The City Set - GSP

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The City lock pick set is a small, but versatile, set that is ideal for everyday use or for the professional who can’t always bring the workbench with them. This is a full GSP (government steel pick) set. Government steel is a special steel exclusive to Peterson Manufacturing that is far stronger than the traditional spring steel use in other picks. These picks can withstand harsher treatment and will last much longer!

The City set contains 6 picks, one flat tension wrench and two key extractors for digging key fragments out of the key-way.

Each pick has an ergonomic hard plastic handle with non slip cross hatched handles. In addition to the comfort and grip these handles provide, they also give incredible feedback to the picker!

Included also is a flat tension wrench with serrations on both sides from both bottom of the key-way and top of the key-way tensioning.

Contents: 6 picks and two key extractors in government steel with handles.

Leather ESS Case – 2.75 inches wide
Hook 1 – GSP & Plastic Handle
Diamond – GSP & Plastic Handle
Double Rake – GSP & Plastic Handle
Long Ripple – GSP & Plastic Handle
Peterson Gem – GSP & Plastic Handle
Triple Rake – GSP & Plastic Handle
Single Prong Key Extractor GSP
Double Prong Key Extractor GSP
Flat Serrated Tension Tool


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