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Does O'reilly Auto Parts Make Keys

does oreillys make keys
Last Updated on August 17, 2022
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Americans tend to lose more than 20 million keys in a year! If you’ve lost the key to your apartment or house, car, motorcycle, or RV even once and didn't have a spare one, you know how stressful the situation can be until you get a replacement key made. The services of a professional locksmith can sometimes be expensive, so you wonder where else you can get keys made.

O'Reilly Auto Parts makes keys for cars of many makes and models. They also make transponder keys and sell key fobs, as well as program your transponder key and remote keyless entry system. You can order the keys online. 

With thousands of stores all over the United States, it is easier and less time-consuming to head to an O'Reilly Auto Parts store to get a key made than to locate a locksmith. They offer key-cutting services and have self-serve kiosks. Read on to find out what keys O'Reilly Auto Parts makes and sells and how you can get one made from them.

Also, If O'reill's not a fit, check out my guide, "Key Copy Near Me: Places to Duplicate Your Key Nearby!"

O'Reilly Auto Parts Transponder Keys

Transponder keys or chip-embedded keys provide your vehicle an extra layer of security. Even though these keys are cut and shaped to fit the lock, they won't power the car until the embedded chip is programmed to meet your vehicle's specifications.

You can buy replacement transponder keys from O'Reilly Auto Parts and they can program them to your vehicle's specifications.

You’ll need to provide your car's vehicle identification number (VIN) when you order the keys. The VIN is usually printed on the driver's side dashboard or the top-left corner of every page of your car insurance policy document.

Does O'Reilly Auto Parts Sell Key Fobs?

O'Reilly Auto Parts sells key fobs for almost all makes and models of new vehicles. You can browse their extensive stock and order one for your vehicle online. They can also reprogram a remote keyless entry system. 

O'Reilly Auto Parts also sells replacement fob batteries and cases for many vehicle models.

You can also order a key fob online and use my key fob programming guide here.

Does O'Reilly Auto Parts Make Keys for Motorcycles?

O'Reilly Auto Parts makes keys for motorcycles if you provide them with your bike's ignition cylinder code or vehicle identification number. If you can't read the code, you can disassemble the ignition cylinder and take it to an O'Reilly Auto Parts store to get a duplicate key. 

Carry a proof-of-ownership document when you visit an O'Reilly Auto Parts store so they can make a key for your motorcycle.

Can O'Reilly Auto Parts Make ATV Keys?

O'Reilly Auto Parts can make ATV keys even if you’ve misplaced both keys. They can cut you a new key if you provide the vehicle identification number and the model of your ATV. Or, you can bring the ignition lock cylinder or the ignition switch to their store to get a replacement key. 

Usually, the ignition switch of an ATV has two tabs on the sides. Press these tabs, and the switch pops out from its compartment. Trace the wiring to where it originates and disconnect it to remove the switch.

Can O'Reilly Auto Parts Make RV Keys?

O'Reilly Auto Parts can make RV keys, such as the traditional mechanical ones, transponder keys, or electronic keys or key fobs. They can make an RV key without an existing key. However, you must inform them about the type of key you want to be made.

Not all RV keys are identical. You must provide O'Reilly Auto Parts with the following pieces of information about the key you have lost or misplaced:

  • The type of key your RV uses: An RV can be locked with a mechanical key, a transponder or chip-embedded key, or a car key fob.
  • The VIN: The VIN is printed on your vehicle's dashboard or the engine bay. It contains 17 characters, a mix of capital letters and numbers.
  • Proof of ownership: A Recreational Vehicle Bill of Sale can be the proof of ownership.

Does O'Reilly Auto Parts Make House Keys?

O'Reilly Auto Parts makes copies of house keys and creates keys from scratch if you misplace the original. If you bring the door lock cylinder to their store, they can copy any house key, including high-security keys. 

Removing a door lock is easy. Cylinder locks are common on doors and are easy to remove.

Here's how:

  1. Find a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and an Allen wrench before you start the job.
  2. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the visible screws on the inside of the door.
  3. Insert the flat-head screwdriver into the lock and turn the spindle counterclockwise.
  4. When the spindle stops turning, the square tab aligns itself with the rest of the lock.
  5. Push the tab with the screwdriver.
  6. The spindle pops out of its compartment, revealing the lock housing.
  7. Point a flashlight inside the lock compartment and locate another small tab.
  8. Use your flat-head screwdriver to push the tab down.
  9. The lock cylinder should pop out at this point.
  10. You may have to use the Allen wrench to push on the cylinder to make it slide out.

Mortise locks provide a greater degree of security than most other door locks. Here's how to remove such a lock should you need to take it to an O'Reilly Auto Parts store:

  1. Ensure you have a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver for the job.
  2. Unscrew the set screw located on the shank of the inside knob.
  3. Unscrew the door handles on both sides.
  4. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew and remove the external rose plate.
  5. Use the screwdriver to unscrew and remove the top and bottom screws on the faceplate of the lock.
  6. Grab the latch bolt and pull out the lock with your hands.

Knob door locks are usually installed on interior doors. However, some people might have them on their exterior doors.

Here's how you can remove a knob door lock without visible screws:

  1. Find out the slot, which is a small rectangular hole usually located on the shank of the interior knob.
  2. Insert a flat-head screwdriver, a small pin, paper clip, or nail into the slot hole and depress the release button.
  3. The knob releases from the door.
  4. Use the screwdriver to pry the decorative rose plate loose and away from the door.
  5. The interior rose plate with the screws will be exposed now.
  6. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen the screws on the rose plate.
  7. Grab the latch and pull out the whole unit.
  8. Grab the exterior doorknob and pull it out.

Before removing the door lock, make sure that someone is at home when you make the trip to an O'Reilly Auto Parts store to get a replacement key.

Does O'Reilly Auto Parts Make Mailbox Keys?

O'Reilly Auto Parts makes mailbox keys for all boxes not owned and maintained by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and not located within a USPS property. They make keys for personal and community mailboxes and save you the hassle and expense of changing the lock if you lose the original key. 

Having your mailbox keys made by O'Reilly Auto Parts saves you the time you would have otherwise spent buying a duplicate one from the key manufacturer.

Final Thoughts

It is prudent to have a spare key for your house, mailbox, and vehicles.

Keep the spare key with a friend or a relative who lives in the same city as you or a neighbor so that you are not locked out of your house or vehicle.

If you own a vehicle, keep a record of the VIN so that you don't have to hunt around for it or go through the hassles of removing the lock cylinder to take it to an O'Reilly Auto Parts store to get a replacement key made.

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