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With hundreds of lock pick sets on the market today, our selection has been hand picked by both professionals and hobbyists alike.

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GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

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At Art of Lock Picking we exclusively offer lock pick sets from Peterson Manufacturing because we believe them to best coincide with our mission. Peterson lock picks are world renown for their amazing quality and unmatched value, and are favorites among locksmiths, military specialist, and hobbyists alike.

We offer two categories of picks – GSP and ENP – all of which include ergonomic handles!

  • GSP stands for Government Steel Picks and is an elite stainless steel alloy that is much stronger than carbon spring steel. This special steel is exclusive to Peterson locksmithing tools which makes GSP lock picks the strongest and longest lasting picks on the market.
  • ENP are picks are made from 10-95 Carbon Spring Steel that have an electroless nickel plating. This plating technique prevents corrosion and wear of the steel.
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