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Standard Lock Picks (.025") 

Build your own lock pick set with our collection of the best lock pick profiles known to man!

Using poor quality lock picking tools blows.  That’s why here at Art of Lock Picking we have the highest standard of quality in our selection of lock picking tools on the market — no fluff, no fillers.

Oddly enough the first headache inflicted by this craft isn’t typically from picking a lock. Rather it’s caused by beating one’s face repeatedly against the nearest hard object while trying to establish what tools to invest in. With so many lock picking tools and brands on the market today, we have to ask, “what’s useful and what’s not?”

We have made it our explicit mission to ensure that we only offer tools that will not only get the job done but last a long time while doing so. To this end, we primarily offer lock picking tools from Peterson Manufacturing as we believe them to be of the highest standard of quality!

When selecting your lock picks you should also consider quality and thickness characteristics. These can affect the lifespan of your picks, the feedback they provide you, and the overall effectiveness they have whilst using them!

So whether you are a beginner in search of your first lock picking set, a hobbyist collecting new picks, or a professional looking for a more advanced set — we have something for everyone!