Peterson GSP Warded Lock Picks


When you’re working with a warded lock, it always pays to have the right tools at your disposal. These 5 picks are designed to pick both modern and older warded locks — all on one convenient swivel!


Finally a small set of bypass tools for warded padlocks. Peterson’s Warded Lock Picks easily fold up for storage. Being made from our famous government steel gives them the longest tool life of all.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee! 

At Art of Lock Picking, we stand 100% behind every product we choose to offer and provide a 30-day return guarantee!

What is GSP

GSP stands for government steel picks and is exclusively a Peterson Manufacturing product. While most lock picks are made of 10-95 carbon steel, Peterson GSP picks are made of an elite stainless steel alloy similar surgical grade 420 stainless steel — essentially making these the strongest lock picks on the market!

What this means for you as a picker is that your picks will last significantly longer than traditional and cheaper picks. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money in replacing picks. This also makes this kit ideal for those starting out as beginners tend to initially be rougher on their tools.

Why Peterson Products?

Peterson Manufacturing is world renown for producing the highest quality and strongest locksmithing tools on the market. Professionals and hobbyists alike enjoy and depend on the quality and dependability Peterson products provide.


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