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Best Beginner Set

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

gps ghost lock pick set full

Best Beginner Set!

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

  • "I own several sets of lock picks including Sparrows and SouthOrd and while I love those sets nothing truly compares to these picks.The handles are an absolute luxury that I will never again be able to go without!"
    Nick R.
  • "I think this set is worth every penny. I don’t have a single complaint and have yet to come across a lock that I cannot tackle with the lock picks provided."
    Christopher B.
  • "Art of Lock Picking has truly been a great help in learning lock picking. I ran across their lock picking guide, bought these picks per recommendation of that guide and have opened everything I have stuck my picks in so far. Can’t wait to see what I am picking in a few months!"
    Harith J.
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Here at Art of Lock Picking, we stock the most effective and highest quality lock pick sets and lock picking tools on the market.

Whether you are a newbie in search of their first beginner lock picking set, a hobbyist collecting new single lock picks, or a professional locksmith looking for a more advanced set—-we have something for everyone!

Now we are not the typical lock pick shop that tries to sell you an expensive kit with 148 tools that you will never need nor use. Rather we take the quality over quantity approach. We have made it our explicit mission to ensure that we only offer tools that will not only get the job done but last a long time while doing so. To this end, we primarily offer lock picking tools from Peterson Manufacturing as we believe them to be of the highest standard of quality! It's nice when you only have to buy tools once!

Funny enough, the first headache inflicted by this craft typically isn’t from picking a lock.

Rather it’s caused by beating one’s face repeatedly against the nearest hard object while trying to establish what tools to invest in. With so many different tools and brands on the market today, we have to ask ourselves, “what’s useful and what’s not?”

So what do you actually need to begin with and furthermore, what do you need to progress? Do you need that set of 148 picks and 52 tensioning gizmos, or can you accomplish just as much with a couple of good tools?

The truth is, you really don’t need that much to start lock picking—actually, you don’t need much at any skill level.

Most tools are fluff; They are nice to have and can make things easier in specific circumstances, but in essence, they are all slight variations of the same tool with minimal differences in utility.

Think of a lock pick set as a box of crayons. Yes, having that massive box of every color known to man will help sketch a more detailed drawing, but really all you need is a couple of basic colors to draw and shade any picture effectively. A green dog with pink-eye may not be the prettiest, but dammit, it’s still a dog and it just wants to love you.

Furthermore, progressing your skills is about developing your senses and recognizing patterns based on those sensations.

As a beginner, swapping between 17 different tools will only give you 17 different variations of the same feedback. It can be challenging to learn anything when the information you receive is always changing.

So even if you desire to own every pick ever made, for the sake of getting better—RESIST—, at least as a beginner!

The Art of Lock picking is dedicated to teaching all those who wish to learn the craft of lock picking and we pride ourselves on offering lock picking tools and lock pick sets that will help you accomplish that goal!

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