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Lock Picking Animations & Graphics

Lock Picking Animations & Graphics

In a world full of ambiguous text and obscure explanations it is often very easy to lost in the walls of words that we gander at every day. This is where the use of photos, diagrams, and animations come into play to help further bridge the gap between the desire for knowledge and accurately acquiring that knowledge – helping us make clarity of chaos.

Below is our growing collection of lock picking visuals that we use to help every picker – from novice to master – in their search for lock picking knowledge.

The goal behind this page is to provide space that houses all the best animations and graphics from this site. You are very free to use any of the images and animations below, all I ask is that you don't remove any watermarks. For commercial projects please email me for permission of use.

Infographics and Animations on Lock Picks

Note: Click the image to load a full-sized version of the image!


Types of Lock Pick - The Postal Hook Types of Lock Pick - The BatarangTypes of Lock Pick - The Snake Rake Types of Lock Pick - The Short Hook Types of Lock Pick - The Half-Diamond Types of Lock Pick - The GemTypes of Lock Pick - The Deep Hook Types of Lock Pick - The City Rake Types of Lock Pick - The Bogota Types of Lock Pick - The Peterson ReachTypes of Lock Pick - The Offset Diamond

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