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How Much Does Pop-A-Lock Cost in 2023

how much does pop a lock cost
Last Updated on January 22, 2023
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We have all been there, or at the very least, worried about it happening to us– the dreadful event of locking our keys in our car. Or worse yet, losing them and being stuck far from home. This is where Pop-A-Lock provides an invaluable service.

Pop-A-Lock provides a variety of locksmith services, and they come to you. But how much does Pop-A-Lock cost?

The costs of using Pop-A-Lock will vary depending on your required service, and they offer numerous services. Further factors may additionally play a role in the cost, such as your vehicle make, location, and the time of day. Prices for unlocking your car will range from $50 to in excess of $200.

There are a number of elements that will go into the overall costs of using Pop-A-Lock. But one thing remains the same, you'll get superb service from well-trained professionals. In this guide, we'll take a look at all the vehicle lock services Pop-A-Lock offers as well as the costs that you can expect so you will have all the information at your disposal if you ever experience an unfortunate instance where you require assistance.

How Much Does Pop-A-Lock Cost?

The cost of Pop-A-Lock will firstly depend on what service you require. Each service has a different fee, and even these vary depending on where you are, the car you drive, as well as what day and time you require their assistance.

Pop-A-Lock has differing costs based on the type of car because different makes will have different locking mechanisms. Older models may require more manual intervention, while very modern cars will likely need the correct transponder software to be unlocked. The great thing is Pop-A-Lock can assist regardless of how old your car is.

While this may sound endlessly complicated, there is no need to worry. Pop-A-Lock will be able to provide you with an easy quote based on your needs, and what is more, they will never charge more than quoted.

To begin with, let us look at the services that Pop-A-Lock has on offer.

Pop-A-Lock Vehicle Services On Offer

Pop-A-Lock started in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1991 when local law enforcement members realized that there were no locksmiths in their community. Using their law enforcement know-how, they built-up Pop-A-Lock into the trusted service it is today.

Although the main focus was on providing emergency vehicle locksmith services, Pop-A-Lock has expanded into other services that extend beyond those associated with a vehicle, also branching into residential and commercial locksmith services. However, we will be focusing on the Pop-A-Lock services limited to vehicular use and their cost.

Pop-A-Lock services will vary depending on which franchise you use and which is closest to your location. On the plus side, you can be 100% certain that only a fully trained and qualified professional will be working on your car.

What is more, all Pop-A-Lock locksmiths have had a complete background check and security clearance, so you can feel safe when the locksmiths are assisting you.

Pop-A-Lock offers the following vehicle lock services:

  • Smart Key Duplication Service
  • Car Door Unlocking Service
  • Ignition Repair Service
  • Key Extraction Service
  • PALSavesKids™ (Pop-A-Lock Saves Kids Service)

Smart Key Duplication Service

The key duplication service is just that, a service whereby Pop-A-Lock will be able to duplicate your keys for you. So if you lose your key, break your key, or if your car key gets damaged and won’t work anymore, Pop-A-Lock can make or program you a new one.

They have a wide range of smart keys available, so they can program keys for virtually any vehicle with smart key compatibility. If you prefer to buy your own smart key, they will also provide you with pointers on the best options for your car. Pop-A-Lock does warn customers to run their smart key options by their locksmiths first to be sure they buy the right thing.

What makes this service great is that you won't need to go anywhere. Pop-A-Lock will come straight to you and program your key as you wait.

It must be noted that this service is not limited to smart or transponder keys alone, Pop-A-Lock is also able to cut you a new key metal key as needed.

It is a bit more difficult to determine costs with this service as these will vary greatly depending on where you are based, how far the locksmith has to travel, what smart key you choose, and the vehicle you are driving. But on average, you can look at anything from $5 to $80 for a duplicate key.

Moreover, you can check the pricing beforehand via the Pop-A-Lock website by clicking on the contact Pop-A-Lock tab. This tab will take you to an online form where you can fill in your information and issue, and you will be issued with a free quote. And remember, you will never pay more than what you get quoted.

Car Door Unlocking

The car door unlocking service is the most commonly used service that Pop-A-Lock offers. Locking a key in the car happens a lot more often than we think.

Fees for unlocking your car will firstly depend on the franchise closest to you; it should be noted that each franchise does have a maximum area in which it will operate, so it's a good idea to head to the website to see if there is a franchise that covers your area.

Another useful tip is to pay in cash; cash charges will be $2 less than credit card charges.

The following are average prices for the Pop-A-Lock fees associated with a basic unlocking of your vehicle:

Time Of Day Average Cost Of Service - Cash Average Cost Of Service - Credit Card
6 am – 6 pm $55 $57
6 pm - 11 pm $60 $62
11 pm - 6 am $75 $77

There is a $5 additional charge on Holidays.

Pop-A-Lock also offers a trunk unlocking service, after-all locking keys in the trunk happens almost as much as it does locking one's keys in the car. The charges are similar to those for unlocking the car.

Ignition Repair Service

car ignition repair

A common issue that may accompany a broken key is a broken ignition. Pop-A-Lock offers an ignition repair service. Pop-A-Lock locksmiths and technicians are qualified to repair or replace your ignition system. And they will be able to match your key to the ignition, so you won't need to carry extra keys to unlock your door.

Pop-A-Lock locksmiths are able to service both manual and smart ‘keyless’ ignition starter systems and will be carrying the requisite transponders and tools along with them. They are also available 24/7 and will usually be charging a lower cost than what you would pay at your car dealership for the same service.

Moreover, Pop-A-Lock locksmiths are insured where required for more technical and specialized work on vehicle lock and starter systems.

The costs of this service will again vary depending on the ignition your car has and what sort of repair or replacement it requires, but a general price range from $50 to in excess of $200 can be expected. Again location, time, day, and vehicle type will play a role in the cost.

Key Extraction Service

Although the risk of breaking a key in a lock has slowly become less as more and more vehicles move over to central locking systems, smart keys, and even fingerprint recognition, there are still enough vehicles on the road using keys that may break off in the keyholes.

Pop-A-Lock offers a key extraction service to deal with just such an occurrence. The specially trained technician will be able to remove the broken key without causing any further damage to your vehicle, saving you money. And because they will come to you, it will help save you time as well.

The costs of this service will again vary depending on your location, when the call-out occurs, and, of course, on how badly the key is stuck. It should again be remembered that Pop-A-Lock quotes will stand, and you won't be charged more than what you were initially quoted.

Costs will likely vary from $50 to upwards of $80.

PALSavesKids™ Service

The PALSavesKids™ program is a fantastic free service offered by Pop-A-Lock. As the name suggests, the service aims to save children left in the car.

This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence where small children are often forgotten in the car or get locked in the car with the keys but are too small to help themselves.

In itself, this may not seem a dire situation, but if the weather is extreme, either very warm or very cold, the child is at risk of suffering from heat stroke, dehydration, hypothermia, and even death.

Pop-A-Lock offers a free call-out where parents and other concerned individuals can contact Pop-A-Lock for assistance should they notice a child stuck alone in a car in inclement weather. This program is a free service and has to date, saved hundreds of children across America.

The PALSavesKids™ is available in participating locations across the US and comes at no charge.

How Does Pop-A-Lock Compare To Other Locksmiths?

We now know how much Pop-A-Lock may cost, but how do they compare to other locksmiths?

Pop-A-Lock is a specialized vehicle locksmith service, meaning they have the correct tools and knowledge to assist you with your car lock, and you can be sure that no additional damage will be done.

Unlike dealerships, Pop-A-Lock will come to you, and it will likely cost less as well. With regards to other automobile locksmiths, Pop-A-Lock offers very competitive rates, and this is particularly when taking into consideration that they offer a 24/7 call-out service. The average auto locksmith costs range between $75 and $250.


Pop-A-Lock provides a variety of vehicle locksmith services. The cost of these services will vary depending on where you are located, what day and time you call out, and what vehicle you drive. Pop-A-Lock will provide you with a quote before making the call out, and the best part is that you will not need to ever pay more than quoted.

Taking all of the Pop-A-Lock services into account, you will look at a bill between $50 and over $200. Assistance for minor lock issues may cost less, but it is best to get a quote.

Each franchise may bill differently, and you should always check to make sure that you fall within their service area. Pop-A-Lock provides competitive pricing with a 24/7 call-out service and professional roadside assistance.

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