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Ring Doorbell Not Ringing (10 Solutions)

Ring Doorbell not ringing: troubleshooting guide
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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It can be frustrating when your Ring device isn’t ringing, forcing you to miss important deliveries or visitors. There are many possible reasons for this, with many simple solutions to resolve the issue, regardless of whether you’re struggling with a Ring Doorbell that isn’t ringing inside, outside, or at all!

The reason a Ring Doorbell is not ringing will depend on its power source. Battery-powered models cannot ring without a chime kit, a stable connection, and sufficient battery power. Hardwired models also won’t ring when they aren’t set up properly, have a poor connection, or the wiring is incorrect.

I’m going to explain everything you must know about a Ring Doorbell that’s not ringing properly. Once I’ve explained why you can’t hear your Ring Doorbell, I’ll outline the reasons and fixes for battery-powered and hardwired models. I will also outline which Ring Video Doorbells are compatible with chime kits to hear an audible ring inside your home.

The Reason You Can’t Hear Your Ring Doorbell Inside Your Home

While many homeowners have replaced traditional doorbells with smart Ring Video Doorbell models, these high-tech doorbells operate on a slightly different (albeit simple) concept. When someone presses your Ring Doorbell’s button, the signal travels over your Wi-Fi network to notify you someone is at your door via your smartphone.

While users are then able to use the Live View feature to see who is there and interact with them, many people have expressed frustration that the doorbell doesn’t ring inside the home. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that not all Ring Doorbell models come with the ability to Ring inside your home, which is why it’s important to identify your model.

Battery-powered Ring doorbells are only audible outside your house without an internal chime kit. Due to this, battery-powered models will not ring or chime inside. Hardwired Ring Doorbell models can be connected to an existing internal doorbell. Wired models can also be connected to a mechanical or digital chime kit to make them chime indoors.

You’ll need to determine whether your smart doorbell is hardwired or battery-powered to determine whether it should be chiming inside. In the following sections, I’ll outline all the possible reasons for not hearing an internal chime from either of these types of Ring Video Doorbells. I’ll explain how to find out which model you have at the end of the article!

4 Reasons A Battery-Powered Ring Doorbell Isn’t Ringing (With Fixes)

Here are all four reasons for a battery-powered Ring Doorbell that isn’t ringing properly and their corresponding solutions!

1. A Chime Kit Hasn’t Been Installed Inside Your Home

Ring Doorbells that are 100% battery-operated will not be able to ring inside your home without a compatible chime kit installed. Some models do support hardwiring and batteries, allowing them to be hardwired to an internal doorbell. However, models solely reliant on batteries cannot be wired to an existing doorbell and must use a chime kit.

Solution: Install A Compatible Ring Chime Kit

There are many digital and mechanical chimes that are compatible with Ring models. You need to determine which model you own to find a chime kit that will work properly with your smart doorbell. This process will be outlined in the final section of this article.

2. Your Ring Doorbell’s Battery Is Low Or Dead

If you have a chime kit installed, but your Ring Doorbell’s battery is low or dead, it will not be able to ring inside. A Ring Doorbell with a low/dead battery will also not chime outside when someone presses the bell.

Solution: Charge Or Replace Your Ring Doorbell’s Battery

Replacing your Ring Doorbell’s battery or charging it will solve low power issues preventing your smart device from ringing. Always follow the instructions outlined in your owner’s manual to charge your Ring Doorbell or replace the battery.

3. Your Wi-Fi Connection Is Causing Chime Issues

A poor Wi-Fi connection can cause issues with your Ring Doorbell chiming inside or outside. Your device may have disconnected from the network. All Ring devices rely on a stable Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your smartphone.

Solution: Install A Chime Kit That Extends Wi-Fi Range

To fix this, open the Ring app and navigate to the Devices panel to check your internet connection or reconnect it to your chosen Wi-Fi network. However, you can also install a Chime Pro kit that acts as a doorbell chime and a Wi-Fi range extender, which helps to solve connection issues between your device and network.

You can also check out my troubleshooting guide on how to fix Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi issues.

4. An Incompatible Chime Kit

An incompatible chime kit will not work with your Ring Doorbell. It’s important to purchase a kit that is compatible with your specific battery-powered model.

Solution: Purchase A Compatible Chime Kit

You will need to return the incompatible chime kit (if possible) and purchase a model that’s compatible with your model.

6 Reasons A Hardwired Ring Doorbell Isn’t Ringing (With Fixes)

Since hardwired models are designed to chime inside when wired correctly to an existing doorbell or connected to a mechanical or digital chime kit, there are a few more reasons why a hardwired model isn’t ringing properly. Here are six reasons for a hardwired Ring Doorbell that isn’t ringing!

1. Your Ring Doorbell Hasn’t Been Set Up In The App

While a hardwired Ring Video Doorbell can be wired to an internal doorbell to chime when the button is pressed, the device still needs to be set up properly with the Ring app. If your device hasn’t been set up with the app, you won’t hear a chime when the doorbell’s button is pressed.

Solution: Set Up Your Hardwired Ring Doorbell

Once you’ve downloaded the official Ring app and created an account, you can tap on the “Set Up A Device” option. You can then scan the QR code or MAC ID barcode on your Ring device to start the setup process. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and complete this process.

2. Your Ring Device Has Been Incorrectly Wired

An incorrectly hardwired Ring Doorbell may not be able to chime inside. It’s important to carefully follow Ring’s instructions when wiring your device to an existing internal doorbell. The same applies to installing a chime kit after you’ve installed your Ring device; always follow the instructions included with your compatible chime kit.

Solution: Fix Your Doorbell’s Wiring

You will need to fix your doorbell’s wiring to fix issues with ringing caused by incorrect wiring. Disconnect the wiring connecting your Ring Doorbell to the internal doorbell or chime kit. You can then follow the correct instructions to fix the wiring issues.

3. The Device’s Transformer Has Worn Out

If your Ring Doorbell’s transformer has worn out, it may prevent your device from ringing inside or outside your home.

Solution: Replace Your Doorbell’s Transformer

You will need to have your Ring Doorbell’s transformer replaced if it’s preventing your device from ringing. There are many services that offer repairs and component replacements for Ring Video Doorbells.

4. The Ring Doorbell Disconnected From Your Wi-Fi Network

Issues with a Ring Doorbell not ringing inside or outside are more common if your device has disconnected from your Wi-Fi network or the network has a poor connection. While hardwired models are connected to a wired power source, they still rely on Wi-Fi to function properly.

Solution: Reconnect To Your Home Network

Open the Ring app and select the Devices panel to check your internet connection or reconnect it to your chosen Wi-Fi network.

5. Your Chime Kit Isn’t Compatible With Your Ring Model

While there are many chime kits available today, not all of them will be compatible with your Ring Doorbell. It’s important to check the compatibility of the chime kit with your specific doorbell beforehand.

Solution: Purchase A Compatible Chime Kit

You will need to return the incompatible chime kit (if possible) and purchase a model that’s compatible with your model.

6. Cold Weather Is Preventing Your Doorbell From Ringing

Cold weather can negatively affect a hardwired Ring Doorbell’s performance, preventing it from ringing outside or inside.


Unfortunately, there’s no solution to cold weather affecting your device. You can bring the Doorbell inside to recharge or wait for the weather conditions to pass.

Which Ring Doorbells Are Compatible With Chime Kits?

Here’s an up-to-date list of all the Ring Doorbell models that are compatible with digital and mechanical chime kits. It’s important to note that each model will only be compatible with select mechanical and digital chimes, so it’s important to check which kits are compatible with your specific model by using the provided links.

How To Determine Which Ring Doorbell You Have?

Follow these steps to find out which Ring Doorbell you have to purchase a compatible chime kit!

Step One: Open The Ring App Menu

Open the menu in the Ring app by tapping the three-lined icon (≡), which is located on the top left side of the dashboard.

Step Two: Click On “Devices”

Now click on the “Devices” option.

Step Three: Select Your Ring Doorbell

Select the Ring Doorbell you want to learn more about from the list of your Ring security devices.

Step Four: Click On “Device Health”

Now tap on the “Device Health” option.

Step Five: Check Your Device Details

Your device’s product name and details will now be listed under the “Device Details” heading. Checking which model you have will ensure you purchase an appropriate chime kit.


You need to determine which type of Ring Doorbell you have to fix issues with the doorbell not ringing. Ultimately, the reason your doorbell isn’t ringing will depend on whether it’s a battery-powered or hardwired model. You can fix the issue by troubleshooting the underlying reason and applying the relevant fix.

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