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How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

how to save ring doorbell video without subscription
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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Ring Doorbells are a modern security solution that allows homeowners to monitor their front door in real-time, letting them see who is at their door and even talk to them. However, since many features are limited to Ring Protect subscribers, many users have questioned how to save a Ring Doorbell video without a subscription.

It is impossible to save Ring Doorbell videos through the official app without a subscription to Ring Protect. While you can save Ring videos during the included free trial, you can also use screen recording software to capture videos or upgrade to a device that doesn’t require a subscription plan.

I will explain everything Ring users want to know about saving videos without a subscription. Once I’ve discussed why it isn’t possible to save Ring Doorbell videos without a Ring Protect subscription, I’ll outline three methods of bypassing this to save footage. I’ll also discuss the other features of a Ring Protect Basic or Plus subscription!

Can Ring Doorbell Videos Be Saved Without A Subscription?

While a Ring Protect subscription is completely optional for Ring Doorbell users, homeowners will be unable to save recorded videos via the Ring app without a valid subscription. While you’ll be able to use the Live View feature to view real-time footage recorded by your doorbell, you won’t be able to save video recordings of these events without a subscription.

If you want to easily save Ring Doorbell videos from the smartphone app, you should consider subscribing to Ring Protect. A subscription will even allow you to save multiple Ring Doorbell videos at once. However, there are a few workarounds you can use to save videos from your Ring device, which will be outlined in the following section.

There’s a common misconception that being able to store and save videos is a standard feature across all Ring Doorbell models. When you first set up a Ring Doorbell, a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect will automatically start, allowing users to store and save videos. Due to this, many users think these features are standard until they disappear after thirty days!

It’s important to note that if you use a Ring Protect free trial and your subscription expires, you won’t be able to keep saving videos, and any stored videos will be deleted. Your subscription must be renewed in time to prevent features from being disabled and stored videos from being deleted.

What Can You Do Without A Ring Protect Subscription?

Since Ring limits saving videos to Ring Protect subscribers, you might be wondering what your device can do without a subscription.

Here are all five features that are included with your Ring Doorbell for free and don’t require any subscription!

  • Limited Warranty: All Ring Doorbell models come standard with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer in case there are any issues or defects with your device.
  • Live View: All Ring users can use the Live View feature, which streams real-time video from the Ring Doorbell’s camera to the Ring app.
  • Motion Alerts: Ring users without a subscription will receive motion-activated notifications from their devices on their smartphones. The Ring app must be installed to access these notifications.
  • Theft Protection: All Ring models come with lifetime protection against theft. Should your device be stolen, you can submit a police report to Ring, who will then send a free replacement device to you.
  • Two-Way Talk: You don’t need a Ring Protect subscription to use the two-way audio feature to speak to people at your door! This feature allows you to safely chat with people at your door from your smartphone, even when you’re not at home!

3 Ways To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without A Ring Protect Subscription

Here’s an overview of the only three methods you can use to save Ring Doorbell videos without subscribing to Ring Protect!

1. Save Videos During The 30-Day Ring Protect Free Trial

The Ring Protect free trial allows you to test all features for thirty days, which means you’ll be able to save videos via the app during this trial period. While videos stored on the Ring cloud will be deleted when the free trial ends, videos you saved during this time will still be stored on your smartphone or computer.

You must tap the three-line menu icon in the Ring app to save videos during your free trial. By navigating to the History tab, you’ll be able to select the Share option and download selected videos to your device’s storage. You will be able to bulk download up to fifty videos at once during the free trial.

2. Record Ring Doorbell Videos With Screen Recording Software

The best way to record Ring Doorbell videos without a subscription or free trial is to use screen recording software. While you won’t be able to save multiple videos at once, you can keep the screen recording running while you view multiple videos in the Ring app, which will save them as one long video.

The great thing about this method is that almost every smartphone and tablet comes with built-in screen recording software. On iOS devices, this feature is located in the Control Center. The feature can also be found on Android devices by swiping down on the Home Screen to open the quick launch settings.

3. Upgrade To A Video Doorbell That Doesn’t Require A Subscription

There are many Ring Doorbell alternatives that do not require a subscription to save videos. Upgrading to one of these alternatives will allow you to save videos without paying or using workaround methods.

Some models that allow you to save videos for free include:

What Are The Other Benefits Of A Ring Protect Subscription?

Besides storing and saving videos, there are many other benefits of subscribing to a Ring Protect plan. Before I outline the additional features each subscription tier offers you, it’s important to note that all subscriptions include the basic Ring features discussed earlier, including Live View, Two-Way Talk, and Theft Protection.

Ring Protect Basic

Here are all the additional features included with a Ring Protect Basic subscription, which also includes all free Ring features.

  • Bulk Download: Ring Protect subscribers can bulk download up to fifty videos at once via the Ring app.
  • Capture Snapshots: You will be able to see what happens during motion-activated events through snapshots taken throughout the day, which are stored in the cloud for one week.
  • Detailed Notifications: Ring Protect subscribers receive more detailed notifications. Your notifications will include a photo preview, allowing you to see who is at your door without opening the Ring app.
  • Person Alerts: Ring Protect subscribers can activate Person Alerts, which sends you a notification whenever your device detects a person.
  • Ring Discount: All Ring Protect subscribers are eligible for a 10% discount on certain Ring products.
  • Video History: Only Ring Protect subscribers have access to a video history of up to 180 days. All recorded videos from Live View and motion-captured events will be stored on the cloud.
  • Video Saving/Sharing: You can save any Ring Doorbell videos directly to your smartphone and computer. Ring also allows you instantly share videos with others without compromising your security.

Ring Protect Plus

Here are all the additional features included with a Ring Protect Plus subscription, which includes all free and Ring Protect Basic features.

  • Assisted Monitoring: The Assisted Monitoring feature will notify your emergency contacts regarding security issues, which is done via an automated call.
  • Cellular Backup: Ring Protect Plus members get a cellular backup, which ensures your Ring device works even when the base station loses its connection to the internet.
  • Extended Warranty: Ring users subscribed to Protect Plus will receive extended warranties for all their Ring devices located at the same address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Ring Protect Free Trial Be Extended?

There is no way to extend the free trial of your Ring Doorbell once it’s been activated, which happens as soon as you set it up and connect it to the internet.

Is Ring’s Free Trial For Protect Basic Or Protect Plus?

All Ring Doorbell models come with a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plus, which means you will get to try all Ring features before the trial ends. Ultimately, this allows Ring users to choose whether they need a Protect Basic or Protect Plus subscription based on the features they need.

Is It Hard To Cancel Your Ring Protect Subscription?

All Ring Protect subscriptions offer hassle-free cancellation, which means you can cancel your subscription anytime for any reason.

Wrapping it Up

To sum up, a Ring Protect subscription is absolutely required to save and store footage captured by a Ring Doorbell. Without a subscription, you’ll only have access to live footage and will not be able to save or access recorded videos.

However, new Ring doorbells come with 30-day trial of Ring Protect which will allow you to save videos and give you some advanced features. But once your trail is over, you’ll lose access to all recorded footage.

If you don’t want to pay for a Ring subscription, there are options, such as using screen recording software to save the footage, or switch to a different doorbell that does not require a subscription to save videos.

Ultimately, it is important to carefully consider the cost and features of any home security system before making a purchase.

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