Phoenix Silver GSP Pick Set


Serious jobs require serious tools, and the Phoenix Silver Lock Pick set is SERIOUS!

  • One of our best valued advanced lock pick sets – including the most popular assortment of .025″ standard lock picks, two Peterson serrated tension tools and the infamous Flat 5 tension bars.
  • A convenient case that rolls up tighter than a boy scouts sleeping bag, this set is perfect for the professional on the go!
  • Full government stainless steel set — elite grade strength!


This Euro Based set’s focus is on the professional who does’t want to spend a lot, but needs a wide selection of the very best in picking tools. Complete GOVERNMENT STEEL SET with 19 Euro Profile picks, and Peterson’s top selling Flat-5 Tension Tools Set, a Spiral Extractor and a Mini Saw tooth Extractor. You are going to love the profiles of the four new hook picks, and the 3 Mini Ripple picks are going to wow you! As with the “Long Ripple” you will just reach and press. If the lock doesn’t open take one of your 6 hook picks and pop the remaining pin or two to sheer! This is a very capable first class Picking Set, designed by Peterson!


G-3 Tri-Fold Leather Case
Hook 1 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Hook 2 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Hook 3 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Hook 4 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Hook 5 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Postal Hook .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Diamond Pick .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Double Rake .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Full Snowman .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Half Snowman .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Hooked Diamond .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Long Ripple .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Peterson Gem .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Peterson Reach .025″- GSP & Plastic Handle
Triple Rake .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Mini Ripple 1 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Mini Ripple 2 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Mini Ripple 3 .025″ – GSP & Plastic Handle
Flat 5 A Finished Black Type 5 .028″
Flat 5 B Finished Black Type 1 N028
Flat 5 C Finished Black Type 2 N015
Flat 5 D Finished Black Type 3 W028
Flat 5 E Finished Black Type 4 W015
Mini Saw Key Extractor – GSP & Plastic Handle
Spiral Extractor Wire

Your Satisfaction Guarantee! 

At Art of Lock Picking, we stand 100% behind every product we choose to offer and provide a 15-day return guarantee – Return Policy

What is GSP

GSP stands for government steel picks and is exclusively a Peterson Manufacturing product. While most lock picks are made of carbon steel, Peterson GSP picks are made of a special stainless steel alloy that is much stronger than simple carbon steel.

What this means for you as a picker is that your picks will last significantly longer than traditional and cheaper picks. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money in replacing picks. This also makes this kit ideal for those starting out as beginners tend to initially be rougher on their tools.

Why Peterson Products?

Peterson Manufacturing is world renown for producing the highest quality and strongest locksmithing tools on the market. Professionals and hobbyists alike enjoy the quality and dependability Peterson products provide.


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