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Where To Buy Lock Picks: 7 Best Brands & Buying Tips

where to buy a lock pick set
Last Updated on May 19, 2023
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In the fascinating world of lock picking, choosing the right tools can make all the difference in your success and skill development.

This guide aims to assist you in determining where to purchase a lock pick set—be it online or locally.

The ideal method for acquiring lock picks is through an online lock pick store. Although numerous websites offer lock picking tools, the top seven and most reputable options are Art of Lock Picking, Peterson, Multipick, SouthOrd, Lock Law Tools, Sparrows, and LockPickWorld.

We'll begin this guide by examining the top lock picking brands, followed by exploring four alternative means of obtaining lock picking tools for those unable to make online purchases.

To conclude, we will provide a concise overview of the three primary factors to keep in mind when purchasing lock picks, ensuring you acquire the necessary tools.

Let's get to it!

In this guide:

  1. Best Online Lock Picking Brands
  2. Where to Buy Locally
  3. How to Buy Lock Picks
    1. Hooks vs. Rakes
    2. Turning Tools
    3. Lock Pick Thickness
    4. Standard vs. Euro
    5. Manufacturer Profiles

Best Online Lock Picking Brands

There are a ton of places online to buy lock picks; however, the seven brands listed below are well-known and well-established. Each business on this list carries a variety of excellent lock picking tools, provides fast shipping, and has great customer service.

1. Art of Lock Picking

art of lock picking brand

First up on this list is yours truly—Art of Lock Picking.

Art of Lock Picking was started in 2014 with the sole mission of cutting through the garbage that litters the internet by offering honest information and the best lock picking tools.

Art of Lock Picking currently offers Peterson lock picks—which are the best and most professional lock picks on the market.

They also make the best and most versatile beginner lock pick sets, the GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set. The Ghost set includes a beautiful and well-balanced selection of tools that can defeat the majority of tumbler locks.

This site also focuses intensely on educational lock picking guides and courses to help provide beginners with a structured path to mastery.

If you want the best of the best, check out Art of Lock Picking's selection of lock picking tools.

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set, best for beginners
GSP Ghost Set
"The only set of lock picks you'll ever need"
Built to last, versatile enough to handle any lock, and designed for professional-gr performance, it's the ultimate choice for both seasoned lock pickers and aspiring enthusiasts.
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Built to last, versatile enough to handle any lock, and designed for professional-grade performance, it's the ultimate choice for both seasoned lock pickers and aspiring enthusiasts.
Get yours

2. Peterson

peterson brand

When you want the best of the best, you should think Peterson.

Peterson manufactures some of the highest-quality lock picks on the market. They are also one of the last remaining locksmith tool companies that have stuck true to its philosophy of "made in the USA."

They offer their tools in their exclusive "Government Steel," similar to the 420 stainless steel used in many surgical tools. In short, these tools are tough, which makes them perfect for any heavy-handed beginner.

However, they also offer a cheaper selection of lock picks in electroless nickel-plated 10-95 carbon spring steel.

In addition to having some of the strongest picks on the market, they also provide the best handles. Each pick includes an ergonomic plastic-molded handle that increases feedback while picking and ensures that your picks don’t rub and cut into your fingers.

To finish, their lock pick cases are the absolute best on the market. I personally love The Book Lock Pick Case, which easily holds all my favorite tools. There really is no better way to protect your lock picks than a Peterson lock pick case.

Whether you are a beginner looking for your first lock pick set or a professional locksmith, if you want tools that perform great and last a long time, consider checking out Peterson lock picks.

3. Multipick

multipick brand

The runner-up to Peterson is Multipick!

German-engineered and manufactured, Multipick lock picks are known for their sleek polish, slick design, and strength.

Each pick includes a small metal handle to help fight pick fatigue and does a great job of transmitting feedback.

Their small-form lock pick cases are not the best; however, their foldover cases are a different story and a luxurious way to protect your investment.

Like Peterson, Multipick is an innovative company that sells amazing lock picks and unique lock picking tools—such as dimple picks.

Also, if you live in Europe, you might save some time and money on shipping costs.

4. SouthOrd

southord brand

Everyone remembers their first.

Founded more than 30 years ago, SouthOrd lock picks are what many of us grew up on. SouthOrd tools are known for their affordability, strength, reliability, sensitivity, and great quality.

Like Multipick, each pick includes a small metal handle to help fight pick fatigue and transmit feedback.

They also offer higher-end picks called their "High-Yield" line.

However, something that falls short of the rest of their products is their pouch-style cases. So if you can, buy their zip-up ones.

Overall, SouthOrd is an amazing company that has done a lot for the lock picking world, and they offer a wide selection of tools.

5. Law Lock Tools

lock law tools

Law Lock Tools is the newest kid on the block, but don't let that fool you. Their lock picking tools are quickly becoming the standard in the locksport community.

I've personally never used their tools; however, being in the lock pick business myself, I've never heard a negative word about them.

This is another great option if you live in Europe and want to save some time and money on shipping!

6. Sparrows

sparrows brand

Sparrows is a widely recognized lock pick brand among Locksport enthusiasts, thanks in part to its origins with Wizwazzle, a renowned lock picking YouTuber who has helped popularize the hobby.

Today, Sparrows collaborates with other prominent YouTubers to create innovative and unique lock picking products.

While professional locksmiths may not favor Sparrows as much, the company still enjoys strong support from the locksport community.

It is important to mention that issues regarding transparency in manufacturing have been raised, along with allegations of design appropriation from other producers

Nevertheless, Sparrows maintains a positive reputation by offering good customer service, quick shipping, and a diverse range of reliable and unique tools.

7. Lock Pick World

lockpickworld brand

LockPickWorld is the largest online lock picking store and carries a huge inventory of locksmith tools.

I often find myself browsing their selection when I'm in search of those odd or rarer tools.

It is an awesome shop with fast shipping and great customer service. I've ordered a lot from them and have never once had an issue.

Are Amazon Lock Picks Sets Any Good?

While Amazon offers a wide variety of lock picking tools, their lock pick sets are typically low quality and fragile. They are often made from very soft and malleable metal that bends easily while picking and are highly prone to breaking.

Every once in a while, a decent quality lock pick set will emerge on Amazon, but they really are just junk most times.

For nearly the same price, you can buy a higher-quality set from one of the brands listed above. A good set of lock picks will perform much better and last you a lot longer.

I recommend staying far away from Amazon lock picks unless it really is your only choice. Truly the only benefit of buying lock picks from Amazon is Prime shipping.

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set, best for beginners
GSP Ghost Set
"The only set of lock picks you'll ever need"
Built to last, versatile enough to handle any lock, and designed for professional-grade performance, it's the ultimate choice for both seasoned lock pickers and aspiring enthusiasts.
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Built to last, versatile enough to handle any lock, and designed for professional-grade performance, it's the ultimate choice for both seasoned lock pickers and aspiring enthusiasts.
Get yours

Where Can I Buy a Lock Pick Set Near Me?

So what if you are unable to order lock picks online? Can you buy lock picks locally?

In most cases, you can not buy lock picking tools locally and will need to purchase them online. While purchasing and owning lock picks is not illegal in most places, stores such as Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Lowes, and Habor Freight do not carry lock picking tools.

Lock picking is sadly still a craft that is frowned upon, and many companies associate it with criminal behavior. Check out my article on why criminals don't pick locks!

However, if you absolutely can not purchase a set online, you have several other options, such as:

  1. Make your own tools.
  2. Using improvised lock picks such as bobby pins.
  3. Become friends with a locksmith.
  4. Join a lock picking community and find lock pickers near you.

Make Your Own Lock Picks

An alternative to buying lock picking tools is to make your own— and it's easier than you may think!

Check out my list of the 15 best materials for homemade lock picks here.

Lock Pick Swiss Army Knife

If you have any of the objects on that list and a way to grind down that material—such as a Dremel or metal file—then you can easily and cheaply make your own picks at home!

You can make some beautiful creations that work just as well as manufactured picks.

If you go down this route, be sure to check out my printable lock pick templates here to help you craft the perfect lock pick!

Buying Your First Lock Pick Set

We've looked into where to acquire lock picks, but now let's briefly cover buying your first lock pick set— including the three main characteristics of lock picks to ensure you buy what you need.

Hooks vs. Rakes

Hook vs Rake - Comparison

In lock picking there are two different types of lock picks—hooks and rakes. Let's briefly cover each.

Hooks are used to manipulate the pins of a lock one at a time. They require more skill, time, and experience to use but are very powerful and can unlock just about any pin tumbler lock you can think of—including very challenging ones.

Rakes, on the other hand, are designed to manipulate multiple pins at a time. They require less skill, less time, and can be very powerful against basic locks; however, they can fall short against more challenging locks with extra security features such as security pins.

There is a lot that can be said about these two types of lock picks, so if you would like to dive deeper and learn how to use them, be sure to check out my ultimate beginner’s guide to lock picking!

Tension Wrench

Arguably the most important yet underrated tool in a lock pick set is the tension wrench. The tensioning wrench is used to apply torque to the plug and bind the pins. Without this tool, lock picking is impossible.

It also provides us with useful feedback—vibrations—that lets us know what is occurring in the lock as we pick it.

Some sets also include top-of-the-keyway tension tools that allow you to tension the lock from the center of the keyway. These are handy to have but not essential for a beginner.

Pick Thickness

The first thing to consider when looking at lock picks is what thickness you need. Lock picks are typically categorized into two thicknesses.

  • Standard [.025“]
  • Slender/Slimline [0.015″ through 0.022″]

When selecting a thickness, it’s important to consider where you live, the types of locks you plan on picking, and your experience level.

If you live in North America, you’ll likely want to start with standard picks as most locks in this region have larger keyways.

However, if you live in Europe or Japan, locks typically have smaller and more paracentric keyways, so consider snagging some slimmer picks to complement your set.

Additionally, thinner lock picks are much easier to break, and beginners typically have a heavy hand. So if you are new to lock picking, consider starting with the thickest lock picks that you can.

Standard vs. Euro Lock Picks

So what is the difference between standard lock picks and euro lock picks?

There is a common misconception that "euro-style" lock picks characterize pick thickness. However, euro picks have nothing to do with pick thickness and everything to do with the height of the pick profile.

Euro means a reduction in shank height.

Standard vs Euro Lock Pick Profile

As you can see, the shaft of the euro pick is much shorter than the standard profile. This shank reduction makes it much easier to access more restrictive keyways and get more leverage within the lock.

Manufacture Pick Profile

In addition to the shank profile, there is also the manufactures profile.

The shape of a pick, determined by the manufacturer, can impact its effectiveness in the lock. Different manufacturers have different standards and designs.

For instance, the Peterson Short Hook has a wider and flatter tip compared to a Sparrows Short Hook, which is thinner and pointier.

A wider, flatter tip is easier for beginners to control while lifting pins.

Note that this isn’t stating that Sparrows lock picks are low quality, but rather that they hold a different standard, profile, and value.

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Best Beginner Set

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

GPS Ghost Lock Pick Set- Best Beginner Kit

Best Beginner Set!

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

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    Harith J.
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