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Does Tractor Supply Make Keys

does tractor supply make keys
Last Updated on August 17, 2022
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Tractor Supply is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the United States and offers a variety of services including home care.

But does Tractor Supply make or copy keys?

Most Tractor Supply stores only offer self-service key copying machines called Minute Key kiosks and do not offer any store-based key duplication services. However, Minute Key booths are both cheap and easy to use and can copy most home and office keys within minutes.

To learn more about the types of key services Tractor Supply provides and their pricing, keep on reading!

Does Tractor Supply Make House Keys?

Tractor Supply doesn't have its own in-house key copying service. However, some locations do have Minute Key kiosks, typically found by the front entrance.

These kiosks are actually quite nifty and work by laser scanning your original key—which will determine your key type and its bitting. If your particular key is available in the kiosk, it can cut you a new one in a couple of minutes for a few bucks.

The variety of keys that Minute Key offers is fairly limited; however, they do offer many of the most common types, such as:

  • Kwikset (KW1 and KW10 keyways)
  • Schlage (SC1 keyways)
  • Weiser (WR3 and WR5 keyways)
  • Master Lock (M1 keyways)
  • Baldwin
  • Titan

It really is a convenient service, and I’ve personally used Minute Key several times without any issues. Alternatively, you can visit Home Depot, which has in-house keying services key kiosks that offer a wider selection of keys. Or check out my huge list of places to make keys near you.

However, you do need an original key to copy, so if you've lost your only key, you will not be able to use this service. If this is the case, you’ll need to either call a locksmith to decode your lock and make you a new key or replace your lock and get new keys.

Does Tractor Supply Make Car Keys?

Tractor Supply does not sell key blanks nor provide key copying services for vehicle keys or transponder keys (chipped keys), nor do they sell or program key fobs.

If you need to simply create a backup of a car key, you can typically get it done at auto part stores. For example, AutoZone sells and cuts ignition keys and can even program transponder keys, with no appointment necessary. However to use these services you need to have an original key for them to copy.

If you have completely lost your key or don't have an auto shop around that cuts keys, you're next cheapest option is a locksmith.

As a last resort you can also visit a car dealership, however, they tend to overcharge by quite a margin.

Tractor Supply Key Copy Designs

key design home 2

The Minute Key kiosks at Tractor Supply offer a cool selection of key designs for many of their keys.

You can get a key with your favorite sports team, of a cat-face, or even sport your patriotism with the good old American Flag.

Having keys with different designs is also a great way to help differentiate between keys. Use the ladybug key for the garage, and the heart inked key for your front door!

Tractor Supply Key Copy Hours

You can get your key copied during regular Tractor Supply store hours. Common store hours can be found in the table below.

Sunday 9 AM - 7 PM
Monday 8 AM - 9 PM
Tuesday 8 AM - 9 PM
Wednesday 8 AM - 9 PM
Thursday 8 AM - 9 PM
Friday 8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 9 PM

Some store hours may be location-based, in which case you can check your local hours here.

Does Tractor Supply Make Motorcycle Keys?

Tractor Supply does not carry nor make keys for motorcycles.

If you've lost your bike key and need a replacement or you just want a backup key, you'll need to stop by a motorcycle dealership or a locksmith. As a side note, you'll very likely get a better deal with a locksmith. Dealerships tend to significantly overprice keying services.

Does Tractor Supply Make ATV Keys?

Tractor Supply does not make keys for ATVs. However, you can buy replacement ignitions that will come with a new but different key.

If you want to make an ATV key, consider dropping by a locksmith, which will cost you around $10 to duplicate your key. Alternatively, you can visit a dealership.

Does Tractor Supply Make RV Keys?

Tractor Supply does not carry or make keys for RVs. If you need a copy of an RV key, you'll need to pay a visit to your local locksmith, car dealership, or hardware store.

Does Tractor Supply Make Mailbox Keys?

Tractor Supply does not sell or make mailbox keys, but if you need to copy one for your own use it can be done at the post office. The cost of this service is $20 and they will only accept "Do Not Duplicate" type keys so keep that in mind before making an appointment with them!

With the exception of kiosks, Tractor Supply doesn't provide any key-making services like creating copies (or duplicates) from single side pin tumbler locks such as house/padlocks, etc.

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