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PETERSON Flat 5 Serrated Tension Set

PETERSON Flat 5 Serrated Tension Set

Elevate your lock picking with Peterson's Flat-5 Tension Tools, designed for hobby lock pickers and locksmiths. Key benefits include secure locking grip from serrated teeth, tailored tension options with varying flex resistance, versatile usability for small locks, compatibility with recessed cylinders, and excellent addition to any pick set.

Unlock your lock picking potential with unmatched control and flexibility.


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Introducing Peterson's Flat-5 Tension Tools, the perfect addition to any hobby lock picker or locksmith's toolkit!

These innovative serrated tension tools offer a range of benefits to enhance your lock picking experience:

  1. Secure locking grip: The serrated teeth design ensures a firm grip between the tension tool and keyway, even with a light touch, providing improved control and precision.
  2. Versatile set: This five-tool set features three distinct types of wrenches, catering to those who prefer a softer touch during lock picking.
  3. Customizable tension: Choose between two pairs of wrenches with different flex resistance, allowing you to adjust between soft or medium touch and tension as needed.
  4. Compact European style tool: The toothless wrench comes with a small end, perfect for tackling smaller locks with ease.
  5. Double-ended design: Each tool features standard and deep-depth feet, making it easy to access both recessed and protected cylinders.
  6. Enhanced compatibility: With ten times the options, this set complements a wide range of pick sets, making it a popular choice among lock picking enthusiasts and professionals alike.

What is Government Steel?

Government steel, exclusive to Peterson Manufacturing, is a high-quality stainless steel alloy that sets their lock picking tools apart from the competition.

Unlike standard 10-95 carbon steel used in most lock picking tools, Peterson GSP tools utilize an elite alloy similar to 420 stainless steel found in surgical instruments like scalpels, making them the strongest lock picking tools available.

The exceptional durability of GSP gives you a significant advantage, ensuring your picks and tensioning tools last much longer than those from other manufacturers. This longevity ultimately saves you money on tool replacement over time.

Peterson's government steel tools are particularly suitable for beginners, as they tend to be rougher on their tools while learning. Investing in GSP tools means a more resilient and cost-effective lock picking experience!


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