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Peterson 6 Piece Tension Tool Set

(1 customer review)

Peterson 6 Piece Tension Tool Set

(1 customer review)

This 6 piece tension toolset is produced from SS flat wire.

Each of the six turning tools is a unique size with a 5/8 inch bend at one end.

The material sizes and lengths prior bending were:

  • .100 X .020 X 5″
  • .100 X .025 X 5″
  • .120 X .025 X 4″
  • .120 X .030 X 4″
  • .090 X .025 X 4.5″
  • .090 X .030 X 4.5″


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1 review for Peterson 6 Piece Tension Tool Set

  1. Trey

    excellent variety of tension wrenches. Havent come across a lock yet that can't be tensioned with one of these.

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