GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

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The Peterson GSP Ghost set is hands down the best beginner lock pick set with the ability to pick a ridiculous variety of locks without needing any additional tools — essentially making it one of the most versatile small form pick sets there is!

What makes it different from other lock pick sets?

  • Outstanding Feedback and Comfort: The feedback you receive from the lock is everything! Because each pick has an ergonomic plastic handle, the feedback you receive as a picker is significantly amplified due to more surface area of your hand being on the pick.
  • Unbelievable Strength: You deserve picks that are strong! These are government steel picks — an elite stainless steel alloy similar to surgical grade 420 stainless — making these the strongest picks you can get!
  • Unbeatable Case: This set includes a high quality, padded nylon case that will keep your investment safe… not to mention your butt if you sit with them in your back pocket.



The GSP Ghost lock pick set is perfect for the beginner looking to acquire their first set. The selection of tools allows for anyone starting out to tackle very simple locks and progress all the way up to high-security pin tumbler locks without any additional tools. Furthermore, because beginners tend to be rougher on their tools, it is far less likely that a novice will break a GSP.

Tools Included

Short Hook – Peterson Hook #1

Peterson Short Hook - The best and most versatile lock pick

The Short Hook is arguably the most used and versatile tool in any lock pickers tool set. Mastery of the hook is often correlated with mastery of lock picking itself.

Specs:  0.025″ thickness,  GSP,  flat tip on the hook

Deep Hook – Peterson Hook #5

Peterson Hook #5

The Deep Hook has an extra long reach that allows a lock picker to reach pins further back in the stack without chance of oversetting more forward pins. These picks are extremely helpful for setting high cut pins that are behind low cut pins.

Specs:  0.025″ thickness,  GSP,  round tip on the hook

The City Rake – Peterson Long Ripple

Peterson Long Ripple Rake

The City Rake — getting its name from its resemblance to a city skyline — is a very long rake that mimics the cuts of a key. By simply rocking this pick up and down within the lock, you can very quickly set pins to the shear line. These picks are very effective against locks with high cut pins in the front and back and low cut pins in the center.

Specs:  0.025″ thickness,  GSP

The Peterson Reach

Peterson Reach Full

The Peterson Reach is a specially designed pick that has a long curved hook. This modification allows for deep access within the lock and the ability to work behind lower cut pins.  It also has a lower profile on the shank to squeeze into tight places and is great for rotating pins if you find yourself working with high-security locks.

Specs:  0.025″ thickness,  GSP

Bogota – Peterson Bogie #1 and #2

Peterson Bogota #1

Peterson Bogota #2 Slender

The Bogota is arguably the best and most commonly used rake and is a must for any beginner looking for their first lock pick set. These rakes have rounded and polished peaks that reduce friction and allow them to slip and slide like butter within the lock while raking. They are very effective against high-low-high-low pin cuts, which is something many other types of rakes cannot claim.

Purple Handle Specs: 0.018″ thickness, GSP

Black Handle Specs: 0.025″ thickness, GSP

Pry Bar – No Teeth

Peterson Pry Bar LITE No Teeth

The Pry bar is a top of the keyway tensioning tool that grants the picker more room to maneuver their picks as well as torquing the plug from the center rather than the bottom. These tools are extremely useful for locks with tighter keyways, radical pin cuts, or security pins.

Specs: 0.040″ thickness, GSP

Tension Wrenches – No Flex

Peterson Eagle Tension Wrench Set

This set includes six GSP bottom of the keyway GSP tension wrenches with no flex. All with different specifications.


Your Satisfaction Guarantee! 

At Art of Lock Picking, we stand 100% behind every product we choose to offer and provide a 30-day return guarantee!

What is GSP

GSP stands for government steel picks and is exclusively a Peterson Manufacturing product. While most lock picks are made of 10-95 carbon steel, Peterson GSP picks are made of an elite stainless steel alloy similar surgical grade 420 stainless steel — essentially making these the strongest lock picks on the market!

What this means for you as a picker is that your picks will last significantly longer than traditional and cheaper picks. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money in replacing picks. This also makes this kit ideal for those starting out as beginners tend to initially be rougher on their tools.

Why Peterson Products?

Peterson Manufacturing is world renown for producing the highest quality and strongest locksmithing tools on the market. Professionals and hobbyists alike enjoy and depend on the quality and dependability Peterson products provide.

25 reviews for GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

  1. Anthony

    Great product, great price, excellent shipping time.

  2. Priscilla

    The quality is amazing, nicely polished and everything. Handles fit my hands very nicely and the pick variety is great. The case is a little fluffy but protects the picks very nicely.

  3. Seth

    The quality of the picks is excellent. I believe these are well worth the money compared to some other brands.

  4. Nick R.

    I own several cheaper sets of lock picks including Sparrows and SouthOrd and while I love those sets nothing truly compares to these picks. As noted in other reviews the handles are an absolute luxury that I will never again be able to go without for two reasons. The first being that I have big hands and the handles help my fingers from cramping during long picking sessions. Second, I feel as if I get more feedback from the pick when they have handles.

    Overall this is an excellent set of picks from quality to the selection of picks included. Shipping took about 5 days so I can’t complain there either.

  5. Ethan N.

    These picks are quite nice. I have heard a lot about the quality of Peterson picks and so far they live up to their name.

  6. Mitch D.

    Good Buy

  7. Christophe B

    I really can’t say enough great things about this set. I started out with SouthOrd’s 5 piece set, then moved on to a couple Sparrows sets, but this set blows them both out of the water. I have always heard good things about Peterson lock picks and after reading the review here I decided to go for it.
    First the picks themselves. I love the handles! I always though handles were kinda tacky and didn’t really add much value to the pick but was I wrong. I will never buy another pick without a handle, they are comfy to hold and don’t dig into your hands if you pick for longer than 5 minutes. I can’t contest to them helping with sensitivity, but maybe I am not at that level yet where I can differentiate that?
    Second, the variety of picks is perfect. I have never heard of the Peterson reach before but I almost prefer it to the short hook now whenever I use bottom of the keyway tension. Absolutely amazing tool. Also, love that they include two Bogota’s and a top of the keyway wrench ( The Prybar).
    Third, the case. At first glance, it seems very very bulky and padded compared to other kits. But after accidently throwing a ton of heavy text books on it while it was in my backpack and fearing to God that I had broken or bent a couple of my picks only to find that they had survived and were still in perfect condition… I changed my view of the case.

    Overall, I think this set is worth every penny for anyone looking for a quality kit. I don’t have a single complaint and have yet to come across a lock that I cannot tackle with the lock picks provided.

  8. Rachel L

    Set has everything I need. Got it in 3 days as well. Thanks!

  9. Rich W.

    Great Starter Kit!

  10. John T.

    This is hands down the best lock pick set and I love that it includes a deep hook!

  11. Doug L.

    I have several different sets of picks and don’t believe I will be using them much anymore. I don’t understand how these picks feel more sensitive than other picks I have used, maybe the handles? Anyways awesome set of picks, will be looking to pick up a couple more picks here soon!

  12. Danny H.

    I had an excellent experience purchasing from Art of Lock Picking. They have great customer service! I accidentally submitted the wrong address and they cleared it up for me within minutes. I would definitely be buying from them again.

    As for the picks, I have owned Peterson picks before and I have to say they are hands down the best picks you can buy. Great selection of picks, very nice case, and the pry bar is a must if you want to venture into security pins.

  13. Elijah B.

    Happy with my purchase

  14. Cam Z.

    Very nice set!

  15. Deb B.

    Really enjoy using them. Thank you

  16. William D.

    Speedy delivery and very awesome lock picks!

  17. Thomas D.

    This is my second set of picks and I could not be happier replacing my cheaper set of Sparrows with these. Using handled picks is night and day and I feel as if I am progressing much faster because I can pick longer or without my hands cramping. Overall fantastic picks and fast delivery!

  18. Harith J.

    Art of Lock Picking has truly been a great help in learning lock picking. I ran across thier lock picking guide, bought these picks per recommendation of that guide and have opened everything I have stuck my picks in so far. Can’t wait to see what I am picking in a few months! But awesome purchase and awesome hobby!

  19. Poppa

    My first pick set, I think I made a great choice. Although I mainly use just a couple of picks most of the time, I expect the need for the others will become more evident with time. Love the handles, love the quality. I am still amazed by how fast I can pick a lock once and how hard it is to pick the same lock just a few minutes later, but I am learning that I over pick a lot. Practice, practice, practice. Having a great time learning a new skill. Glad that I have great tools to do it with

  20. eric

    great tools, handles are really nice, case is a little too padded i think, but overall tools are top notch. bought on tuesday, got them in on friday so pretty fast shipping

  21. Quinton

    This is an awesome set but i think it should offer something other than the deep hook which is my only complaint, really don’t see a use for it ever. Maybe add a hook thats just a little shorter than the deep one. shipped fast and am overall happy with my purchase.

  22. Andy Simmons

    Dear sir, this is a fantastic,well made set of picks, I myself is a beginner and i did not like a cheap set of picks that after a while I would have to throw them away because of them bending and splitting.I do love lock picking but get quite disheartened buying cheap ones.

  23. Suzanne Button

    They are really built nicely and the handles really make picking more enjoyable. Thanks again for the speedy delivery!

  24. Tyler

    I got this along with your mini course and got into my first lock very quickly. I’m addicted!

  25. Michele Terlizzese

    looking forward to receive the product!

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