Peterson Plug Spinner


This nifty little tool is for those unfortunate moments when you tension a lock in the wrong direction. With the controlled power of its coil spring action, its easy one-handed operation, its tough durability and compact size, you know it’s an investment in excellence.


This awesome plug spinner offers EZ-change tips and a lubrication port for a lifetime of smooth, sure spinning! With your choice of commercial or automotive tip, this handy little spinner measures a little over 4-1/2″ long and only 1-1/8″ wide; SMALL ENOUGH TO FIT IN YOUR PICK SET.

Quickly change between the 0.060″ thick automotive and smaller residential/commercial tips, both made from our government steel. Use either hand with our groundbreaking trigger action that keeps fingers away from the spinning tip. Both flat tips and a spare spring are included.


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