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The Lock Picking Starter Guide [eBook]

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There is nothing more frustrating than trying to learn something new with no help and even more frustrating trying to find “that” help.

That's why I wrote "The Lock Picking Starter Guide." Its single purpose is to strip away all of the fluff surrounding lock picking and to focus intensely on the beginning aspects of learning this skill. To give you the essential information that you need to get started but not overwhelm you with information that you can't yet use.

To begin we'll cover the essentials of lock picking tools to help you understand what lock picks are useful and what tools are worth investing in.

Then we'll jump into the most critical topic for beginners -- lock selection. When learning to pick locks, there is nothing more important than selecting the correct first lock. If you start with one that is too easy – which can happen even as a beginner – you likely won’t learn much. Yet, if you get one that is too hard, you might be in for some pain that may even cause you to quit picking altogether.

In the third section we'll get you started right with a basic -- but very comprehensive -- beginner's guide to lock picking that will cover the fundamentals of lock theory, why we can pick locks, and how to pick them!

To finish everything off, we'll quickly cover the legality of lock picking to help keep you safe from any unfortunate situations with the law.

As you'll soon see, lock picking is a simple skill to learn and once you get past the beginner stages of confusion and frustration, it truly is an addictive and fulfilling craft. You'll accomplish things with simple metal picks that you once perhaps thought impossible.

This is the eBook version of the "Lock Picking Starter Guide."


2 reviews for The Lock Picking Starter Guide [eBook]

  1. Taylor Storley

    Very informative and well thought out guide! Makes learning to pick easy!

  2. Jim

    A lot of really good information presented very well. Love this website and loved the starter guide!

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