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How to Position Your Ring Doorbell

how to position your ring doorbell
Last Updated on January 29, 2023
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Countless homeowners are using Ring Video Doorbells to increase their home’s security and stay remotely connected to visitors. Despite the many benefits of Ring Doorbells, installing your device in the wrong position can hinder its overall functionality. Due to this, homeowners must know how to properly position their Ring Doorbells.

Homeowners must consider their Ring Doorbell’s height, angle, and power source when finding the correct position. Ideally, the device should be installed 48 inches above the floor on a flat surface. The placement must be compatible with the device’s power source, especially for wired models.

Let me break down everything you want to know about finding the correct position for your Ring Doorbell.

Once I’ve explained how to find the perfect placement for your device, I’ll discuss why the device’s placement is so important and what happens when the Ring Doorbell isn’t properly positioned. I will also outline some tips for finding the perfect position for your device!

How Should You Position Your Ring Doorbell?

There are three main factors to consider when finding the ideal position for your Ring Doorbell, namely the height, angle, and power source of your model. Understanding how these factors affect your Ring model’s functionality and performance will help you find the perfect placement for your device.

Ring Doorbell Height

For all Ring Video Doorbell models, the manufacturer recommends installing the device approximately 48 inches above the ground. Since height is one of the most important factors when placing your unit, finding the correct height will narrow down your options of where your Ring Doorbell can be installed.

The reason for this specific height is that it’s the ideal height for both the main camera and sensors to work together to detect visitors. Your Ring Doorbell relies on both of these components for normal functionality, which is why it’s crucial to ensure your device is installed 48 inches above the ground.

Ring Doorbell Angle

For the best Ring Doorbell functionality, the manufacturer strongly recommends installing Ring devices on flat surfaces. Installing your unit on a flat surface will ensure your cameras and sensors work properly – especially if your device is installed at the recommended height. However, Ring users aren’t limited to even surfaces.

With one of the corner and wedge kits available on Ring’s website, it’s possible to install your Ring Doorbell in corners and at horizontal and vertical angles. Using these kits will ensure your device’s camera view isn’t obstructed by the device’s position. Despite this, installing your device on a flat surface will still yield the best results.

Ring Doorbell Power Source

The power source of your Ring Doorbell model is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to choosing where to install your device. While battery-operated models offer the most positioning versatility, hardwired models are more limited in terms of where they can be positioned.

If you have a battery-powered model, you can install your device virtually anywhere, provided it’s installed at the correct height and angle. If you own a wired model, you’ll need to find a position that works with the necessary wiring and is also at the right height and angle for proper functionality. Ultimately, this means hardwired models are slightly trickier to correctly position.

How To Find The Right Position For Your Ring Doorbell

Follow these simple steps to find the correct position for your Ring Doorbell!

Step One: Consider Your Power Source

Start by considering your Ring device’s power source. If you have a wireless doorbell, you can install your device virtually anywhere as long as it has a solid Wi-Fi connection. If you have a hardwired model, you need to ensure your general placement works with the wiring requirements before proceeding to find the ideal position.

Step Two: Use The Right Positioning Height

Now that you’ve narrowed down where your Ring Doorbell can be installed based on the device’s power source, you can use a measuring tape to find the correct positioning height. All Ring models should be installed 48 inches above the ground to ensure the camera and sensors work properly. Finding this height will narrow down your positioning options even further!

Step Three: Find The Correct Placement Angle

Finally, you can determine the correct placement angle. Ideally, homeowners should use a flat surface to install their Ring Doorbell. However, one of the wedge or corner kits can be used to mount the device at the front of your house. The kit you use will depend on your specific mounting requirement.

Step Four: Test Your Ring Device’s Position

Once you’ve completed your device’s setup, you can test the position of your Ring device. You can check your main camera’s view via the Ring app. You can also arm your Ring Doorbell to test whether the sensors detect your motion. While there shouldn’t be any issues if you follow these steps, you could always move your Ring device to find a better position if needed.

Why Is Ring Doorbell Placement So Important?

There are two main ways Ring Doorbell models sense motion, which is why it’s so crucial to find the correct placement for your smart security device. While the Ring Doorbell’s camera has a wide view of the environment in front of it, there are also Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors that use heat sensors to identify motion within the detection area.

Your Ring Doorbell needs to be mounted high enough to view people’s faces. Mounting your unit too high can obstruct the main camera’s field of view. However, the incorrect placement can also cause the PIR sensor to detect the heat of passing vehicles instead of incoming visitors. Due to this, the incorrect placement can affect your device’s functionality.

What Happens When A Ring Doorbell Isn’t Properly Positioned?

There are five main risks associated with a Ring Doorbell that hasn’t been properly positioned.

  • Audio Quality: Your Ring Doorbell’s positioning can affect its ability to capture clear audio. Installing your device in an area surrounded by walls or obstacles will make it difficult to communicate with visitors using the Live View and Two-Way Talk features.
  • Battery Drain: An incorrect Ring Doorbell position can cause the battery to drain faster. If the PIR sensors are detecting passing cars, the battery will drain much faster. Exposure to extreme temperatures can also negatively impact your Ring device’s battery life.
  • Camera View: Installing your Ring Doorbell model at the wrong height or angle can result in a poor camera view, which can make it difficult to identify your visitors with your smart Video Doorbell.
  • Privacy Concerns: It’s important to ensure that your Ring Doorbell camera’s field of view doesn’t capture a view of private areas/property since this can lead to privacy concerns.
  • Wiring Issues: While battery-powered Ring Doorbells can be installed virtually anywhere, hardwired models must be installed near a power outlet. The wrong position for a wired Ring Doorbell can make it difficult (and more expensive) to route the necessary wires.

6 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Ring Doorbell Position

Here are six tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect position for your Ring Doorbell!

1. Consider Your Ring Device’s Power Source

While battery-powered models can be placed anywhere, you must carefully consider the wire routing for hardwired models since these must be connected to a power outlet.

2. Don’t Expose Your Ring Doorbell To The Elements

Extreme hot and cold conditions can negatively affect battery-powered and hardwired Ring models. While hot conditions can cause your device to overheat and trigger a shutdown, cold conditions can prevent the battery from holding a charge or powering your device.

3. Ensure Your Doorbell Has A Clear View

Your Ring Doorbell is more than a doorbell; it’s a smart security device. Due to this, you should ensure the device’s camera has a clear view of the area in front of the door where it’s installed. The clearer the camera’s view, the better your protection will be!

4. Install Your Ring Doorbell At The Correct Height

Ensuring your Ring Doorbell is installed 48 inches above the floor will ensure the camera can easily capture a visitor’s face when they ring your doorbell. This placement height also ensures the sensors work properly.

5. Test Your Ring Doorbell’s Positioning

Homeowners should test their Ring Doorbell to ensure the device works properly. Ask someone to ring your doorbell to ensure the camera has a clear view of them and that the audio is clear and allows you to communicate with your visitors.

6. Reposition Your Device If Needed

If you experience any issues caused by the incorrect positioning of your device, you can reposition your device to improve its functionality. You will need the screwdriver that came with your Ring Doorbell to unmount the device and move it to a better location.

Wrapping it Up

It’s important to consider height, angle, and power source when finding the correct placement for your Ring Doorbell.

For the best results, your device must be installed 48 inches above the ground and should be placed on an even surface. Your chosen position must be compatible with your Ring Doorbell’s power source.

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