About Jesse

Jesse is a former United States Marine, and Iraq War Veteran. He started picking locks in 2006 while serving in Fallujah, Iraq as an Artilleryman. After his two deployments to Iraq were over, he was selected to represent the Marines on the All-Varsity Marine Corps Submission Wrestling Team, aka The Marine Corps MMA Team. There he competed in 6 Amateur MMA Fights as a 204lb Light Heavyweight Fighter (record 3-3-0). After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Marines, and a few broken bones as an amateur MMA fighter, Jesse went on to become an Apprentice Locksmith in 2010 in Denver, Colorado. After finishing his apprenticeship with over 600 hours of training, he took up Law Enforcement as his next profession, graduating from the S.P.A.G. Law Enforcement Academy in 2011 in Lubbock, Tx. However after receiving his TCLEOS certification, he elected to work for the Department of Defense as a Private Security Contractor in Afghanistan in 2012 as a Counter Rocket, Artillery, Mortar-Operator (C-RAM). There he worked alongside the US Army’s 4th Infantry Division at Combat Outpost Honaker-Miracle in Kunar Province. After Afghanistan, he moved to Austin, Texas to become a Defensive Tactics instructor for Central Texas Gun Works. During this time he also worked for Central Texas Pop-A-Lock, and received over 50 hours of training in Vehicle Entry Techniques and worked as a Technician for Pop-A-Lock for 3 months allowing him to open more than 1,000 different vehicles. Jesse is a Licensed Bodyguard and a Licensed Armed Guard for the State of Texas, and a Certified Martial Arts Instructor with a 2rd Degree Black Belt under UFMA Founder Tom Cox. Jesse has been actively engaged in the Locksport Community since 2010 and since then has discovered there are 31 different ways to open a Master Lock #1 Padlock!

In his free time, Jesse is an avid Martial Arts enthusiast and has trained in over 30 different styles.

Martial Arts Background

1999 Wrestling-Middle School (175lbs+) – 1 Season (3rd Place District Champion)
2001 Wrestling-High School (215lbs+) – 1 Season
2001-2002 Shaolin Kung Fu – Chris Frazier – 1 Year
2002 International Tae Kwon Do Federation – Master Michael Preisendorf – 6 Months
2002-2005 Catch Wrestling – Tom Cox – 3.5 Years
2002-2005 Combat Karate (Freestyle Shotokan)- Tom Cox – 3.5 Years
2002-2005 Competitive Point Style Karate/Kickboxing – Tom Cox – 3.5 Years
2002-2005 World Tae Kwon Do Federation-Tom Cox – 3.5 Years
2003 Catch Wrestling-Gene Lebell – 3 Day Seminar
2003 MMA-Bas Rutten – 3 Day Seminar
2003 Sambo/Hayastan-Gokor Chivichyan – 3 Day Seminar
2003 Isshin-Ryu Karate – Instructor Unknown – 2 Months
2005 International Tae Kwon Do Federation-Master Michael Preisendorf – 4 Months
2005 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Tom Crouch – 3 Months
2005-2009 MCMAP / Marine Corps Martial Arts Program-Various Instructors – 4 Years
2007 Aikido – Sensei Stephen Toyoda – 5 Day Seminar
2007 Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Paulo Fernando-3 Months
2008 MMA – All Varsity Marine Corps Submission Wrestling Team (204lbs) – 6 Months (TAD)
2008 California State Pankration Championships 204lb Lt Heavy Wt. (1-2-0)
2008 All Armed Forces Pankration Invitational 204lb Lt Heavy Wt. 2nd Place (2-1-0)
2008 Subfighter Jiu-Jitsu – Rick Estrada, Corey Bennin – 6 Months
2008 Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu – Corey Bennin – 6 Months
2008 Muay Thai – Khun Kru Ruben Rowell Jr – 3 Months
2008-2009 Pekiti Tirsia Kali – Russ Nagtalon – 6 Months
2008-2009 Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu – Sifu Bok Fu – 9 Months
2009 Danzanryu Jujitsu – Chris Love-2 Months
2009 American Kenpo Karate – Sensei Mike Stricklin – 4 Months
2009 Kickboxing Instructor – Brighton, Co – 5 Months
2009 Ninjitsu – Sensei Mike Stricklin – 4 Months
2010 American Boxing – DaVerryl Williamson – 15 Private Lessons
2010 Filipino Combat Systems – Guro Mike Jennings – 1 Month
2011 Catch Wrestling – Tom Cox-3 Months
2011 Kickboxing Instructor – Burlington, Ky – 3 Months
2011 Coached Youth Wrestling, Cooper Middle School in Burlington, Kentucky – 3 Months
2011 Police Academy Defensive Tactics-Walt Bushey – 45 hours
2012 Muay Thai-Khun Kru Ruben Rowell Jr – 1 Month
2012 American Boxing-Art Cardenas – 6 Private Lessons
2012 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-Mario “Esfiha” Queiroga- 3 Months
2012 Russian Sambo-Grant Gilliam – 2 Months
2013 Martial Arts of Austin Kickboxing Instructor – Chuck Greer – 3 Months
2013 Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-Jose Portillo – 3 Months
2014 Level III Security Guard Defensive Tactics – Ace Cabellero – 4 Hours
2014 Dutch Style Kickboxing – Toby Imada – 2 Months
2015 Texas Level III Defensive Tactics Instructor for Central Texas Gun Works in Austin, Tx
2015 Defensive Knife Skills Level 1 – Leslie L. Buck, Jr – 4 Hours
2015 Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu – Professor Alexandre Ferreira “Dande” Santos – 4 Months
2015 Austin Kickboxing Academy – Coach Randy Vera – 1 Month
2016 Texas Level III Commissioned Security Officer Defensive Tactics Instructor – 6 Months
2016 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu – Coach Curtis Hembroff – 1 Month
2016 Krav Maga Worldwide – Brandon Philips – 1 Month
2016 American Kickboxing – Ryan Gillespie & Omar Garza – 1 Month
2017 Brazilian Top Team (BJJ) – Daniel “Maozinha” Galvao– 2 Months
2017 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -Murilo Bustamante – 4 Hour Seminar
2017 Houston Grand Prix Grappling – 1st Place Ultra Heavy Wt. Absolute Division
2018 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu – Lonnie Vickery – 1 Month
2018 Muay Thai / Kickboxing – Matt Wald – 1 Month
2018 Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu – Alex Morono – 1 Month
2018 Sayoc Kali – Brian Majul – 2 Months

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