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Are Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras Waterproof?

Is the Ring Doorbell Waterproof
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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While an increasing number of homeowners are using doorbell cameras to add an extra layer of security to their homes, many people have questioned whether or not these devices are waterproof. After all, homeowners must ensure their Ring Video Doorbell remains safe and functional come rain or shine!

Although all Ring Video Doorbell models are water-resistant, none of the devices are fully waterproof. Due to this, a Ring Doorbell can withstand strong winds, rainfall, and snow and remain operational. However, Ring devices should never be sprayed with high-pressure water or submerged in water.

I will explain everything you want to know about whether Ring Doorbells are waterproof, including what to do when your device gets drenched in water and whether the warranty covers water damage.

I’ll also outline which Ring security doorbells and cameras are water-resistant and how to protect your device from water damage!

Let's get to it!

In This Article:

Are Ring Doorbells Waterproof?

Much like traditional doorbells, Ring devices are installed outside your home—but does that mean your Ring Doorbell is waterproof?

Unfortunately not, since Ring products are only water-resistant, not fully waterproof. There’s a common misconception that “waterproof” and “water-resistant” mean the same thing, leading many people to believe Ring devices are waterproof.

While “waterproof” means a device is impervious to water and water damage, “water-resistant” only means the device can resist water penetration to a certain extent but not entirely. Since Ring Doorbells are designed to be water-resistant, it means the smart service was constructed to make it difficult for water to get inside it.

You might wonder what this means for your Ring Doorbell’s ability to withstand water. Ultimately, the water-resistant design means your device can be installed outdoors and can be exposed to normal rainfall and snow. However, since the device isn’t waterproof, it shouldn’t be sprayed with high-pressure water or submerged in water.

Can Your Ring Doorbell Be Damaged By Water?

Although Ring Doorbell models are designed to withstand everything from a light drizzle to a rainstorm, the device isn’t waterproof. Due to this, spraying your Ring Doorbell with high-pressure water or submerging it in water has the potential to damage the device and cause it to malfunction.

If you live in a region with extreme weather conditions, heavy storms, and hurricanes, these weather conditions could also damage your Ring Doorbell. Luckily, there are many fantastic ways to protect your Ring device from adverse weather conditions, including using a weather mount or a cover for your doorbell.

What Should You Do When Your Ring Doorbell Gets Soaked?

Follow these steps if your Ring Doorbell gets sprayed by high-pressure water, is accidentally damaged by heavy storms, or is submerged in water!

Step One: Turn Off The Power

You must turn off the power to your Ring device if it gets too wet. How you turn off the power will depend on whether you have a hardwired or battery-operated Ring Doorbell.

Step Two: Remove The Battery

If your Ring Doorbell has a removable battery, you should remove it once you’ve turned the power off. Your owner’s manual will provide specific instructions on how to remove the battery.

Step Three: Let Your Doorbell Dry

It’s important to let your Ring Doorbell fully dry before reconnecting the battery. Make sure both the device and battery are completely dry before proceeding.

Step Four: Reinsert The Battery

Once you’ve allowed your Ring device to dry for a few hours, you can reinsert the battery into your Ring Doorbell.

Step Five: Turn On Your Ring Doorbell

Turn your Ring Doorbell on and test whether all the functions are working properly. If the device malfunctions after restarting it, you should contact Ring’s customer support department for further assistance.

Step Six: Protect Your Device

You should use one of the methods outlined later in this article to protect your Ring device from water exposure in the future. Doing this will ensure your Ring device is properly protected and can protect you!

Does Your Ring Doorbell Warranty Cover Against Water Damage?

While all Ring devices come standard with a limited warranty that applies to the Video Doorbell’s hardware components, the warranty is not valid for accidents, misuse, neglect, or damage caused by external elements. Due to this, your Ring Doorbell’s limited warranty does not protect it against water damage.

Which Ring Video Doorbells Are Water-Resistant?

While none of Ring’s smart security devices are waterproof, many of the Video Doorbells are water-resistant and designed to withstand strong winds, rainfall, and snow. You can find a list of Ring’s water-resistant Video Doorbells below to check whether your model can be used outdoors. Some other Ring security cameras are also water-resistant.

Which Ring Security Cameras Are Water-Resistant?

Besides the above mentioned Ring Video Doorbell models, many Ring security cameras are also water-resistant. The “Always Home Cam” and “Indoor Cam” models are designed for indoor use and should never be used outdoors as they have no water-resistance properties.

How To Choose The Best Water-Resistant Ring Doorbell For Your Needs

Since all Ring Video Doorbell models are water-resistant, you’ll need to decide which model is best for your needs by considering factors like available finishes, the motion detection angle, power options, and more. Ring has a fantastic comparison chart online, which can be used to choose the best Video Doorbell model.

4 Ways To Protect Your Ring Doorbell From Water Damage

Here are four fantastic ways to protect your Ring Doorbell from water damage and ensure your smart security device remains fully functional, come rain or shine!

1. Buy A Weather Blocking Doorbell Mount

There are many weather-blocking mounts that can be purchased for Ring Doorbells. Some weather mounts even have an anti-theft design to protect your device. These mounts are easy to install and protect your Ring Doorbell from the elements!

2. Protect Your Ring Device With Silicone

You can use silicone, a waterproof sealant, to protect your Ring Doorbell from water exposure. Applying silicone to any gaps, seams, and areas where water can enter the device will ensure the device remains protected. Ensure the silicone is applied properly so you can still access the battery!

3. Install Your Device Under A Roof/Awning

The easiest way to protect your Ring Doorbell from harsh outdoor elements is to install your device under a roof or awning. While you can remove your Ring Doorbell and install it in a new spot, it’s also possible to purchase an affordable weather-blocking mount to achieve the same effect.

4. Use A Slip-On Cover For Your Ring Doorbell

There are many slip-on covers and faceplates available for different Ring Doorbell models. These products can be used to protect your smart device from rainfall and exposure to water. It’s important to purchase a cover that’s compatible with your specific Video Doorbell since not all covers will fit on your model.

Can Extreme Weather Conditions Affect Ring Doorbells?

Many people around the world experience extreme weather conditions during the winter and summer months. For some, the summer brings extreme heat, while the winter brings rain, sleet, freezing temperatures, and snow. However, these conditions can affect your Ring Doorbell and its battery.

How Extreme Cold Affects Ring Doorbells

Extremely cold weather conditions can negatively affect your Ring Doorbell’s lithium-ion battery. The lower the temperature drops, the more the battery will struggle to hold a charge or power your device. Generally, your Ring device will return to normal operation when the temperature rises again.

At 36°F, a Ring device’s battery will not be able to hold charges as effectively as usual, which will result in more frequent charging during winter. At 32°F, the device’s battery may not charge, even if you have a hardwired model. At -5°F, the battery will not be able to work normally and power your device until the temperature warms up.

How Extreme Heat Affects Ring Doorbells

Extreme heat conditions and direct sunlight can cause a Ring Doorbell to overheat, potentially damaging the battery and other internal components. All models are programmed to shut down when the device detects extreme heat and starts overheating. The same means of protecting Ring devices from water exposure will protect them from harsh summer conditions.

At 113°F, your Ring device will still be able to operate. However, prolonged exposure to this head can cause the device to overheat and trigger a shutdown. When your Ring device reaches 120°F, it will no longer be able to operate normally and will automatically shut down to prevent damaging the internal components.


There is no Ring Video Doorbell model that is waterproof, even though the devices are water-resistant. As a result, Ring Doorbells can be installed outdoors and will withstand strong winds, rainfall, and snow. Spraying your Ring Doorbell with high-pressure water or submerging it in water could damage the device.

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