceptional journey that is lock picking!

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