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Schlage Encode Not Working (Troubleshooting Steps)

schlage encode not working - troubleshooting tips
Last Updated on April 28, 2023
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The Schlage Encode Wi-Fi deadbolt is a popular smart lock that is designed to make home security more convenient. However, like with all new technology, you may run into an issue that you need help resolving.

This guide will walk you through general Schlage Encode troubleshooting steps to help identify and fix unknown issues—as well as detailed solutions for the most common problems people run into with this awesome smart lock.

Follow the basic troubleshooting steps to ensure everything works great, or find your specific issue in the list below for more specific solutions.

In this guide:

Schlage Encode General Troubleshooting

If you have no idea what's wrong with your Schlage Encode smart lock or just don't know where to start, let's start with the basics and then move on to the tougher issues.

Check the Batteries

Checking your Schlage Encode smart lock battery power

The number one problem causer is simply dead or low batteries. You will be able to tell real quick if you have no power, but even having low power can be troublesome.

You can quickly check the battery level in the app by going to settings, tapping information, and looking at "Battery Level." For reference, check out the image above.

It's worth inspecting the batteries themselves to check for a few things. The Encode has four AA batteries that are located inside the inner door panel. To access the batteries, simply pull up on the top black cover and pull out the battery tray from the top of the lock.

Check that each battery is put in the right way, that there is no damage to the batteries, and that no debris is blocking the connections. If needed, replace the batteries with all fresh new ones. Remember that Schlage locks work best with non-rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Check for Installation or Hardware Issues

The Encode's hardware is designed to be low maintenance but is not invulnerable to defects or damage.

If you just installed an Encode and it's not working, the best thing to do is to consult the manual and double-check you installed everything correctly.

The two main things to check for are that the wires are connected properly, and the batteries are installed correctly. Also, check that the beveled deadbolt lines up with the strike plate and can fully extend and retract.

I wouldn't recommend taking the Encode apart if you suspect defects, and you should contact Schlage customer support instead (see Schlage Customer Support).

Move on to reset the lock if it seems to be installed correctly, you have gone through the setup process, and the lock is still not working.

Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

schlage Encode smart lock - troubleshooting wifi settings

If you are having issues connecting the lock to the Wi-Fi or keeping it connected, there are a few things you can try.

  • Check the Signal Strength: Stand by the lock with your phone and check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi. Give the router a restart by unplugging it, waiting about 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in. Think about moving stuff out of the way of the router to try to increase the strength or boost the signal in some other way.
  • Check the Network Band: The Schlage Encode works only on a 2.4 GHz network. Most routers will have another network, that is, 5 GHz. If you can't tell the network band from the name, you can check it from a computer. Find the Network and go to its properties to see what band you are trying to connect to.
  • Check Login Info: Ensure you use the correct password when linking the Encode to your Wi-Fi. Try signing into the Wi-Fi on another device to double-check check the password is valid. Also, if you change the Wi-Fi password, you will need to update it in the app you use to connect with.
  • Reset Modem or Router: Go straight to the source and restart your router. Test that the Wi-Fi is working well on other devices.
  • Restore to Factory Default Settings: Reset the lock if you find you have errors or glitches in the programming that cannot be solved in other ways.

I put together a whole guide dedicated to this issue; see Schlage Encode not connecting to Wi-Fi for more detailed solutions.

Not Working After Battery Change

Checking Schlage Encode battery pack

 If your lock stopped working after changing the batteries, here is how you find and fix the issue:

  1. Make sure you reconnect the battery wire: One mistake that is easy to make is forgetting to reconnect the tray wire. Pull off the cover and ensure it's fully connected.
  2. Check the batteries are put in the right way: See that it wasn't a simple battery installation error. Look for misaligned batteries or ones that might not be fully connected.
  3. Use all fresh batteries: Be sure you replace all the batteries with fresh ones.
  4. Clean the battery connections: Blow the dust out of the tray and ensure the connections are clean
  5. Reset the lock: After completing the steps above, try resetting the lock to fix any software glitches

For more ideas and specific help with this problem, see my full Schlage lock not working after a battery change guide.

Keypad Not Working

When the Schlage Encode keypad itself is not working, here's the best way to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the batteries, power level, and connections: Ensure the lock is getting proper power by checking the power source.
  2. Make sure you didn’t enable Vacation Mode: If vacation mode is enabled, the keypad will not work.
  3. Restart or reset your lock: Try unclipping the batteries and reconnecting them to see if a basic restart helps. Otherwise, try a full factory reset on the lock.

To see the exact steps for checking the vacation mode or help with any of these steps, see Schlage lock not unlocking.

Auto-Lock Issues

How to fix Schlage Encode Autolock

The Schlage Encode has an auto-lock feature that can be set to lock your door for 30 seconds or up to 4 minutes after unlocking the door.

If you are having trouble with the auto-lock, here are the optimal fixes:

  1. Check that the auto-lock feature is enabled: It is easiest to check that the feature is enabled and how long the delay is within the app.
  2. Be sure you don't have low power: Once again, you will want to check the battery level to know if the lock can function correctly.
  3. Inspect the alignment: Can it lock normally? Be sure the deadbolt is aligned correctly and that the door is getting fully closed.
  4. Reset the lock to fix glitches: There could be a possible bug with the auto-lock feature that can be fixed with a hard reset.

My full guide, Schlage Auto-Lock not working, has even more in-depth troubleshooting for this feature.

Lock Blinking Red

schlage encode all light codes

When your Schlage Encode blinks red it is indicating an error, which is typically low batteries. The Encode will attempt to warn you before the batteries completely die.

If the lock is flashing red on its own the battery may be getting low enough that it may not be able to operate. Check the battery level in the app or replace them to see if that fixes the issue.

Keep in mind that the Encode will blink red when an incorrect user code is entered as well. If it is blinking red after entering a code, test other codes. When no codes are being accepted, check they are valid in the app.

Need more help with this issue? See more on what to do when your Schlage lock is blinking red.

Lock Unreachable

If you run into the issue of the Encode showing "Not Reachable" in the app it could be an issue with your phone, app, or lock itself.

Here's what you can do to get everything connected again:

  1. Power cycle the lock: Take the cover off the lock and unclip the wire on top of the battery tray and then reconnect it after a few seconds
  2. Restart your phone: Turn off your phone and then back on. Check that the issues were resolved.
  3. Check for app and firmware updates: Be sure you are using the latest versions of the app and that your lock's firmware is updated.
  4. Reset the lock: If the first three steps didn't work, go ahead and perform a hard reset of the lock.

Not Connecting to the App

If you can't get your Schlage Encode to connect to the app, use these steps to get it connected:

  1. Restart your phone and the lock; simply take the cover off the battery and disconnect the wire for a second, and then reconnect. 
  2. Make sure your phone and lock are both connecting to the same 2.4 GHz network.
  3. Check for app, phone operating system, and firmware updates if possible.
  4. Try resetting the lock and connecting it from scratch.

Firmware Update Issues

The Schlage Encode should always be connected to the Wi-Fi and generally handles firmware updates on its own. However, the lock can get disconnected temporarily which may cause an update to fail.

If you have any trouble updating the firmware on your Schlage Encode, here's what you can do:

  1. Follow the same steps to troubleshoot the lock not connecting to Wi-Fi: Restart the router, check the signal, be sure it's connecting to the right network, and check the battery level.
  2. Restart your phone and check for an app update: After restarting your phone, check for an app update in the Google Play or App Store.
  3. Try to update the firmware manually: Go to the firmware setting in the app and attempt updating again.
  4. Reset the lock and set it up again: The lock can update the firmware during the setup process, so a reset and fresh setup should do the trick.

Programming Errors

Here are the best practices if you run into any Encode programming issues like the programming code not working:

  1. Use the app to change programming and user codes: The easiest way to program the Encode is through the app.
  2. Check the battery level: Low power can cause issues while programming the lock.
  3. Did you change the length of a user code?: If you change a user code length to more than four digits, it will erase other user codes that are not that long.
  4. Reset the lock: Resetting the lock will allow you to set up the lock and guide you through changing the codes.

Here are the manual programming instructions from Schlage if you prefer to change codes on the keypad.

Updating the Firmware or App

schlage firmware update

Check for app updates once in a while to avoid running into issues with an outdated app. Find your app in Google Play or the App Store to see if there is an update available.

While the Schlage home app is the typical choice, the Schlage Encode is compatible with several other home automation apps:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Key by Amazon
  • Leviton
  • Ring
  • Yonomi

The Encode is pretty good about updating the firmware automatically or notifying you of updates. See how to troubleshoot a firmware update above if it is not updating.

How to Factory Reset the Schlage Encode

How to factory reset the Schlage Encode smart lock (reset button)

You can always reset the lock to its factory settings and start the setting up process fresh. This factory reset will remove the programming, and you will have to reconnect the lock with the app.

This means you will need access to the QR code or the default codes to get it programmed and set up again.

Start with the door open so that you don't accidentally lock the door in the reset process in case an error occurs.

  1. Remove the battery cover and find the black circular reset button
  2. Hold the Reset Button down until the led on the left flashes red
  3. Keep holding the Reset Button for about 5 seconds until the home button red led flashing stops
  4. The lock with go through an auto-handling process, and then the LED will turn blue when the reset is complete

Start the setup steps again to connect your lock to Wi-Fi and your app. Remember that using the app to program the codes is the easiest way.

When to Contact Schlage Support

If you have tried everything on this list with no luck, or think you have identified an electronic or hardware issue, consider calling or emailing Schlage Support. When the product is defective, you can replace it or get a refund.

Schlage is known for having some of the best warranties for its smart locks. The Encode and Encode Plus have a Limited Lifetime Mechanical and Finish warranty and a 3-year Electronics warranty.

Schlage Encode Troubleshooting FAQs

Does The Schlage Encode Work With Ring?

The Schlage Encode is compatible with the Ring via the Amazon Key app. The Ring app will guide you through integrating the two apps through your Amazon account. You will then be able to access both a Ring device and the Encode in the same place.

Why is My Schlage Encode not Lighting Up?

When the Schlage Encode doesn't light up, it could be that the batteries are completely dead or because too many invalid user codes were entered. There is a 30-second lockout, where the lock won't allow input when too many incorrect user codes are put in.

Final Thoughts

The Schlage Encode is a smart lock with impressive technology. Most often, the issues that arise with the Encode are user errors or something simple that needs refreshing.

Remembering and using these quick troubleshooting steps can help you efficiently resolve pretty much any problem you encounter with this lock.

I hope you learned some valuable information that will keep the Encode always running smoothly and your home secure.

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