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GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

(51 customer reviews)

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

(51 customer reviews)

Designed with the evolving beginner in mind, the GSP Ghost set has the perfect selection of tools for teaching you fundamental lock picking—but will also grow with you as you learn to pick more complicated locks.

Each tool in this set is just as useful for a beginner as they are for a pro, making it the only lock pick set you'll ever need!


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Product Description:

Accelerate Your Skills With a Focused Selection of Tools
gsp ghost lock pick set tool selection

The GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set embodies a streamlined philosophy.

No fluff, no unnecessary overlap—only the best tools, each serving a unique purpose.

Despite its simplicity, this is a powerful professional set. It's equipped with the most effective pick profiles, chosen for their versatility and effectiveness.

Worried it won't be enough? This compact set can pick the majority of pin tumbler locks worldwide!

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What You Get in The GSP Ghost Professional Pick Set

The GSP Ghost pick set equips you with six powerful lock picks, six varied tension wrenches, and a top-of-keyway prybar. No lock stands a chance against this arsenal.

Hook 1 (Short Hook) .025"

Peterson GSP Hook 1 - Black HandlePeterson GSP Hook 1 - Black Handle Lock Pick

The Short Hook is arguably the most used and versatile tool in any lock pickers toolset. Mastery of the hook is often correlated with mastery of lock picking itself. The Hook 1 is renowned for its precise flat profile allowing you to move pins without slippage. Its sharp tip also lets you squeeze under pins in tight keways with ease.

  • Thickness: 0.025"
  • Handle: Black plastic-molded
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

Hook 5 (Deep Hook) .025"

Peterson GSP Hook 5 - Black Handle Lock Pick

The Hook 5 (Deep Hook) has an extra-long reach that allows a lock picker to reach pins further back in the stack without the chance of oversetting more forward pins. These picks are extremely helpful for setting high-cut pins that are behind low-cut pins. The Hook 5 has a rounded tip which helps guide the pick between pin stacks without snagging.

  • Thickness: 0.025"
  • Handle: Black plastic-molded
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

Peterson Reach .025"

Peterson GSP Peterson Reach - Black Handle Lock Pick

The Peterson Reach is a specially designed pick that has a long curved hook. This modification allows for deep access within the lock and the ability to work behind lower cut pins.  It also has a lower profile on the shank to squeeze into tight places and is great for rotating pins if you find yourself working with high-security locks.

  • Thickness: 0.025"
  • Handle: Black plastic-molded
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

City Rake (Long Ripple) .025"

Peterson GSP Long Ripple - Black Handle Lock Pick

The City Rake – getting its name from its resemblance to a city skyline – is a very long rake that mimics the cuts of a key. By simply rocking this pick up and down within the lock, you can very quickly set pins to the shear line. These picks are very effective against locks with high cut pins in the front and back and low cut pins in the center.

  • Thickness: 0.025"
  • Handle: Black plastic-molded
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

Bogota .025" & .018"

Peterson GSP Bogie 1 - Black Handle Lock PickPeterson GSP Bogie 2 - Purple Handle Lock Pick

The Bogota (Peterson Bogie) is arguably the best and most commonly used rake and is a must for any beginner looking for their first lock pick set. These rakes have rounded and polished peaks that reduce friction and allow them to slip and slide like butter within the lock while raking. They are very effective against high-low-high-low pin cuts, which is something many other types of rakes cannot claim.

  • Thickness: 0.025" (black handle) & 0.018" (purple handle)
  • Handle: Plastic-molded
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

6 Piece Tension Wrench Set

This set includes six GSP bottom of the keyway GSP tension wrenches with no flex. All with different specifications.


TOK Prybar .40"

The Prybar is a top-of-the-keyway tensioning tool that grants the picker more room to maneuver their picks as well as torque the plug from the center rather than the bottom. These tools are extremely useful for locks with tighter keyways, radical pin cuts, or security pins.

  • Thickness: 0.40"
  • Steel: Peterson GSP Steel

What Are GSP Lock Picks?

We offer top-of-the-line Peterson GSP lock picks made from a specially engineered version of 420 stainless steel. This proprietary steel offers unmatched resilience, ensuring our tools retain their effectiveness over time.

While others may use 301 Cold Max or 301 high-yield stainless steel, our 420 stainless steel picks offer superior hardness and durability for reliable lock picking.

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51 reviews for GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

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  • George

    Great set!

    Got my order in a week pretty quick! The packaging was solid, and I'm totally loving the Ghost set. Next time I need some picks, I'm looking here first!

    August 11, 2023
    Verified Review
  • B.C.


    These pics open locks very smooth and the tension wrenches are great as well, locks open with ease with very little effort.

    June 30, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Brandon


    This is my 4th set of lock picks (I have several from other brands including a cheap POS off Amazon) and let me tell you, these things are incredible! The handles make an incredible difference. Like other pick handles are not even in the same ball park. Will be updating my arsenal soon with more of these picks.

    If you're a beginner I wholeheartedly recommended THIS lock pick set and THIS company. The educational emails they send throughout the month is worth the price alone and it is apparent a lot of time went into making the free ebook. For reference I've been picking locks for about 2 months now and would consider myself intermediately skilled (have started successfully opening American locks recently!)

    I do wish it came with a .018" short hook, so you might consider added that as well.

    TL;DR Just buy this set

    June 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Tim

    Picked my first lock!

    First of all, this pick set is fantastic. They're lightweight, the handles are comfy, and you can tell they are manufactured well.

    But I really want to review the customer service. The owner (Ryan) really went out of his way to explain things to me, like the difference between the bogies... hint its the steepness of the peaks:) ... and even gave me some tips that helped me finally pick my first lock! I just bought of ton of locks and I'm officially hooked (pun) lol.

    I've been wanting to learn lock picking for years and I'm excited to get better.

    Highly recommend Art of Lock Picking! Thank you!

    June 23, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Annie Lexington

    Ghost lock pick set

    Hubby loved it!

    June 2, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 9, 2023


  • Mark Abernathy

    Thank you!

    Owner took the time to answer tons of my emails and questions, even before I was interested in buying a pick kit. The starter guide was well written and the kit is very good.

    I highly recommend this company!

    Thank you!


    June 1, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 8, 2023

      Thanks for the kind words Mark! Happy you like the set and the guide!

  • Phillo Demello

    Good company and service

    the purple handle rake broke right away. They sent me out a replacement pick which is why I'm giving three stars, but still don't think it should have broken.

    May 14, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 9, 2023

      Thank you for your feedback Phillo! I appreciate your patience and am glad to hear that you received your replacement pick.

  • Evan Trello

    GSP ghost lock pick set review

    This is my 3rd and favorite lock pick set. The reach pick is currently my go-to pick. I love the handles, the feedback is crisp, and the selection of lock picks is all I need (I only really use the three hooks provided).

    Picks shipped fast, discrete packaging if that matters to you, and the downloadable guide was really well done (though I wish I could get a hard copy of it).

    Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase.

    May 11, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 9, 2023

      Thank you Evan! Happy to hear you like the picks and the starter guide. We're hoping to have hard copies to send out soon!

  • Joseph Thompson

    Great customer service

    Package came mangled and Art of Lock Picking sent out a replacement set no charge. Awesome company!

    April 29, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 8, 2023

      Happy to help Joseph!

  • Clint White

    Ghost Pick Set

    Art of lockpicking recommened this for a first lockpick set. I’m glad I chose this set.

    April 29, 2023
    Verified Review
    • Art of Lock Picking

      June 9, 2023

      Cant go wrong with the Ghost set. Thanks for the review Clint.

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