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Schlage Keypad Lock Keeps Spinning (5 Solutions)

schlage keypad lock keeps spinning
Last Updated on April 11, 2023
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If you have a Schlage keypad lock that keeps spinning it can cause a lockout and become a security concern. The good news we can help you figure out what's wrong, and have tested solutions for fixing it.

When your Schlage lock keeps spinning you should first consider low or dead batteries, try a lock reset, then double check it is installed properly. If that doesn't fix it, you can inspect the lock mechanism inside for a possible quick repair of loose parts. 

I will cover each of these troubleshooting steps and solutions in detail starting with the quick fixes.

Schlage Keypad Lock Keeps Spinning: Troubleshooting Guide

If you follow these solutions in order, it can save you some time and help you figure out exactly whats wrong with your specific lock.

1. Check The Batteries

The batteries are usually the cause of most issues that pop up with any Schlage lock. Low, faulty, or dead batteries can cause malfunctions or weird issues that can make it seem like a lock is broken.

When the keypad isn't responding, you suspect it has no power, and you are locked out, see our guide for opening a Schlage lock with a dead battery.

In the case that your Schlage lock blinks green but does not open, it probably isn't the battery, but rather a glitch or mechanical issue.

If you haven't ever checked or replaced the batteries on a Schlage lock, it is designed to be a pretty easy and straightforward process. The best thing to do if you suspect your batteries may be low is to replace all of them at the same time.

When your Schlage lock is flashing red lights after operating or simply on its own, this is a solid indicator that the batteries are low or nearly dead.

How To Check or Replace the Batteries on Your Schlage Lock

Standard Schlage keypad locks will have one 9-volt attached to a wire, or four AA's in a battery tray clipped to a wire. However, if your keypad has a built-in alarm, it will have three AAA's in the tray.

  1. Take off the cover: Your lock will have a black cover that comes right off if you pull up on it, otherwise you will need to take a few screws out to get it off.
  2. Locate the batteries: Look for the 9 Volt, or the battery tray and unclip the connected wire that snaps off easily.
  3. Inspect the batteries: Check the expiration date, or for any signs that a battery is damaged or installed incorrectly.
  4. Replace the batteries: Try using fresh new batteries to see if the lock is still spinning. You can always put the old one back in if it is still not working.
  5. Test the lock: Test the lock before putting the cover back on. This will allow you to double-check the batteries were installed correctly if it is still having issues.

When your Schlage is not working after a battery change at all, you may not have installed them correctly or remembered to reclip the wire.

2. Restore the Lock to Default Settings

If it wasn't due to low batteries, there is a possibility that it is a technical glitch or programming error that can be resolved with a lock reset. Resetting your lock is not much harder than changing the batteries, but does require taking off the cover once again.

A factory reset will clear any programming and will require you to use the default codes to open or reprogram it. This means you will want to locate the default programming and user codes before the reset. These codes will be in the manual, or inside the lock itself.

How To Do a Reset on Your Schlage Lock

  1. Take off the cover of the battery panel
  2. Disconnect the wire from the battery or tray
  3. Press the Schlage button one time
  4. Reconnect the wire to the battery or tray
  5. Hold the Schlage button for up to 10 seconds until it lights up green and beeps
  6. Test the default user codes to see if they open the lock

If the default codes are working, the lock should be successfully reset. It is recommended that you program new user codes on your Schlage lock, as well as change the default programming code. This will prevent someone with possible access to the default codes from programming your lock or gaining entry.

3. Check The Installation

When a Schlage keypad lock is spinning but the batteries weren't the issue, and a reset didn't fix it, it is probably some hardware issue on the inside. Still, before taking it apart for repair, you will want to double-check that it is installed correctly. This applies more to those who recently installed it, but there is also a possibility that some exterior damage is causing issues.

Perform a Basic Installation Check

  • Check the latch is aligned by using the inside turn or a key
  • Double-check for damage on the outside of the lock
  • Take the inside cover off and check that the wires are connected
  • Consult the manual again if it is a fresh install

At this point, if you have found no installation errors, and the lock has seen its fair share of use, you will probably need to open it up and look inside.

4. Inspect and Clean the Internal Hardware

Schlage locks are pretty resilient but with moving internal parts, there is a chance that there is a part that needs some attention. When the easy fixes haven't worked, the problem is most likely inside the lock mechanism.

It is not too difficult to open a lock and check out the inner mechanism, but it can take some time if you are not familiar with locks. Consider calling Schlage Support before attempting a repair on newer or more expensive smart locks.

Here are some common hardware issues that cause a Schlage lock to spin but not unlock:

  • The spring-loaded pin got loose and fell out of place
  • The spring attached to the plastic plunger got elongated and needs to be adjusted

If it turns out to be one of these problems, there is a great chance you can fix it yourself without much difficulty. If you do go to the trouble to take it apart, you might as well clean it too. There is a chance that dirt or residue build-up has forced a part out of place

How to Identify and Fix an Internal Hardware Issue

Before taking the keypad lock apart you may want to take a picture of each step so you don't forget how to put it back together.

Here's what you will need:

1. Use a video to learn what to expect and what to look for. This will help you realize these locks aren't that complicated.

2. Take the lock off the door, by removing the screws on the inner door panel.

3. Remove the Torx screws from the back of the front panel.

4. Take off the face place, and pull out the turn knob.

5. Take out a few more Torx screws to be able to remove the last plate covering the internals.

6. Check the pin is in place, and adjust the tension plunger spring if necessary.

7. Consider cleaning the mechanism for preventative maintenance

Cleaning Tips for Your Schlage Lock

If you were able to locate a hardware issue or not, it is still worth taking some time to clean inside the lock while you have it open.

  • Remove the small parts and wipe them down with a clean cloth
  • Use low-pressure compressed air to clean tighter areas
  • Consider lubricating your lock, particularly the latch assembly.

5. Call Support or a Locksmith

Whether you don't want to attempt a repair on your lock or you would rather get a professional to do it, calling a locksmith isn't a bad idea. However, I would call Schlage customer support to get warranty information and see if they will replace it first.

Before calling a locksmith, consider how expensive your lock is. If it is old and you are looking to upgrade to a new smart lock anyways, you may just consider replacing it.

It is important to note that locksmiths are not cheap, and even a quick fix can be a surprising amount. See how much a locksmith costs to get an idea of what you could be paying for a lockout or repair call. However, if you are locked out, with no apparent way in, it might be worth the price.

Summing Up The Issue

When a Schlage lock is spinning, like most issues with these locks, it's best to start by changing the batteries. You then can move on to check the installation or give a reset a try to refresh the memory of the lock. If those things fail, and the lock is older, there is a good chance you will need to open it up and take a look.

I hope you found this useful as the solutions were designed to help your specific problem as quickly as possible, show you how to fix it, and learn some ways to preventative measures to keep your lock working for longer.

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