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How Much Does A Locksmith Cost in 2022?

how much is a locksmith
Last Updated on June 20, 2022
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People locking themselves out of their vehicles and homes happens daily. You might think it will never happen to you until it does. Or you might have to change all your locks in your house due to unforeseen circumstances or when performing a security upgrade. So how much does a locksmith cost these days?

A locksmith typically charges an average price ranging from $75 to $550. The average cost of hiring a locksmith per incident is often $150. Costs will fluctuate according to job specifics, materials used, and labor charges for a longer job duration. Emergency call-out costs will usually be higher.

Locksmithing is an art, and the cost of a locksmith typically indicates their level of expertise, as well as paying for their skill set.

Some of the jobs you pay a locksmith for can be done yourself, and here at Art of Lock Picking, we have a growing collection of guides to walk you through many of these tasks. However, oftentimes it is still worth hiring an experienced locksmith who can accomplish these tasks in minutes, without the sometimes costly mistakes associated with doing it yourself.

The Cost Of A Locksmith in 2022

locksmith making a key

A locksmith, modern-day Houdini's as I refer to them, will charge according to locksmithing job specifics, cost of materials used, labor charge, and if it's an emergency call-out or scheduled booking.

Think of a locksmith as ordering food at your favorite restaurant; not every item on the menu will cost the same. A steak with chips and a salad will cost more than a waffle with ice cream.

The Average Cost Of Hiring A Locksmith

The average cost of hiring a locksmith comes to about $145 per incident, with the average highest price being $195 and the lowest average cost reaching $95.

The mixed average price is due to no locksmith charging the same hourly rate, job rate, or call-out rate. The cost of hiring a locksmith will vary from state to state, even from locksmith to locksmith in the same town, but all of them will fall within a specific price range.

When overcharging a client to the degree that it goes above and beyond what other locksmiths are charging, what consumers expect to pay, will result in the loss of work for them.

Let us go through a typical locksmith menu and see how much, on average, the charges per menu item/ locksmithing job.

What Are Average Service Charges Of A Locksmith?

Service charges relate to what a locksmith charges as a minimum call-out charge, his hourly rate, and his emergency after hour rate:

  • Call Out Charge: The call-out charge can vary between $30 - $85 per the first hour. Most locksmiths charge close to $75.
  • Hourly Rates During Regular Hours: Typically, close to $75 per hour.
  • Hourly Rates During After Hours: Typically, the hourly rate can go up to $100.
  • Emergency/After-Hour Charge: These types of call-outs can procure a charge ranging from $95 - $245 depending on the job requirement.

The call-out charge can potentially increase should a locksmith be called out to your rural dwelling. A locksmith can charge as much as $150 during peak hours; it's always a good idea to make an appointment outside peak hours (7 am-10 am) if you can.

The Cost Of Getting Locked Out Of Your House

Locking yourself out of your house is not as uncommon as we like to think. It's happened to most and can potentially happen to you if you don't have electronic locks that you can unlock via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

After phoning a locksmith to come to help you get into your house, the smartest thing to do is to have $150 ready. That's the average that a locksmith can charge for this job.

Typically, if the locksmith needs to replace the lock, this cost can climb to $185 overall if it's not already included in the average price of $150.

Replacing a lost house key can vary between $50 - $100, should you decide not to replace the lock.

You can also check out my guide on alternative ways to unlock a door without a key, which includes a variety of methods, including lock picking—which is way easier than you may think!

The Cost Of Replacing Your Home's Locks

Do you remember that ex that you lovingly gave your home's extra key to symbolizing your trust? Well, for safety reasons, you might have to change your locks to keep them out when the longing feeling strikes them, usually after some liquid courage!

Locks do tend to get damaged or worn out over time. If you have one key for all the locks in your home and one lock is compromised, you need to replace all the locks, which can become a costly exercise.

The cost of replacing a lock at your home will depend on the following factors:

  • How many locks do you need to change
  • The type of locks you have installed
  • The type of replacement locks

Cost of different types of home locks (materials only):

  • Knob: $25 - $300
  • Padlocks: $30 - $80
  • Deadbolts: $40 - $80
  • Privacy: $25 - $60
  • Sliding Door: $20 - $300
  • Smart: $100 - $450
  • Pocket: $100 - $200
  • Keyless: $150 - $300
  • Touchpad: $175 - $250
  • Grip Set: $225 - $550
  • Electronic: $200 - $400
  • Mortise: $300 - $450
  • Fingerprint: $250 - $425

A locksmith can guide you into what lock is suitable for what type of door and entry point. Before heading off to the hardware store and buying various locks, ask the locksmith you hired for expert advice on the subject.

Depending on how many locks you need to change, the price range for this particular service can range from $50 - $300, depending on the types of locks you are using to replace the old locks.

Lock prices averages between $15 - $40 per lock, and if any drilling is required with the installation, expect a fee totaling $95 - $150. Installing a lock that you pre-purchased has an average cost of $40 - $150.

Exterior door locks attract a cost between $70 - $170, whereas a deadbolt installation will cost you around $90 - $190. A garage door lock installation is a more expensive lock replacement/installation that can cost anywhere from $90 - $325.

Installing handle sets can cost you $195 - $299, duplicating special keys $10 - $20, and standard key duplicates are up to $5 a key. For knob lock installations, you are staring at a price range of $80 - $150, depending on the type of knob lock you choose.

The Cost Of Rekeying Your Home Locks

locksmith replacing a door lock

Rekeying a lock will cost you less than replacing the lock. When a locksmith rekeys a lock, he relaces the pins in the lock with new ones, so the old key doesn't work on the lock anymore.

Rekeying is a vital security option when in hindsight, you gave your spare house key to the "wrong" people (ex's, friends that are not friends anymore, vindictive family members). Or if you are renting a new house where the previous renters may still have a functional key.

The average cost of rekeying a house's locks is $75 - $130, with a possible extra $20 per lock charge. Some locksmiths will give you one amount for the full service of rekeying all the locks.

The following is an average price list for rekeying different types of locks:

  • Tubular lock: $34
  • Safe Deposit Lock: $37
  • High-Security Cylinder: $32
  • IC Cylinder: $31
  • Adams Rite Dead Latch: $25
  • Set To Master Key System: $23
  • Rim/Mortise Cylinder Lock: $21
  • Key In Knob: $19

Rekeying a lock yourself is also an option and depending on how many locks you need to be done, and might be a cheaper option. I have a full step-by-step guide on rekeying door locks here if you are curious about the process!

The Cost For Extracting A House Key

Breaking a key in a lock can be a panic-inducing moment; however, it doesn't have to be. There are a lot of unique ways to remove a broken key from a lock. However, if you don't want to take the chance of further damaging your locks and increasing the cost of fixing the issue, a locksmith is a great choice.

A house key extraction cost ranges from $75 - $140.

The Cost Of Replacing A House Key

locksmith costs

A locksmith will generally suggest getting your locks replaced when you inform them of a lost key.

If you believe that the key is somewhere in your home, a replacement key is a good option. If theft of the key can't be ruled out, then replacing the replacing or rekeying the lock will be a safer option.

On average, replacing a house key can cost between $50 - $100, all dependent on whether it's electronic or not.

The Cost Of Duplicating A House Key

There are quite a few locations to get a key copied nowadays; check out our full list of local key duplication locations here. However, many of these more convenient services can only copy basic house keys. You will need to consult with a locksmith to duplicate more complicated or higher security keys.

On average, a duplicate house key can cost from $10 - $25 to make.

The Cost Of Installing An Electronic Security System

When you install high-security locks that grant you access via biometrics, electronic keypad, or Bluetooth—the price will vary depending on the type of lock system installed.

On average, an electric system can range from $100 - $500, and between $500 - $1,800 to install a fully complete smart home electrical system (unit included).

Here are some average costs when converting and installing high-tech security systems:

  • Electric Power Bolt: $50 - $70
  • Keypad/Reader: $70 - $100
  • Electrified Hinge: $80 - $100
  • Exit Alarm: $120 - $160
  • Electrified Lock: $150 - $175
  • Electric Strike: $150 - $200
  • Electromagnetic Lock: $220 - $350
  • Video Security system: $250 - $500

The Cost Of Locksmithing A Safe

Your safe keeps everything from money to passports and maybe a family heirloom or two, so locking yourself out of it can be a stressful situation.

Getting a locksmith to come and unlock a safe will cost between $70 - $160. If the locksmith needs to drill, the price will increase to $225 - $375. The cost can reach a high of $450 depending on the safe type (in-floor or money safe) and the opening method of the particular safe.

Getting a locksmith to move your safe is $80 - $150, and changing an electric or hand lock combination is $50 - $60. Changing a safe lock can cost between $100 - $300, including labor and installation costs.

If you want to install a safe, the cost will range on average from $150 - $200.

The Cost Of Replacing A Mailbox Lock

The average price to replace a personal mailbox lock is $75 - $200, depending on the type of lock you require.

A replacement key for a lockable mailbox that's electronic or works with a key card can cost $60 - $90 to replace.

The Cost Of Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

Who hasn't locked themselves out of their car? I have personally locked myself out of my car a couple of times, typically when out with the boys. From designated driver to "Dude, where's my key?" and hundreds of dollars later in a matter of a few "fun" hours.

When hiring an automotive locksmith, the average price range is between $10 - $250 per incident.

If you lock yourself out of your car today, the cost to physically unlock your door will cost you between $75 - $150 in locksmithing terms. When you call an auto locksmith in the middle of the night, the price will jump to $150 - 300.

The Cost Of Repairing/Replacing Your Car's Door Lock

It doesn't matter if you need to repair or replace a car's lock; both options fall in the same price range: $50 - $150.

The Cost To Rekey Your Car Doors And Ignition

The best reason to rekey your car door is if someone has possession of your spare key or if you suspect that somebody has a copy of your key. Another good reason to rekey your car is if the key doesn't want to unlock the door or ignition.

  • Average Cost To Rekey Car Door: $75 - $150
  • Average Cost To Rekey Car Ignition: $60 - $150 (with a high of $225 depending on the complexity of the job at hand.)

The Cost Of Replacing A Car Key

making a car key

On average, expect to pay somewhere between $70 - $250 to replace your car key.

When you don't have a duplicate key, the auto locksmith will make you a replacement key through the means of key cutting.

Keyless fob replacements cost more, and the worst-case scenario is a visit to the dealership where you can expect higher costs to be involved.

The Cost Of Key Fob Programming

Locksmiths are masters in reprogramming or replacing keys that have key fobs or transponders chips inside them. However, most key fobs are quite easy to program yourself and before you spend the money, consider checking out my key fob programming guide with instructions for common vehicle manufacturers.

But if you want to have a professional do it, consider a locksmith or visit your local AutoZone. However, do your best to avoid dealerships, as their costs are typically MUCH higher.

Car key programming costs $50 - $200.

The Cost Of Duplicating A Car Key

When you want to make a copy of your current car key to give access to your car to someone else, the locksmith will simply create a new copy from the original.

The average cost of car key duplication: $10 - $50.

The Cost Of A Car Key Extraction

If you have a key that doesn't want to disengage from the ignition or, worse, breaks off in the ignition, don't try to be a hero and retrieve it yourself.

The auto locksmith's cost can range from $75 - $200 to do it safely.

The Cost To Replace A Motorcycle Key

Losing your motorcycle key is unfortunate.

An auto locksmith can charge you $85 - $100 to make you a new one and get you on the road again.

The Cost Of Removing A Bike Lock

Locksmiths can help remove a bike lock, make you a new key, or rekey the lock.

The charge for this service is about $70 - $160.

Final Thoughts

Many deem Locksmiths an expensive service, but does peace of mind and security really have a price?

It's true that many of the basic tasks locksmiths perform can be done yourself—and I have a large collection of guides here to help you do just that. But unless you have the time, patience, and tools to do it yourself and do it right, you really are better off calling a professional!

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