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How to Reset Schlage Keypad Lock Without Programming Code

how to reset schlage keypad lock without programming code
Last Updated on May 1, 2023
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If you can't locate your programming code for your Schlage lock, or the user codes have been changed, you may not be able to use your lock at the moment.

Luckily, there is a good chance the default programming and user codes will be on the label inside the lock or on included manual.

In the rare chance the labels are missing, but you happen to know the default user codes, the lock could still be usable after a reset.

You can reset your Schlage lock to factory settings without the programming code, but keep in mind you will need it to change default codes or add new ones.

This is how you reset a Schlage Keypad Lock Without a Programming Code (Most Models):

  1. Disconnect the battery on the inside
  2. Press the Schlage button once on the outside
  3. Reconnecting the battery within 10 seconds
  4. Press and hold the Schlage button until it turns green.

You can see these steps in more detail below.

While this works for most Schlage locks, be sure to check your model number before starting the reset.These steps work for these specific Schlage models:

  • BE365
  • BE375
  • FE575
  • FE595
  • FE695

If you don't see your model, there are more reset steps below!

Schlage Encode (BE489)

Schlage Connect (BE468/469)

What to Know Before Resetting Your Schlage Lock

Each Schlage lock comes with a unique programming code that must be used to change any user programming even after a reset. When this reset is done, you will only be able to open the lock with the unique "A" and "B" user codes that came with the lock. Neither the programming code nor user codes can be changed without the specific programming code that came with the lock.

Both the programming and user codes can be found on a label on the inside portion of the lock that touches the door or on the manual that it came with. You may need to remove the lock from the door to locate these codes.

What is a Schlage Programming Code?

A Schlage programming code is a unique 6-digit code that is used to change the programming code or add and delete user codes. Each individual lock has a default programming code that can only be changed by knowing this code.

The steps for changing the default programming code can be found below.

What is a Schlage User Code?

A Schlage user code is a 4-digit code that is used to unlock the door. Each lock comes with two default user codes, and these can only be changed with the programming code.

If you need help changing your user codes once your lock is reset, check out our Schlage Lock programming guide.

What If I Can't Find My Default Schlage Codes?

There is a good chance your default Schlage codes are inside the lock on a label, but if you cannot locate them, there are a few things you can try:

  • Contact the previous owner, if there was one, to see if they have the codes or manual
  • If you haven't checked inside the lock and are nervous about taking it apart, you may consider calling a locksmith for assistance.

What to do if Your Schlage Programming Code Isn't Working

Maybe you have the default programming code, and it just isn't working. Before going to the trouble of resetting it, let's see what else could be causing this issue.

There are a few reasons why your Schlage programming code may not be working:

  • Incorrect Code: It may not even be that you are entering incorrectly, but someone else could have changed the code.
  • Battery Issue: The battery could be low or dead or not be connected properly.
  • The Lock is Defective or Broken: Worst case scenario, the lock has been damaged or possibly defective.

Here's what to do if your Schlage programming code isn't working:

1. First things first, double check you are entering it in correctly. If you are finding the code in a manual, make sure it is the one for this specific lock. If you haven't yet, check the label inside the lock to be certain it is the right one.

It could also be that someone else used the default code to change it to a new one, which can be changed back with step 3.

2. Check the battery connection and that the wires are connected inside the lock. Try a fresh battery if you aren't getting any lights or sounds.

3. If the battery is good and the code is still giving you trouble, follow the steps to factory reset your lock. If a reset does not get the programming code working, it could be broken or defective in which case you should contact Schlage customer support.

Resetting Most Schlage Locks (Models BE365, B375, FE575, FE595, FE695)

schlage lock model fe595

A reset can be completed with the lock in the door, but it is a bit easier if it is not installed. To reset any Schlage lock you will need to first take off the inside door component cover that has two Phillips head screws.

Here are the detailed steps showing how to reset your Schlage lock without having the programming code:

taking off cover of schlage lock

1. The first step is to disconnect the battery

disconnect schlage battery

The battery is located under the cover plate inside the door. The 9-volt battery will be at the top and attached to a connector plate with wires. Carefully snap the connector plate away from the battery to disconnect it. Keep the battery in hand, as you will reconnect it shortly.

2. Press the Schlage button once and release it

pressing schlage button

This button will have the Schlage logo and is located top center. Keep in mind that you must complete the next step within 10 seconds of pressing this button.

3. Reconnect the battery quickly after pressing the Schlage button

connecting schlage battery

If you weren't able to connect it within 10 seconds, simply start over again at step 1.

4. Hold the Schlage button on the keypad until it turns green and beeps

holding button on schlage lock

The lock is now reset to its factory default settings and can only be opened with the A and B user codes listed on the label until programmed otherwise.

NOTE: You will want to test the lock with the included default user codes to be sure it is operating correctly. In the chance that the default codes aren't working, reset the lock again.

If you have the programming code, it is a good idea to change the user and programming codes, just in case someone else knows them.

Resetting Schlage Encode (Model BE489)

schlage encode reset button and programming code

The Schlage Encode is a smart lock capable of granting you wireless control over the lock.  A reset can fix connection issues or bugs in the software.

You can reset the Schlage Encode without knowing the programming code, but you will need it to change or add codes. Once you take off the cover to start the reset, the default codes should be listed on the label inside.

Here are the steps for resetting your Schlage Encode to its factory settings:

  1. Be sure it is unlocked, and the door is open: If any issues occur during the process, it is best to have everything open.
  2. Remove the battery cover to locate the Reset button: It is a black circular button located just above and to the right of the thumb turn.
  3. Press and hold the Reset button down until the led on the left flashes red: It will take a second or two for the light to start flashing.
  4. Keep holding the Reset button until the red flashing stops: It usually takes about 5 seconds for it to stop flashing red.
  5. The factory default reset is complete once you see the light flash blue: It can take up to 10 seconds for it to finish the reset on its own and turn blue.

NOTE: You will want to test the default codes to be sure everything is working.

Here's how to fix your Schlage Encode not connecting to Wi-Fi if you are still having trouble connecting it with the app or the internet.

Resetting Schlage Connect (BE468/469)

The Schlage Connect touchscreen smart lock can be reset if it is having issues. The Schlage Connect models can be reset without the programming code, but it will be necessary to change any default codes.

You will want to locate the manual and or check inside the cover of the lock to find the default programming and user codes so you can change them if needed.

Here are the steps for resetting your Schlage Connect to its factory settings:

1. Unlock the lock and open the door

In case any issues occur during the process, it is best to have everything open.

2. Take off the battery cover

To reach the battery, you will need to take off the cover. Pull up on the decorative battery cover and set it aside. Only take out the screws if you need to see the backside where the default codes are.

3. Disconnect the battery

Pull up the black piece that connects the wires to the battery to separate it. You can discharge any electricity in the lock to be safe by pressing the Schlage button on the screen a few times.

4. Hold the Schlage button while reconnecting the battery

Place your finger on the Schlage button while connecting the wires back to the battery with your other hand. Once the green checkmark flashes three times, you can let go and put the cover back on.

5. Enter a default user code to set up the lock

You will need to test the lock by entering one of the default user codes. The lock will extend, retract, and a green check mark will flash if it is working.

For more solutions, refer to my Schlage Connect troubleshooting guide.

How to Change Your Default Schlage Programming Code

Did you know that you can change the default programming code? You will want to change this, but you must have the default programming code to change it.

The default code should be changed in case a previous owner has it or in the chance someone gains access to the default code. They would then be able to add or remove codes you don't know about.

Here's how you change the 6-digit default Schlage lock programming code:

  1. Enter the unique 6-digit programming code included with the lock. The Schlage button will flash orange 3 times and beep 3 times. Once it stays solid orange, you are in programming mode.
  2. Press and release the Schlage button and then the number 3 button. The Schlage button will again flash 3 times with another 3 beeps.
  3. Enter your new desired programming code. The Schlage button will flash and beep 3 times.
  4. Enter this new code once again to confirm. If the programming is successful, you will hear one long beep and see the Schage button turn green.
  5. Test the new programming code: Try the first two steps with the code to see if you can get into programming mode with your newly created code.

If these steps aren't working, reset the lock and try again. Once changed, the default programming code will not work anymore unless you change it back manually or factory reset the lock.

You should be aware that none of the user codes can have the same first four digits as this new 6-digit code you are creating. It will turn red and not allow you to start the code with those four digits.

Final Thoughts

Resetting a Schlage lock is a great common fix and a nice way to start fresh. Remember, the programming code is a crucial part of setting up and keeping your lock secure.

If you, for some reason, have the default user codes but not the programming code, be sure to keep them safe, as you won't be able to change them.

In the case you were able to locate the code, it is also in your best interest to keep it in a safe place and change the codes once in a while to stay safe.

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