Peterson Reach - GSP .025"


The Peterson Reach is a specially designed pick that has a long curved hook. This modification allows for deep access within the lock and the ability to work behind lower cut pins.  It also has a lower profile on the shank to squeeze into tight places and is great for rotating pins if you find yourself working with high-security locks.

Additionally, its round and slim shape allows it to easily pivot and curve around pin stacks, even while lifting pins in the rear of the lock!

It also has the benefit of a round tip that reduces pin slippage — compared to pointed ends — and gives an overall smooth picking experience.


What Are GSP Tools?

GSP stands for “Government Steel Picks.”

Government steel is a special stainless steel alloy similar to the 420 stainless steel that is used in many surgical tools when they don’t want pieces breaking off into people — like scalpels.

So this means that GSP picks are very strong and can put up with a ton of abuse for a long time.

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