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Ring Doorbell Keeps Going Offline – How to Fix

Ring Doorbell Camera Keeps Going Offline Guide
Last Updated on February 8, 2023
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Since Ring security devices, including their Video Doorbell models, require a stable internet connection to function properly. Due to this, it’s impossible to receive notifications from or communicate with a Ring device that isn’t connected to the internet. Unfortunately, many users struggle with Ring Doorbell models that keep going offline.

You need to determine the reason your Ring Doorbell keeps going offline to fix the underlying problem. There are many possible reasons your Ring device constantly disconnects from your network, including low power, a weak internet connection, power outages, incorrect wiring, and voltage issues.

Let me break down everything Ring users should know about a Video Doorbell that keeps going offline! I will outline all the possible reasons for a Ring device constantly disconnecting and the relevant troubleshooting steps to take.

I’ll also discuss whether the Ring app notifies you when your device goes offline and how to tell if your device has disconnected from your network.

9 Reasons Your Ring Doorbell Keeps Going Offline (With Solutions)

Here are nine common reasons for a Ring Doorbell that keeps going offline, with solutions for each issue!

You can use the troubleshooting guide in the next section (jump there now) if you’re unsure why your Ring device keeps disconnecting from the internet.

1. Battery Is Low

Many Ring Doorbells are powered by lithium polymer or lithium-ion batteries, making installing and using these models easier. You’re more likely to struggle with your Ring device losing connectivity when the battery is low. The Ring app installed on your smartphone will notify you when the device’s battery is running low.

Depending on which specific battery-powered model you own, you’ll need to charge your Ring Doorbell or replace the batteries. Only use quality name-brand batteries for models that run on replaceable batteries. Ensuring that your Ring device isn’t running low on battery will prevent unnecessary issues with a model that keeps going offline.

You can also check out my comprehensive guide covering methods to make your Ring battery last longer.

2. Device Coverage

Distance and placement are two important factors when installing your Ring Doorbell. You need to be conscious of where you install your device in relation to your router, especially since materials like brick, concrete, and metal can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Installing an official Ring Range Extender can solve this issue that’s causing your Video Doorbell to go offline.

3. Disrupted Power

Ring Doorbells will go offline if they temporarily lose power. With battery-powered models, power can be disrupted by cold weather that prevents the device’s battery from holding a charge or functioning properly. Wired models can temporarily lose power due to a power surge or a problem with your Ring Doorbell’s wiring.

Most power interruptions are unavoidable. However, it could cause switches in your breaker panel to trip, preventing your wired Ring Doorbell from being powered. You should check your breaker box’s switches following power surges to ensure that all the switches are in the correct position.

4. Faulty Wiring

Incorrect or faulty wiring can cause a Ring Doorbell to keep disconnecting from the internet. This issue is more common with hardwired Ring devices, like the Video Doorbell Pro models. You should refer to your device’s manual and ensure all wires and cables are correctly connected.

5. Internet Connection

Any issues with your router or internet connection can prevent your Ring Doorbell from connecting to the internet. Due to this, you should troubleshoot any issues with your home’s internet connection. You can do this by testing the connection on a different device, like a laptop.

Rebooting your router should fix this issue. However, you should also contact your ISP (internet service provider) or check their social media accounts to find out about possible service interruptions affecting your area, thereby causing your Ring device to constantly disconnect.

If you're still having connectivity issues, check out my guide covering Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi issues for more steps on troubleshooting your device.

6. Low Voltage

While voltage issues are rare, they can cause Ring Video Doorbell Pro models to go offline. Ultimately, low voltage issues can be caused when your device doesn’t receive sufficient power from the transformer in your device. Pro models require a 16VAC power source. Purchasing a Pro Power Cable via Ring Community Support can supply your model with additional power.

7. Power Surge/Outage

Power surges and outages can cause any Ring device to disconnect from the internet. While wired models will lose power in the event of a surge or outage, your router losing power will prevent battery-powered models from going online. Rebooting your router and Ring Doorbell following a power surge or outage should restore normal functionality and connectivity.

8. Software Updates

Ring devices receive regular firmware updates, which improve existing features while adding new ones. Your Ring Doorbell will automatically update when you first set the device up. While your device should stay updated with a stable Wi-Fi connection, other factors might mean your device wasn’t updated. You can update your Ring Doorbell’s firmware via the app.

9. Wi-Fi Password

If you recently changed or reset your Wi-Fi network’s password, your Ring Doorbell won’t be able to connect to the internet. Your Ring device will use the password you entered via the app to connect your Video Doorbell to your home network.

Changing your Wi-Fi password can cause your Ring Doorbell to keep attempting to reconnect to your network. Without the correct password, your device will remain offline and keep trying to reconnect. Updating the password in the Ring app will solve this problem.

How To Fix A Ring Doorbell That Keeps Going Offline

In most cases, the above mentioned issues will only cause your Ring device to temporarily disconnect from the internet.

While the issue will generally go away on its own, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to determine the reason your Ring Doorbell keeps going offline and how to fix this frustrating problem!

Step One: Verify All Cables Are Properly Plugged In

Your first step should be ensuring any cables are properly plugged into your router and Ring Doorbell. Incorrect wiring can cause wired Ring Doorbell models to constantly disconnect from the internet, while issues with your router will prevent any Ring device from connecting to the internet.

Step Two: Test Your Internet Connection

Test your internet connection next to ensure it’s working properly. After all, your Ring Doorbell’s functionality relies on its internet connection. To do this, you can run a speed test from any smartphone, tablet, or computer connected to the same network as your Ring Doorbell.

Step Three: Charge Your Ring Device Or Replace The Batteries

If you’re using a battery-powered Ring device, you should ensure your device is regularly charged, or the batteries are routinely replaced. While some models use rechargeable batteries, others use replaceable batteries. A low battery charge level will cause issues with your Ring device’s functionality.

Step Four: Ensure Your Device Is Within The Right Range

Battery-powered Ring Video Doorbell models need to be installed within a certain range of your router to ensure they can access the internet. If your Ring device is installed too far away from the router, you must purchase a Wi-Fi extender to properly connect your device to your home network.

Step Five: Update Your Ring Doorbell’s Software

Always ensure your Ring Doorbell’s software is updated. Failing to update your device can cause many bugs and issues, including a Ring Doorbell that keeps going offline.

Step Six: Address Voltage Issues With Your Ring Doorbell

Voltage issues only affect wired Ring Doorbells, like the Pro models. If you suspect voltage issues with your Ring device, you need to replace the doorbell’s transformer or get a Pro Power Cable from Ring to resolve the issue.

Step Seven: Factory Reset Your Ring Doorbell To Solve Connectivity Issues

While the process of performing a factory reset varies between different models, a hard reset on your Ring Video Doorbell may resolve issues with it frequently being disconnected.

After a successful factory reset, the led on your device will rapidly flash blue. You will also need to pair your Ring device to the app again after resetting it.

Step Eight: Contact Ring Customer Support

If resetting your Ring Doorbell hasn’t solved your connectivity issues, you should contact Ring’s customer support center for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Ring App Send A Notification When Your Doorbell Goes Offline?

Since your Ring Doorbell requires an internet connection to send notifications to your phone, the Ring app will not be able to send you a notification when your doorbell goes offline. Despite this, many Ring users have requested the feature, which means the feature could be added eventually.

How Can You Tell When Your Ring Doorbell Has Gone Offline?

You can check your Ring Doorbell’s network status via the Ring app. By selecting your device in the app and clicking on the “Device Health” option, you’ll be able to see your Ring Doorbell’s connectivity status listed under the Network header. I will say “Offline” if your device has disconnected from the internet.

Final Thoughts

You need to determine the underlying issue to fix a Ring Doorbell that keeps going offline and trying to reconnect to the internet. There are many possible factors that can cause your device to disconnect from your home network, including power surges, voltage issues, connectivity problems, and incorrect wiring.

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