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Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change (5 Tested Fixes)

kwikset lock not working after battery change
Last Updated on April 12, 2023
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Do you have a Kwikset lock that started acting up or is not working after a battery change? When it's not responding well or goes through tons of batteries, it can get old fast. This is a common issue people face that can generally be resolved fairly quickly if you know what to do.

Here is what usually causes a Kwikset lock to not work after a battery change:

  • Batteries Incorrectly Installed
  • Dirty or Corroded Connections
  • Technical Glitch in the Lock

These issues can be solved by ensuring your batteries are installed correctly; the connections are clean, then restarting and resetting the lock.

This article will quickly guide you through solutions that can fix any of these issues. You may be surprised how easy this is to fix, so I would definitely give these methods a try!

Kwikset Lock Not Working After Battery Change Troubleshooting

1. Check You Installed The Batteries Correctly

Even if you are sure you installed them correctly, double-check so that you don't overlook a small mistake like having one in the wrong way. Start by checking each was put in correctly and that they are firmly seated in the tray.

The battery tray has arrows that show which way it needs to be put in. Check that it is oriented correctly when installed with the arrows pointing to the door.

Here are some tips when replacing batteries in a Kwikset lock:

  • Remember that Kwikset recommends using only alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries for the best performance possible.
  • You should avoid mixing different brands and don't mix old batteries with new ones.
  • Replace all the batteries at the same time to ensure they have an even charge.

2. Clean Out Dirt or Corrosion

If you are having power issues where the batteries need to be changed often, I would do a deep check for dirt and corrosion. Check the batteries themselves and the connections.

For dirt and dust, simply blowing out the tray and inside the lock may do. Any significant grime may require a soft brush or cloth to remove.

If a significant amount of corrosion build-up is found, consider taking off the mounting plate to examine the internals. Here is a guide on how to safely remove corrosion from batteries and electronics. The process will involve using some baking soda, lemon juice, or vinegar with some cotton swabs to carefully clean the affected parts.

NOTE: If your lock is going through a ton of batteries, think about double-checking the alignment of the deadbolt latch and lubricating the lock. Any extra resistance between the deadbolt and the strike plate will make your lock work harder, resulting in less battery life.

3. Press the Program and A Buttons Before Installing the Batteries

When you are installing fresh batteries due to a low battery indicator, sometimes you have to restart the lock to refresh the lock and help it realize the batteries were changed.

A restart is different from a reset, and this will not erase the programming and require you to reprogram it. This is definitely worth trying before doing a full reset, which is explained in the next step.

To restart a Kwikset lock with the batteries out, you press and hold the Program and the A button for five seconds. On some models, you will only need to press Program for five seconds. Simply put the batteries back in after it takes a second to restart.

4. Reset the Lock to Default Settings

Performing a factory reset on a Kwikset smart lock can fix a technical glitch and help the lock accept the battery change. However, you should know that doing this erases stored data, reverts codes to default settings, and disconnects the lock from apps.

How to Reset Your Kwikset Lock

1. With the door unlocked and open to keep it from accidentally closing, remove the inner lock cover to access the batteries and program button.

2. Take out the battery tray and press and hold the program button, the circular black button near the center.

3. While still holding the program button, reinsert the battery tray. Continue holding the button for 30 seconds after reinstalling the batteries.

4. Release the program button when the lock beeps and the LED flashes red.

5. Press the program button once more to start the handling process. The lock will relearn the door's orientation and should beep and extend/retract during this process.

Keep in mind that these are the steps for most models, but if you are having trouble, refer to my reset guide for all Kwikset models.

5. Contact Kwikset Customer Support

If you went through the steps above and saw no improvement, or the lock is just not responding, it is probably time to contact Kwikset support. These solutions should have got it working again, but sometimes the lock might just need to be replaced.

Kwikset support can help you confirm warranty information and give you some options for replacement if it is still covered. Just have the serial number handy to make the process go a bit smoother.

Summing it Up

You can occasionally run into a problem after a battery change on your Kwikset lock which can cause you to scratch your head. The cause be anything from a battery put in the wrong way to a little glitch in the software.

This should have helped you solve the problem or realize that it may be time to upgrade smart locks. Whatever the problem is, now armed with this information, you should be able to get it working each time you have to swap the batteries.

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