Hook 1 - GSP .025"

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The Short Hook is arguably the most used and versatile tool in any lock pickers tool set. Mastery of the hook is often correlated with mastery of lock picking itself.

Because of its shorter profile, the standard short hook allows us to easily maneuver in both open and tight spaces and is the ideal tool of choice for single pin picking the vast majority of pin tumbler locks. With enough skill and practice, there really are few locks that this pick can not defeat.

The hard fiber filled handles readily transmit every vibration from your picking, and the pick’s light weight makes them extremely agile and responsive.


2 reviews for Hook 1 – GSP .025″

  1. Ron

    I’ve used a what seems like a million different short hooks in my life, but Peterson’s flatter tip and handles have always been the best. Picked up a few of these here, shipping was fast! thank you

  2. Jeremy

    This is the only pick I ever use

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