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Does Ace Hardware Make Keys and How Much Does it Cost?

does ace hardware make keys
Last Updated on August 17, 2022
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Ace Hardware has over 5,200 stores in 60 countries and is that one store that always has those strange odds and ends that you can't find anywhere else.

But does Ace Hardware make keys?

Ace Hardware provides a variety of key copying and rekeying services for house keys, office keys, mailbox keys, car keys, and key fobs. The average house key costs between $2 to $5 per key, while car keys can cost between $10 to $150 depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

To learn more about Ace Hardware key copying services, keep on reading!

Does Ace Hardware Make House Keys

Ace Hardware can copy and cut the most common house keys, office keys, and some padlock keys. A standard house key can cost between $1.50 to $3.00 and takes about five to ten minutes to copy.

Ace offers a variety of key designs and patterns to choose from–such as kittens, flowers, or even your favorite sports team. Decorative keys can cost a little more than standard keys but are a great way to add a little personality to your keychain and can help" "color-code" or distinguish keys from each other.

You can also bring your own key blank, but you'll need to make sure you buy the right key blank for your specific lock.

Alternatively, you can get your key copied at various other places, such as MinuteKey at Walmart. Check out my comprehensive guide of key copying and cutting services for more locations and services. Some of the strange places you can copy keys is quite surprising.

What If You Don't Have the Original Key?

If you've lost your original key and don't have another, you will not be able to get a direct copy, but there are other options.

Some Ace Hardware locations can rekey your locks for you. Granted, you'll have to remove the lock from your door and bring it to the store.

Not all locations offer this service, so you'll need to call your local store and ask.

If your local Ace can't rekey your lock, there are some other things you can do.

  • Go to a Locksmith: You can bring your lock to a locksmith, and they'll help you out quickly and cheaply!
  • Replace the Lock: If you don't want to bring your lock to a store or locksmith, you can also replace it. If you decide to go this route, consider checking out my deadbolts and door locks buyer's guide.
  • Locksmith Service Call: If you don't want to remove your lock from the door or buy a new one, your last option is to call a locksmith for a service call. They'll come out and rekey your locks and make new keys. Depending on your location, this will cost between $90 and $120.

If you've lost your key, getting your locks rekeyed or replaced is always a good idea. You never know where that key is, who has it, and if they know where you live.

Alternatively, if you know your type of lock and the bitting (the cut heights of the key), Ace and many other services can cut a new key using this information alone. This service costs about $5.

It's always helpful to memorize or write down the bitting of your key. If you ever lose your only key, you can have a new one made from the bitting code.

Does Ace Hardware Make Keys for Cars

Ace Hardware can make and duplicate a variety of car keys, including ignition keys, transponder keys, and key fobs. Depending on your vehicle's make, model, and year, keys can cost between $10 and $300.

There are various types of car keys used today, but most fall under two categories: transponder keys and non-transponder keys.

Ace Hardware Chipped Transponder Keys

If your vehicle was made in the year 2000 or later, it likely uses a transponder key.

A transponder key contains a small chip embedded in the plastic head of the key (as illustrated in the image above). This chip emits a signal that is picked up by a receiver in the vehicle's ignition. If the code emitted by the chip matches the code stored in the vehicle's computer, the engine will start.

These types of keys cost more to make (sometimes hundreds of dollars) as they have to be cut and programmed to your specific ignition code. This price may seem high but is significantly cheaper than getting one made by a dealership. Always avoid the dealership if you can.

Ace can make and program transponder keys, but they won't let you supply your own key blank.

You can also get car keys made and programmed at many auto parts stores, including AutoZone.

Ace Hardware Non-Transponder Keys

If your car was made in 1999 or earlier, it likely doesn't require a transponder key.

Ace Hardware can duplicate non-transponder or basic ignition keys, costing between $3 to $10, depending on your vehicle.

Does Ace Hardware Sell and Program Key Fobs?

Ace Hardware sells and programs key fobs for a variety of vehicles. Depending on the make and model of your car, key fobs cost between $30 and $400. Ace Hardware can program most key fobs, but others will need to be done by a professional locksmith or dealership.

A key fob (also called a remote key) is a tiny plastic remote control that communicates with an RFID reader device in your vehicle and can control the locks, alarm system, and sometimes a vehicle's ignition.

You can also buy some key fobs online and program them yourself. If you go this route, consider checking out my key fob programming guide for step-by-step directions for most major vehicle makes.

Does Ace Hardware Make Mailbox Keys?

Ace Hardware can make mailbox keys for various mailbox brands and styles. The cost of the key will depend on the brand and style of the mailbox but is typically between $3 and $5.

That being said, they will not copy USPS or postal keys.

If you need a key for a locking mailbox, be sure to bring in the old key or the lock cylinder so that Ace can make sure the new key will fit.

Will Ace Hardware Copy a Do Not Duplicate Key?

Most Ace Hardware locations will not copy do not duplicate keys.

While do not duplicate keys are not illegal to copy, they do suggest that the distributor of the key wishes for them to be controlled. It's more of an ethical thing than legal.

You might get lucky and get an employee who doesn't care and will clone your key regardless.

Find an Ace Hardware Near You and Store Hours

You can get your key copied during regular Ace Hardware store hours. 

Store hours are location-based, but you can check their store finder here to find an Ace Hardware near you.

Closing Thoughts

Ace Hardware is a great place to get keys made, especially if you need a transponder or chipped key for your vehicle. They can also make mailbox keys, office keys, and house keys.

The cost of the key will depend on the type of key you need. Be sure to bring in the old key or the lock cylinder so that Ace can make sure the new key will fit.

Also, be sure to check out my growing guide of other locations to get keys made near you!

Thanks for reading!

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