Peterson Gem - GSP .025"


The gem is very popular pick that simply adds a short, but pointy, tip to the end of the short hook. This gives us a little more reach without sacrificing any of maneuverability and agileness of the beloved short hook.

Because of the extended tip, the gem is typically a good pick to have when dealing with paracentric keyways, heavy-ish warding, or locks with radical bitting. It also feels less clunky and makes it slightly easier to locate pins and stay within the pin chambers – this can be a real benefit for beginners that don’t yet have a good grasp for the spacing between pins.


What Are GSP Tools?

GSP stands for “Government Steel Picks.”

Government steel is a special stainless steel alloy similar to the 420 stainless steel that is used in many surgical tools when they don’t want pieces breaking off into people — like scalpels.

So this means that GSP picks are very strong and can put up with a ton of abuse for a long time.

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