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How to Prevent Your Ring Doorbell Camera From Being Stolen

prevent your ring doorbell camera from being stolen
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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Ring doorbell cameras are a technological advancement that were designed to protect and document activities in front of your house. This increases their chances of being stolen.

Ironically, the gadget designed for security can get stolen. If you are concerned that someone would want to get their hands on your ring doorbell camera, there are ways to prevent this theft from happening.

You can prevent your ring doorbell camera from being stolen by fixing it securely to a wall, pairing it with your devices, posting a sign, and using tamper-proof covers, to mention but a few.

This article discusses preventing the incident and what to do if your ring camera gets stolen.

Can a Ring Doorbell Be Stolen?

Yes, people out here are trying to get their hands on this bad boy. The Ring Doorbell camera is a smart home device, making it an ideal target for theft. You can't trust thieves, so you must take security measures to ensure your doorbell camera is secure.

The presence of a camera typically helps to deter thieves, but that's not always the case. Without an anti-theft mount, it is possible to unscrew or rip out your Ring Doorbell. These doorbells are in high demand and pretty pricey, making them a nice payday for thieves.

How Easy is it to Steal a Ring Doorbell?

The Ring Doorbell isn't considered a high-end item. However, that doesn't mean it's not a lucrative deal for thieves if they have a chance to take it. The doorbell is fancy and sits outside unattended, making stealing it seem effortless. In addition, if you don't secure the doorbell appropriately, it can be stolen. A thief with determination, the right set of tools, good skills, and a lot of force can remove the doorbell.

Here is how to mount your Ring Doorbell correctly:

  • Use an adhesive, however, this makes it easier to steal.
  • The best option is to secure the doorbell with a backplate and screw it into the door frame.

The Ring Doorbell has features that make it hard to steal. Such as:

  • A camera and microphone to record sound and motion detected outside your door.
  • Ring Doorbell links with your phone or tablet via the Ring App, and you receive notifications when you have visitors or thieves.
  • The doorbell has a night vision mode enabling it to record in the dark.

The night vision mode is handy, as you get notified when funny activities are outside your door, like if someone is trying to steal your Ring Doorbell camera. However, you may miss the notification if you are a deep sleeper or have your phone in flight mode.

The doorbell camera may have caught a glimpse of essential details on video that could assist the investigation. In addition, the device does upload a minute of video footage every time it detects motion which you can use to see a perpetrator.

Why Would Someone Steal a Ring Doorbell

It is uncommon for someone to steal your doorbell, but not unheard of. A second-hand Ring Doorbell wouldn't sell for much, but the burglar can get at least a quarter of the retail price, which is $200. Selling the Rings at a discount is easy money.

Potential thieves may not be aware of how a Ring Doorbell works nor that you are recording footage of them in their criminal activities. Even if they are aware of the camera, they may believe that the recording will be erased once they remove the doorbell.

Others may try to disable the camera by covering it with tape, but this will not necessarily prevent the device from functioning.

It is important to take steps to protect your Ring doorbell and other connected devices—so let's look at how.

How to Prevent Theft of Your Ring Doorbell

There are several ways to ensure your video doorbell is safe. They are:

1. Install the Doorbell Securely

How you mount the smart doorbell is essential as it makes it harder or easier to steal. The gadget comes with a few screws that are enough to hold it in place but not entirely secure.

The safer alternative is to attach the doorbell to a wall, be it concrete, plaster, or stucco. The wall is sturdier than most door frames and doesn't guarantee 100% safety. If you have no idea about how to install it, you can also call professionals to do it for you.

2. Don't Ignore Your Alert Notifications

Receiving notifications when you are busy may be an inconvenience. However, what's the point of getting a smart doorbell if you won't use it as intended? The notifications alert you when there is motion on your property.

You can shout at the unknown person at your door and scare them off or call the police if you are far from home. Remember, every notification is crucial no matter how annoying.

3. Use a Tamper Proof Cover (ring doorbell anti-theft cover)

You can get a Ring anti-theft mount bracket for around $20. The theft protective cover box will secure the doorbell tightly to the door frame or wall. Get a cover that is adjustable and compatible with most, if not all, Ring Doorbells.

The protective cover should be adjustable to the left and right and can tilt to about 155 degrees, depending on your preferred angle. The cover should be of durable material and corrosion-resistant to withstand the elements.

In addition, it is best if the tamper-proof cover is waterproof to prevent damage to the device during the wet season. The best protective covers are anti-glare, anti-snow, waterproof, and dust-resistant.

4. Use a Security Sign or Sticker

According to a study conducted at Newcastle University, displaying a poster letting people know they are being watched reduces the chances of someone stealing something by 30%. You can use a security sign to your advantage and let potential burglars know your house is protected.

Putting up a sign is enough to keep paranoid criminals off your property, as they want an easy job with a low risk of getting caught. The sign works similarly to the "Beware of Dogs" as you get cautious without seeing a dog in the yard. The sign increases the chances of the thief skipping your house.

5. Install Additional Security Cameras

The Ring Doorbell should be an additional camera to the existing security system. Adding another camera to monitor a camera may sound redundant, but it is effective. The other camera can be hidden and strategically positioned to give you an overall look at your property.

Having the camera pointed at the porch will give you an eagle eye on anyone approaching your property. The other camera will have the footage if the Ring Doorbell doesn't detect foul play. In addition, if thieves can see the other camera, that increases the risk of them getting caught, making your house a more challenging target.

6. Get a Mesh or Metal Locking Plate

The grid box has a mesh fixed around your video doorbell, making it difficult to steal. The box may not match your outdoor décor. However, it is a deterrent to theft of your Ring Doorbell. Ensure the camera and the actual view aren't compromised when installing.

Place the ring button and camera directly at the front-most part of the grid box. Strategically place the doorbell to make it easier for your visitors to ring the bell.

7. Install Ring's Neighbors App

It is crucial that you install this free app and get notified of suspicious activities within your neighborhood. If you are a victim of the burglary and your Ring doorbell is stolen, you will have the footage saved on your phone. You can receive updates from the police via the Neighbors app on identifying the perpetrator.

With the app's help, you can communicate with your neighbors who have Ring doorbells like you. You receive updates as a team from law enforcement and the people at Ring. The app helps connect the community by knowing others are watching out for them and the community.

What to Do if Your Ring Doorbell is Stolen

Sometimes, despite taking all the necessary measures, a determined thief will get his hands on your Ring Doorbell. If you fall victim to such a crime, below is how to go about the issue:

  • Report the matter to the police as theft and trespassing on private property. Follow the instructions given, and an officer will take your report.
  • Take as many pictures of the scene as you possibly can. Don't touch anything until the police arrive, as you may interfere with potential evidence.
  • Get a copy of the police report, as Ring will require you to provide the report to get a free replacement.
  • Ring will gladly replace the stolen doorbell if you fill out the online theft form within 15 business days.

Will Ring Replace a Stolen Doorbell

Yes, Ring will replace your stolen doorbell for free. However, Ring has to verify the information you present to them regarding the theft. Ring's theft policy demands that you provide evidence or proof that the device was stolen, making the copy of the police report stated earlier necessary.

It is important to note the following before reporting theft:

  • Ring's replacement of stone doorbell cameras is a courtesy service to its customers. If Ring suspects any form of foul play like fraud, they have the right to deny you replacement services.
  • You should report the theft within 15 business days from the day it occurred. If you report the incident after the 15-day window expires, it is entirely up to Ring to decide whether they will replace your doorbell.
  • The policy for replacement states you will receive the same device, with similar specs and exact model as the stolen doorbell.

How to Report Stolen Ring Doorbell

You can reach the Ring support team via their email address [email protected] If that doesn't work, here are four easy ways to get in touch with Ring Support. They are:

Online Chat

Ring's customer service is top-notch, committed to serving its customers in no time. Online chat is a great way to get answers quickly. Try their online chat service if you need to learn how to report matters to Ring. The chat service is available from 5 AM to 9 PM.

Phone Call

Ring has a customer service line which you can find on their website. The line offers assistance 24/7. You can make the call and have customer service guide you through your situation step by step, and answer all the queries you might have.

Ring Community

Ring community is an online platform you can use to reach out to other customers in the same pickle as you. On the site, you may get assistance faster than waiting for customer service to get to you. However, you may get conflicting opinions from different users, which can be frustrating.

Social Media

Ring is active on social media with active Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. You can inbox them regarding your situation, and the social media representative will guide you or connect you to the right person, and if possible address your grievances.

Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell be Traced?

Unfortunately, there is no way to trace a stolen Ring doorbell. Ring is not equipped with the technology to determine the whereabouts of a stolen doorbell. Once the device gets disconnected from Wi-Fi and its power source, the camera feed is inaccessible.

Following the procedure explained above, Ring will replace your stolen doorbell. The recorded footage of the event will be stored in the cloud if you have the Ring subscription plan. The footage can be used as evidence by the police to trace the suspect.

Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Still Be Used?

Ring's technology isn't impenetrable as it has loopholes allowing the thief to use it. It is unlikely for a thief to steal something entirely useless. Yes, a stolen Ring doorbell can still be used once the burglar resets and re-registers it under a new account.

The relief is despite the thief having the device. He has no way of accessing your personal information or the actual footage from the device. To re-use the doorbell, the thief will have to deactivate your account from the device and link it with a new account, and the Ring is as good as gone.

To avoid this, you need to report the incident to the police and take copies of the written report to Ring technical support as soon as possible. If you get to the support team in time, they can prevent swapping accounts from happening.

The support team will log the device's MAC code in their database and block the thief from re-registering the doorbell under a new account, rendering the device useless for resale or re-use. You can find your MAC code by opening the Ring app and selecting the stolen device from the list. Tap Device Health and the code is under Device Details.

Tips on How to Ensure Ring Doorbell Safety

It is wise to take some precautions to ensure your doorbell and property are safe. They include:

1. Backup Data on the Cloud

Make backing up data a habit, as your Ring doorbell may record important footage that can be used as evidence. You should back up every two to three weeks even if nothing suspicious is happening. An external drive is also another option for data storage.

You will feel worse if your video doorbell is stolen and you haven't backed up in a while. Back up your data regularly, as it could come in handy someday.

2. Get Insurance

Insuring your smart doorbell sounds silly. However, you can never be too careful. Ring will replace your stolen doorbell, but there may be damage to your property as the thief tries to steal from you. Insurance is a necessary backup for the worst-case scenarios. The insurance will compensate you in case of property damage by the thief.

3. Update Your System

Like any other system, the Ring system requires regular updating. The updates help your system to run smoothly and keep off bugs. Ring system updates automatically, which is an advantage if you aren't a tech guru. A lack of updates makes your system vulnerable.

Final Word

Ring doorbells allow you to watch your property while you are at work, walking your dog, while on vacation, or for any reason that will get you away from your house.

In addition, the Ring has a microphone allowing you to communicate with the known or unknown person on your property.

The cherry on top is that you receive a notification to your phone when the camera detects motion at your door.

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